Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Can See Myself Falling In Love With You

I met someone else online, Michael! He is tall, 6ft5 (just under 196cm or just under a metre). Blonde, blue eyes, seemed nice enough. After he asked for my number, he actually called. He had a Las Vegas Number. Here in the  Us, it doesn’t matter who your service provider is, they allocate you a number according to where you live, or at least, where you tell them you live. He had lived in Las Vegas for a while, I thought that was cool. Listen, I was in Utah, anything was exciting to me! He worked as a printer, he told me he had been doing that all his life, he was in his early 40’s when we met. He told me he had printed everything from the Book of Mormon to Porn. Again, cool! Right?

We talked a few times over the phone and arranged to meet. We set up to meet on a Sunday. I was working the Saturday before that. I remember working so much, overtime, twelve hour shifts, (regular work was 8 hrs per shift), that I was so tired and sleep deprived. I rushed for the bus stop that Saturday and was too tired to run up the hill, I was like, I can’t, I walked as fast as I could but missed the bus. I was waiting at the traffic when it passed on the other side. That sucked! I looked up the next bus on maps, if I had waited for the following bus, I would have ended up being late. Utah, no public transport, especially weekends.  I started walking. Towards work, I ended up walking all the way there! It took me more than an hour, walking on freeways and sht, I was too pissed to call a cab. I didn’t leave the house two hours before work to take a cab. Michael texted while in the midst of my long walk to freedom. He had told me that our date wasn’t gonna be that great because he wasn’t getting paid for another week or so. But he wanted to see me. Next thing I knew, he was texting me telling me he was in my neck of the woods. What was he doing there? Test driving a truck! Oh yeah, fun! We chatted a bit, I mean I wasn’t gonna tell him I was walking to work. That’s not cute! Plus I was definitely not going to ask him for a ride! I walked more than 3.5miles (5.5 km) at night. I arrived at work just before ten pm.

After a few hours since test driving, Michael sent me a text that he bought the truck! HE BOUGHT A TRUCK. I was like wow, if he can afford to buy a truck when he is broke, I wonder what he can afford when he has money. I was excited to meet him the following day and to see the new truck.

I finished work, MB dropped me off, my payment to her was buying her breakfast every other day of giving me rides. I took a nap, Michael called around 1 that afternoon. We were both off that day. Roommate was home, in her closet. I told her I had a date that night. She was excited for me, she wanted to know all about it. There wasn’t much to be said cos Mike and I had only  just started talking. He came over to pick me up around 8 that night. We both didn’t know where we were going. I hate that. I am ok with not knowing where we are going as long as the guy knows, for them not to take the time to plan where we’re going is sloppy to me. He arrived in his huge truck, I’m talking one of those unbelievable tall and big trucks, he tried to park in our visitor’s parking but the thing didn’t fit (that’s what she said haha). Laura was like, there he is! This looks like the last truck I owned but mine was more expensive. I’m like, what? You don’t even know how much his cost! She’s like it is new? I asked her why she would automatically assume that he bought a second car when she didn’t even know him. Heck, I didn’t know him either. She said, well he’s is a Chevy, mine was a Ford. His was a Ford too! I don’t know why she was so obsessed with making a weird point that nobody cared about. The bottom line was he was driving that truck and she didn’t own nothing but a bunch of mug shots and Live Love Laugh sht, have a seat! He ended up parking elsewhere, he called to tell me he was here. I knew he was, I saw the truck, you can’t miss it! I went out and when our eyes met, his eyes popped and his jaw literally dropped. Listen, I wasn’t even dressed cute, a simple black dress and heels from Aldo. Red lipstick and that was it. I didn’t know where we were going, so I had to keep it neutral.

