Monday, October 10, 2011


 I spent Friday at home, it was freezing, I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere. I did have plans to go dancing at night though. Unfortunately, my friend was too tired to go, he had to cancel. I was also half asleep by then.

Saturday, the weather was great! I went for a long walk in Batumi. I met two guys from Ghana. We talked for a bit. They're selling African Jewellery and have been here since the Summer. I went to the Swimming pool to enquire about swimming lesson rates. Too expensive for me! GEL 45 per lesson. (That's R180 per hour). Then I went on a hunt for a moisturiser. (Preferably with glitter;)). Most stores don't sell them, body cream, lotion, moisturiser, nothing! Which makes me wonder what all the Georgians use! Some Pharmacies have lotion, the cheapest is GEL 29 (R120). Clearly I'm not in SA anymore. Where you can get lotion for R10 (GEL 2.5). I went to 'the biggest' supermarket, Populi and they don't sell such a thing. Seriously! A supermarket that doesn't sell body lotion!

I made my way back home, feeling rather weird. My whole body hurt! Especially my back. On my way home, I met a random Georgian middle aged man, who went, 'Hello, my darling, how are you?'. I thought he was being kind of forward calling me his darling. 'How are you, honey?'. Oookkkkaaayyyy! We talked for a while. He lived in the States for 14yrs. He told me everything about himself, his life, Dallas Texas, and everything he knows in a matter of minutes. He's a cobbler, I'll be taking my shoes to hid for repairs, I've got lots that need fixing. He was impressed with my English for someone from South Africa. I didn't know whether that was a compliment or an insult.

I got home and stayed in bed for the rest of the evening. I went to sleep early, around 8. The next day, I felt worse! My whole body hurt. My back was literally in pain, pins and needles! I got a painkiller from my host mom and stayed in the entire day. The weather was fine, I wished I could go for a walk or something.

 Today, I still feel weird, my back doesn't hurt as badly as yesterday, but my throat! It's interesting because I'm recovering from the flu, but, it somehow seems as if, I'm coming down with it all over again.
I looked in the mirror at my throat, my tonsils are swollen and gross. And my throat has the same grossness that's on my tonsils. I won't disgust you any further with the gory details.

My friend had something similar last week, she told me it's some kind of an infection going around, because her friend had it the week before. So, yup! I'm a statistic!

 I'm at school right now, supposed to be in class, but apparently, my co-teacher has left, which means this classes have been canceled or the schedule has changed again. All I want to do is go home and sleep.
Update: I talked to my co-teachers, S said It's probably the climate change that causes me to get sick all the time. She said it will take me +-5 months to fully adjust.
I hope she's wrong!

I left school early, bought some meds at the chemist and came straight home.

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