Monday, May 30, 2011

Sell car, CHECK!

I finally finished packing! (I hope). With the help of my friend Phumle and my sis Aletta! You guys rock my world!
I slept really nicely on the floor, tons of blankets under and on me:). Heater on the side because it's hectic cold here!
My mechanic had told me he'll see if he can get me a buyer for the car. That was Friday. I even told him, he can get some commission if he does. He refused! Such a nice old man! He told me hed buy it himself for his daughter and pay me in installments. I told him I'd think about it. Saturday afternoon, this headless chicken (read: I) got a call from the old man. He told me the daghter's boyfriend wants to buy the car. They wanted to view it ASAP. The chicken freaked! Ran around one more time, and said, okay, let's do it on Monday! I knew that I needed to be back at the mechanic's on Monday for some finishing touches and thought I'd see the son-in-law by midday.
I got up early in the morning, finished clearing up the room, cleared up 2more rooms of my stuff, washed the car, polished it (a lil bit) and got on my way. Unfortunately it was midday by the time I got to the house and I didn't have time to ask the guys to do the finishing touches.
The buyer looked like a mechanic himself, from how he was dressed. He was psyched that there were things that needed some 'fixing' in the car. Like the bumper that literally fell off and hung on for dear life one day when I drove in a storm here in Linden. One of the scariest days of my life!
Anyway, I stuck it back on myself ust so I could use the car for one more month or so. Clearly I didn't do a good job, I ain't no mechanic, more of an IT specialist. NOT!
The guy didn't even take the car for a test, he was happy with it as is, ran to the bank, drew the money and gave it to me in cash. I've got the pics to prove it! When I'm in a PC I'll upload pics for all my entries. It's just that I can't do it on my blackberry.
We signed the paperwork, a proof of purchase that the buyer's girlfriend wrote and I just read, approved of and signed. She asked if she should write it in English Afrikaans, I said Afrikaans to be different;).
She drove me home, we chatted and found out how much we have in common. I saw her cute blackberry pouch, mine doesn't have one because I've been looking for the perfect one and in that process, dropped my phone 2days ago and dented it. Literally! Hers is 2 pink pouches, one baby pink, and a hot pink one over that. Super cute. I asked to buy it from her when she told me she bought it in er neighbourhood. She insisted I have it. I tell you, I was more excited about getting the pouch than I was about selling the car. Biggest sale of my life.
She drove me to the bank, I deposited the cash, and was dropped home.
I took my sis' car, went to pick up my suitcases, my nephew and niece on tow.
I spent hours trying to delete my friend's movies and copy her mine on her hard drive, FAIL!
I'll try again this afternoon. It's almost 7am now and I've to leave for mine to clear the garage and hopefully Cash Converters will buy all that when they come through this morning. Asa decided to buy my sleeper couch and ottoman as well. I'm so happy she's taking most of my things because I know she'll take good care of them:).
I'd better get going.
Be a blessed day!

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