Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to Ontario, bye China, bye Lake Elsinore!

While talking to My Mrs, she had warned me to never tell "the men from the internet" where I lived. She didn't want anything happening to her half white child. I was like, of course not! I don't have strangers come to my place either. What do you take me for? Granted? Get it? :)

The following day, she had to work in her office and had some errands to run, so I hung around the house with Kid,  playing Chinese/English learning games on the Tablet. I was talking to a guy named Dave. He lives in Ontario, across the street from where Mae buys her Donuts! Dave seemed like an ok guy, divorced, grown kids who no longer live with him, owns a house in Mexico, biker dude et al. He wanted to meet up asap. Especially seeing as we weren't that far from each other.

I also talked to Cindy, my sister's friend's sister who lives in Utah. I told her about the misery I was in. She gets it, she has had her share of interesting experiences in this country. I tried to get hold of Mae, to no avail! She never returned my calls. I was like, this is something! I'm officially screwed! There are no buses from Mrs' house nor anywhere close by. I wasn't willing to spend a ton of money on a cab just yet. My friend from Ontario called to check up on me, she also offered to pick me up. That, I wasn't comfortable with! She's a nice person, I didn't want her to go through all that trouble for me.

I had to make a plan. Fast!

Dave and I had plans to meet that Sunday, It would have been my off day. Don't ask me off from what? I wasn't working! My position had been changed. I myself no longer knew Martha from Arthur!Saturday morning, I was supposed to be looking after the kid while Mrs worked, she wouldn't leave the child's side! I greeted them that morning, she grabbed the kid and held her tight, as if I was going to steal her. I got confused. Everything was ok the night before! The child tried to come play with me, she wasn't allowed to. Can you say, Fun Police?

I didn't know what was going on but wasn't about to ask. I am no longer that person who will discuss things to try and clear the air, especially not in people's houses. If you are a host, it is your duty to ensure the atmosphere is livable for everyone. Mrs took kid for a drive, don't know where they went, didn't care. I was chatting with Dave via text. I thought, you know what, even though I am not a big fan of being a damsel in distress, I'm just gonna tell him what's up. He asked if I wanted to move our date to Saturday instead and have him move me back to Ontario.Brilliant idea! He was going to make that trip the following day, anyway, all he had to do was make it a day earlier. Plus it's not like I was hectically busy working that day. Clearly things had changed AGAIN. 

I packed my bags AGAIN, put on a cute outfit and a night gown over it just for the element of surprise. Mrs had made copies of my ID, I had taken a picture of hers too. Just to spite her mean s, I gave Dave "my" address. I told him to park in the driveway! I mean, in all fairness, where was he supposed to pick me up? I had baggage with me! I was moving house, AGAIN! Plus the Mrs wasn't talking to me, it's not like I was going to ask someone who wasn't talking to me to drop me off somewhere, even though I'm 100% sure she would have jumped at the opportunity. 

Mrs just got back when Dave arrived, she was shaking! I don't know what shakes mean in Chinese! She may have been nervous, scared, angry or just cold. Do I care? I took off my night gown, put on my boots and went to her office, I asked for the copy she made of my ID back. I wasn't gonna have some random person walk around with my ID! She handed it to me, I dragged my bags through the office, the kid asked if I was leaving, I said yes and bade her good bye, that part was said for me. Mrs was holding on to the child as if someone gives a darn about her and that child of hers. UGh, so annoying! Dave had parked his huge Truck in the driveway. Loved it! He got out of the car, I walked towards him, gave him a hug and went "nice to meet you!" loud enough for the Mrs to hear. I wanted her to know that that was a stranger to me. That I had just done exactly what she told me not to and brought a stranger to her house. Whatever, what are you gonna do? Fire me? B*tch please!

She stood outside the entire time ave was putting my stuff in the truck. I had my sunglasses on, couldn't care less! 

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