Monday, April 29, 2013

Poor little spoilt me

November 2012
Hello Kitty Sleepers and Hello Kity Chocolate
Besides spring cleaning, I watched lots of The Real Housewives of New York. This was while Perry was work and I was home alone. I had the laptop on while cleaning too at times just to distract me. Every now and then, Perry would watch an episode or two with me. Fun Times! I did watch his fave shows with him too; the Big Bang Theory, Friends (yeah the one and only), Sports (this was a bit of a challenge, but I tried)

I’d also tag along when he goes to the building department, interesting name for a department. He goes there so often he knows people, so we didn’t have to wait long. Thank goodness! The first time we went there, he took me out to lunch by the bay. Very sunny day! Totally the opposite of New Jersey, all snowy, cold and grey. We took a few pictures and enjoyed sea food on the balcony of a restaurant on the beach. Too cool!
The Restaurant, amazing, right?
Mixed sea food, yumness!
Back home, more work for him, more chill time for me. It was strange not having to check on Avon every now and again but I wasn’t complaining. I got to bond with the dogs and we were one big, happy family. It was really refreshing for me, because I grew up really afraid of dogs, once I got bitten by one at 8 years old or so, I really didn’t like them!
My perception of dogs changed since I’ve been in The US. That doesn’t mean I am going to let my guard down when I go back home, to Uitenhage. Those dogs were trained differently than the ones here. That’s a whole another political issue we won’t dwell on.
Poor picture, but that's the sweat set (track suit)
Perry took me shopping for winter stuff, Boots, Hello Kitty Sleepers, and a Sweat Set (track suit). My clothes hadn’t arrived on the mail yet. That was nice of him. I could wait a few more days, but he insisted.  What girl doesn’t want to get spoilt?

He baked cake quite often, as you may already know, here's my favorite; 
Red Velvet Before...

...and After. Paper Plates are a thing here when you don't feel like doing the dishes

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