Friday, May 27, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

Here's the plan: I've to be in cape town, ready to fly between the tenth and the 17th of June. I'm currently in Johannesburg in my shared apartment. I've unpacked on side of the closet but haven't packed it yet. I have still got to buy a huge suitcase because mine have seen their days.
I spent the whole of yesterday at the mechanic's servicing the car and doing some retouching. Apparently I need to go back there because, as they always do, they didn't replace everything as it should be. That's going to be another wasted day. Amazing! Just what I need!
I have a shoot on Tuesday, the 1st at night. Which means I can only leave the 2nd for home in the eastern cape. I'll be home either the 2nd of 3rd, depending on what time I'll leave. I'm taking the bus. That's also dependent on whether I'll figure out what to do with the car before then!
If all works out, I'll have a week to split between home and my sister's in Cape Town. Therefore I can only stay home for about 4days, then shoot for Cape Town on the 8th and arrive either the 8th or the 9th. Then I've to be there throughout until I get my ticket.
Now that I've delivered the tv to my friend's house in Pretoria, I'm left with finding a buyer for the car and soon all will be on one side. I've got to move out in 3days. All my furniture is still here! My friend Asa said she'll collect the tv, fridge and washing machine tomorrow, Sunday. I'm hoping she does.
I'm so all over the place! And right now, I just want to roll over, close my eyes and rest a little bit longer!
It's 7:35 am on a Saturday and it's been a long couple of days.
I wonder when this room mate of mine is going to pay for the stuff that she took in my absense after we agreed that she can buy it! I hate having to remind people to do the right thing when they were smart ones deciding on their own accord to take my stuff, now I've to chase after them as if I don't have enough to deal with. It makes me boil and by the time I've to do it, I get judged and told I'm rude, which really doesn't bother me because by then, I want to piss someone off! Cos I'm just as pissed myself. Can you tell that I'm already boiling, just by thinking about this? Well...

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