Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunny San Diego!

The biggest bunch of Roses I ever got!

My first day on vacation! Perry had told me I could take all the time I needed chilling, and go back to work whenever I wanted or to school, or just be a house uhm person? Not wife yet! Or I could help him with his business. He could use someone who is computer savvy. His house is nice, 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, game room, kitchen, laundry, office and a huge Swimming pool at the back. There’s a canyon right at the back yard which makes for a beautiful view. 
Back Yard

I was up the usual time, after 5am! Only difference is, it was 2am in San Diego. By the time, it hit 7, when Perry finally woke up, I’d been up for hours chatting up a storm with my people back in South Africa. I didn’t do much that day. Perry had a few projects he was working on. He was busy all day. He bought lunch and brought it home. I chilled at home all day. I was tired, from having worked non-stop for months. It was weird not being at work. The whole thing was weird. It was like  I went to bed in one state and woke up in another. BAM! Just like that!

I was ordered to just chill, be it in bed or on the couch, but Perry was going to wait on me. He told me it was time somebody waited on Brook. Which was a very nice and thoughtful thing to say and do. He’s a great cook and makes a mean barbecue.

Barbecued (Braai'd) Pork, yams and mixed veggies
I spent the following days spring cleaning the house. There can be a difference between a house cleaned by a man and by a woman. I had to do it for my own peace of mind too. There was a lot of cleaning to be done! It kept me busy though. The only thing I couldn’t do was wash the dogs. I m not a big dog person. Still acclimatising myself in that area. It was nice to not have to worry about the dating site for a change. Or about job hunting or any of that stress.
Cute Fridge but it took me forever to clean
 Every now and then, I went along with him to the Building department when he was doing his architecture stuff. It was different. San Diego is so peaceful and sunny! The ex wife took both cars when she left him. He had to get a new car and had his truck (bakkie). He told me that when the divorce is finalised, he will give me the car he is currently using and buy himself a new truck, he’ll sell the house and split up the profit with ex-wife, build a new house and resell it, and buy or rent a another house for us to live in. I am going to decorate the new house whichever way I like as long as I will not paint the entire house Pink like his mom did. Fun!
So, we’re going to get married the day the divorce is finalised, I will get a new car, a new house to decorate, new husband, two dogs, I GOT IT MADE!
The View 
The few things I was excited to do in San Diego were going to the world famous San Diego Zoo, Apple farm where they make everything apple, Apple Crumble pie, Apple Juice, Apple Sauce, Apple whatever, Apple everything, you name it, they make it! I thought that was interesting. The house has a fireplace, so I was looking forward to winter nights, even though it doesn’t get that cold in Southern California, I was just excited about the smell of wood that Perry was going to fetch all the way up the mountain for us. Fun! Fun! Fun!
One of His Breakfasts

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