Monday, May 16, 2011

Easy like Sunday Morning

Monday, 16 May 2010
Yesterday was a relaxed day. I literally spent the whole day in 'bed' in my night dress. I didn't feel like doing anything. And I didn't. I wasn't down, just tired.
I watched about 30mins of smart people, you know the movie I've been trying to watch for about a week now?
I had cheese sandwitched for lunch. Whole wheat. I haven't had that in a while and I love me some cheese when I pms. For dinner my niece cooked rice, vegies and chicken. It was a lovely surprised because it was cold out and I was watching a movie chatting to my sis on my blackberry and boom, dinner! Nice!
Only thing is, the meat was uncooked! Yup, not half done, or any of that. It was rare! And still frozen lmao. Shame, she was so embarrassed. I just thought that was hilarious considering she cooked since her teenage years and is now in her early twenties.
Anyway, she microwaved the chicken and gave it back to us. Salt free! But I wasn't about to embarrass her anymore, I just ate it and enjoyed it for what it wad: cooked chicken.
We watched The holiday! A movie I'd always wanted to watch. I have such a crush on Jude law, he's cute:) and the british accent doesn't hurt.
I loved that and should so get myself that movie. Just so I can watch it over and over again.
I slept just after the movie and slept through the night until 5:30am. That's what time I awoke. About an hour later, I got up, cleaned my 'bedroom' and the kitchen. Had breakfast: all bran flakes and cold milk.
I listened to some music. Cleaned the rest of the flat. I'm done now, chilling on the couch, browsing the net for a Georgian blog that'll catch my eye. I'd like to cook, but I don't know what to make. My sis bought 'binnegoed' over the weekend (that's the insides of an animal. I'm not sure which one). I've never cooked that before, so I don't want to mess it up for everyone.
Maybe I'll just cook samp and beans or something quick, because I'm kind of hungry as we speak.
I was supposed to go meet Cash Converters people at my place this morning at ten but postpones because my friends promised to buy my stuff and if they do, I won't need to sell it for close to nothing at cash converters.
Ok, let me go cook!

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