Friday, November 29, 2013

Exam Time!

Roxy's friend kept calling and texting. Sexy lady, sexy legs, sexy blah blah blah. It got to a point where I had to ask him to stop. He wouldn't. I had to block his humber. When I talked to Rox about him, she told me he wasn't her type, he wanted her but she doesn't date black guys, 'white guys have bigger d*%ks'. She kicked him out because he was bumming around the house and eating all her food. I guess she wanted to be the only one to eat all her food. Emphasis on all.

When time came for me to move,  I called a cab, the same man who moved me from Grey's back to Laura's. He gave me a discount, which was sweet of him cos I was expecting to pay him a tip. Anyway, I think he pocketed my money because I hired him directly not through the company he worked for. New Roommate gave me keys, showed me to my room and vacuumed it for me. I was off that day, still sleep deprived from school and work. So much had been happening in my life, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I remember I had my new All Star boots on for the first time that day. I went for a walk to the thrift store down the road to look for bedroom furniture. I saw a pair of old boots, tried them on, while I walked around in them, someone took my new, expensive Converse! I tell you, I looked all over for those! I was so upset. I looked at people's shoes, their carts (trollies), everywhere. I also asked them to make an announcement. Obviously my shoes didn't have a price on. For someone to pay for them, they would have to ask for a price, get a price from something else and stick it onto them or steal them!

The store was about to close, I was freaking out, I couldn't leave without my shoes. The store manager told me he would let me have the $5 dollar shoes I was trying on in exchange for my $69 Converse. What?????? How does that make up for my loss? Might as well walk home barefoot! That was just what I needed, with everything I had going on. The lady from the shoe department found old flip flops under the shoe shelves. She showed them to me and reassured me that my shoes were stolen. Someone must have left their old, raggedy flip flops and took my boots. Awesome! I had a bunch of stuff in my cart, walking slowly, and aimlessly, just after the store closed, two of the staff came to me and asked if those were my boots. F*@king hell! I blurted out! I was so happy, I hugged them both, one almost to a miscarriage; she was pregnant. They found them in the shoe shelves, where everybody had been looking. We think someone had taken them and felt bad when they heard that we were looking for them and snuck them back. I didn't care. Glad to have found them.

No bed for me that day. I went home and slept in my sleeping bag. The floors have a nice rug, put duvet covers for cushioning, underneath. I slept like a baby! I had to write an exam at the school and then book the state exam. I booked to do that on one of my days off. I studied for an entire week and nothing was sticking. I felt very frustrated.

In the midst of it all, I got an email on the dating site from a man named Spotty. He was like, if you are looking for someone who is mature, stable, I have my own business and knows what they are doing here (er, where?), email me back. In his profile picture, he was standing next to a limo, dressed in a nice black suite. He didn't look cute AT ALL. But I was looking for someone who knows what he is doing here, wherever the heck that is, so I messaged him back.

I was on my way to taking the school exam when he emailed me back asking to meet up asap. Talk about knowing what you're doing here! I was tired, it was scorching hot, I was going to take an exam I didn't think I was quite prepared for, I was a mess. He wanted to go to the bookstore, Barnes and Nobles for coffee. I was down for it, even though I don't drink coffee. Who said coffee has to be coffee? He asked for my number, I emailed it to him and told him to call in two hours, after my exam. He wished me good luck and promised to call.

I had talked to my Somalian morning that morning, told her I would be taking my exam and stuff, she told me she wasn't ready to take hers. I arrived at the school, they gave me a book with multiple choice questions - worst exam ever! All options were possible answers and we didn't have the 'all of the above or none of the above' option. Ugh! Passmark 75%. They would mark it and grade us there and then. IN YOUR FACE! I took my time, did my thing, got 92% Whud, whud, who da man? I'm da man! #InYourFace!

On my way out, I saw the Somalian girl, she went to take her exam. I had told her I was going to take mine in the morning but so many things happened, including me arriving too early with the school still locked, and ending up on a shopping spree. She didn't expect to see me there that evening. Don't ask me why she lied about not being ready to write that day. She was like, how was it? hehe, you passed, you are so clever you!I know you passed. I was like, what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were gonna be here? She kept asking about the paper. I was like, sorry, are you talking to me? Bye!

After the exam, I had to provide my ID to the school, they were going to send my details to the department. Nobody told us that. I didn't have my ID with me. I had to go back home, take the train and a bus, LAwdy! And do the same thing back. They told me I could do it the following day. I wasn't interested in that. I wanted to get it all over and done with. So I went home, got the ID and went back to the school. Last but not least, they asked for the previous tests that we wrote in class. I DID NOT HAVE THEM WITH ME! ...

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