Saturday, November 09, 2013

Get Out Of My House!

We would all looking forward to Husband going to work, at least I know I would. That way they would keep the arguments on text and via the phone as opposed to almost beating each other up, which was much much scarier. One afternoon, while home, he was asleep. Cindy thought it would be the perfect time for her to go through his texts on the Verizon website. She was still trying to find proof that he indeed paid the ex girlfriend for the ear rings. I remember going downstairs to find her engrossed on the computer screen. She told me what she was up to. I had my laptop with me, I was was job hunting and looking for a car online, so I thought I’d do that while chilling with her downstairs. Cindy couldn’t find the texts on the site, so she sought help from the Instant Chat Help service on the website. They were messaging back and forth when suddenly, the person on the other site logged off. I hardly sat down, Cindy was like, OMG, get up! WHAT? I think he’s up! He’s talking on the phone, get up! Leave the room, go go go! Errrrrrr... I didn’t waste anytime, confused as I was, I got up and walked back upstairs. He was on the phone upstairs explaining to someone how nobody else should have access to the account. He is loud, when he does something, anything, he likes for everybody around to know about it. Apparently, he was told at church not to show off when he prays. Cindy says they stopped asking him to pray. That bad! 

I was in the bedroom trying to figure out what had just happened. Turns out, Verizon called Husband. The account is under his name. Everything is under his name. I wish women would learn to have a thing or two under their names too in a marriage, relationship or just in general. If you’re paying for some of the bills, why are they not on your name?  Should push come to shove, you will never be able to prove you were the one paying for those bills if they were not under your name. Being in a committed relationship is cute and all but don’t let that mess with your logic! When I overheard Husband talking to someone about the account, it was with Verizon, he didn’t want Cindy having access to the account they are both paying for. None of my business. You could see the fear in Cindy’s eyes when she heard his voice. He went back to sleep. More tension was brewing in the house. You know they fought about that later on via text. He slept in lil one’s room, she, in the main bedroom. It had been that way since I moved in. Again, none of my business. I did hear husband say something along the lines of, Cindy didn’t do any of those things until I moved in. I must be one who influenced her. She doesn’t know the first thing about computers, I must have taught her how to manoeuvre it. I hate to burst your bubble boo, but not guilty! Not this time around! He once told me that when they first got married, he would leave for work and leave Cindy at home with lil one. Cindy wouldn’t move an inch, he would return after three days to find her right at home, where he left her. Later on, Cindy told me, she would leave the car in the garage, cos she know he marked where he left it, walk out the front door, take the bus and go to the casino, almost an hour away to have a good time! Or to the mall, or wherever and pretend she never left. So him assuming that I am an influence to his wife, please!

He left for work that night, he was usually gone for two to three nights. Cindy works 12 hour shifts, 6am-6pm a few days a week, alternate weekends off. The kid was with grandma most of the time, she was taking care of her. She turned 4 while I was there. The kid, not grandma haha J. That was another issue. Husband wanted lil one to start school. Cindy, wait for it..... kept forgetting to enquire about that! I just love how forgetful Cindy is. She forgets the very things regular people don’t forget. She needs to forget stuff like, whether or not her husband paid that woman for the ear rings, or pay that woman her money herself and then forget that she did, and move on. Just saying! Needless to say, the kid was still playing with grandma, born in America, talking with an African accent because she only hung around grandma who is African and us at home, all Africans. It was interesting to watch.

By the way, Word just crashed, I lost this document for a split second and was freaking out cos that would mean retyping everything, not a big fan of reruns! Thank goodness for Autorecovery!

Husband would come to me and be like, what do you think about Lil one not going to school at her age? She needs to learn to socialise with kids her age etc, he made valid points but my hands were tied. Cindy’s solution would be something along the lines of, or maybe you (me) can drop the kid off and pick her up from school. Uhm, what happens when I get a job? You need to discuss your stuff with your husband and come up with a solution together that doesn’t include a random person who is crashing in your spare bedroom looking for a job, dying to get the heck out of your unbelievably clean house! Come on now, even you can do better than that!

Husband got back home, he leaves for work at night, tenish, and comes home in the mornings. He got home, I heard them exchange words, then the argument became more and more heated. I was just like, you know what! Can’t deal! I was in my room, wishing I had an exit door straight from my room to the outside world. No such luck, Brook. Be grateful for a roof over your head. Which I was. Cindy was bathing the lil one when husband got home. She went back to the bathroom, husband was downstairs in the kitchen, they were still arguing! Words were flying from one room, through the staircase, to the next. Goodness me! On my way to get some drinking water (American think, they don’t just say water, they be like drinking water) in the kitchen, Cindy said something to me in Xhosa. I wish people would stop that, it’s uncomfortable! When there is someone around who doesn’t speak the language, let’s all communicate in a language we all understand! No matter, how ‘broken’ you think your English is, they will appreciate it. It’s common courtesy. I got to the kitchen, husband was like, what did my wife just say to you? I was like, you want me to tell YOU what she said to ME?  He was like, yes, what did she just say? I told him, that’s between she and I. Or you can go ask her what she said. He went, I WANT YOU OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

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