Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Couch Surfing in Batumi

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day! Mondays to Wednesdays are my busiest days at school. Yesterday, however, my co teacher with whom I had 50 % of my classes, was off sick. And our classes were cancelled.

My last class was also cancelled because, we had to go to the department to - Well, S thought we were going to meet someone. She didn't know who. On our way there, S bought pizza, we sat on a banch on the side of the road to eat and chat. I met one of the teachers from my org. She was going to the opposite direction. I asked if she wasn't part of this 'meeting'. She said as far as she was concerned, it wasn't a meeting but we were supposed to collect our new books. Great! Finally!

When we arrived at the Resource Centre, there was a long queue of confused teachers. They had their ID's in hand and didn't even know what exactly they were about to sign for. It turned out we were signing for the books we already received. Seriously? We walked all the way to sign for books we ALREADY received? Couldn't this be done at the school on receipt of the books?

On my way from the Resource Centre, I talk a nice stroll and did some window shopping. I foun d a huge shop with cool clothes my size! Shocker! Lo called and was on her way back to Batumi. We met up and she told me about her latest endeavours. Very exciting stuff that I can't post here. Oh and I found out some cute guy I met here last month told Lo, I 'stole his heart'. Aaawww :(

Lo had an appointment with a couch surfer. We met this lady together. It was kind of nice! We sat along the port, in the dark, facing the sea and talked and talked and talked. The big boats (or ships) started moving. One by one, really slowly. It was awe striking! I'm gonna go back there, just to watch them again:).

The couch surfer was heading to Tbilisi on the night train, we got to hang out for more than an hour. Gypsies and random drunk men bothered us, but we survived.
After taking the surfer to a taxi, we went to the nearest bar, Lo had a bear, I inhaled 2nd hand smoke from dude that was sitting across us. Chain 'smorking'. He didn't really smoke the cigs, talked on the phone until they died and lit the next one.

Thereafter, we walked home. Turns out, Lo only leaves 3 streets from mine. She promised to take me for bicycle lessons with the random bicycles (I suppose - for hire), near the beach. Deal!

I got home around 10 pm, I was so tired. I went on line, researched my next destination, and went to sleep. My host family arrived just after me. It's very interesting how they almost always come home just after me, no matter what time I get home.

I must have slept around 1am.

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