He got out of the truck to greet me. That man is tall! He is the tallest man I have ever dated! So much cuter in person with those blue eyes! I am such a sucker for blue eyes #AutomaticPantyDropper. Check out what he had on :- Cargo shorts, khaki, socks that came up to the calf (don’t forget he had shorts on), a sleeveless t-shirt. Not a wife-beater (aka a Chris Brown haha) , I don’t know what they are called. He seems to have a collection because he had a different one on in his picture. That’s what my date on. He was like, oh no, I am so underdressed. No you’re not, Michael, you didn’t plan where we’re going so, I didn’t know what to wear. Of course I didn’t tell him that. I was hot and thirsty, He asked me if there was anywhere in particular I wanted to go. I told him I needed some water, I didn’t care where we went thereafter. He told me as long as I knew that he was on a budget, so we were gonna go on a cheap date. Really? And you bought a car yesterday! After you told me you were broke. Guys from Utah, are the cheapest I have ever dated in my life! Paul, the old man with a runny nose and mouth and eyes, is still the most normal date I went on in Utah, only, it was too awkward to be normal.

We went to the nearest gas station, got two big waters. And asked where to next? Er, a restaurant, who doesn’t know that? You wanna take me to the park too? At 9pm? Or would you like to take me to church? Side note - He has a few tattoos, one on his arm and one on the calf, love the one on the calf. Too cool! He told me seeing as I am new in Salt Lake, he was going to show me his favourite spot. He took me to the mountain! We went freewheeling in his new truck, what! Awesomest experience! I never experienced a car driving sideways on a 90 degree rock, so thrilling! Man, it was a fun time! We found a picnic table, got off to chill and talk a bit. The truck was too high for me to get on or off by myself, he had to help me. I took a couple of pictures on the mountain top, we were literally on the peak of the mountain! Actually, we weren’t that far from Laura’s boyfriend’s prison.

The view of Salt Lake City County from the mountain top was amazing! I die for stuff like that! From there, I was famished because I hadn’t had dinner thinking I was about to go on a date. I told him I was hungry. We looked for a restaurant and of course, it being Utah, and Sunday, all places were closed. Oh Utah, WTF is wrong with Thee? Alas, we had to go to Mc Donald’s. I told him to just get us large fries, I wasn’t gonna sit at a Mc Donald’s on my date, heyl naw! He did that, we shared the fries, got some gas, drove to a mountain on the other side of town. He took me to a few Ski Resorts, we didn’t go in, just to see, we drove past a few wild animals on that route. It was pretty rad!

After that, he told me we weren’t that far from his place, we could drive past there, he could fix me something to eat, I was like, yeah sure and you won’t try to seduce me. He assured me he wouldn’t and said the most famous last lines – I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to.  Yuck, men, please quit using that line! I agreed. We went over to his place. Lots of apartment blocks in one big yard. He parked his huge truck, I wonder if he is making up for anything with that huge truck? We got out and made our way to his place.

It was a one bedroom apartment, very spacious! He had his bicycle in there and a few pieces of furniture. He told me he had lost everything to drugs and was starting afresh. We sat at his dining room table and talked. He made himself something to eat. I guess I forgot I was hungry. I just had a bite off his, just to taste his pineapple favoured sausage. It tasted pretty good. He asked to kiss me. I always thought that’s a turn off. Someone wants to kiss you, they should just lean in and see if you’re going the same too, and go for it but now if you’re got blue eyes and nice hair! The kiss was ok. Ok, it was great! I hadn’t been kissed since Elvis and he was sloppy, you never knew if he had brushed his teeth, so I always made sure I kept my mouth closed, no tongue, yuck! This guy was smelling fresh, he had nice teeth too. I’m a sucker for nice teeth.

He told me more and more of his stories, asked me about Africa. While on the way to the mountain, he showed me the prison and told me last he checked his brother was there, he didn’t know if he was still alive. Apparently his brother molested him when they were young. Awkward. Please don’t tell me this on our first date! He told me a story of him trying to kill himself after his divorce from a drug overdose in a random hotel room on his way from Washington state back to Utah. That was awkward. Filter please! You don’t have to tell me all these stories today, especially the traumatic ones! I just went along though, what do you do? You’re not gonna make someone feel like sh*t when they are trying to open up to you albeit on your first date.

We stayed up until it was too late, he offered me his pyjamas. I was like or you can take me home. He told me he was enjoying my company. I enjoyed his, so we suited up in similar pyjamas and went to bed. We talked some more and made out some more, nothing further than that though. He did tell me that he could see himself falling in love with me. Nothing was gonna lead to another though, not that night! He had work the following day. He dropped me off, I was still in his pyjamas, and heels, his shoes were too big for me. When we got to my place, he parked in the driveway, told me to stand on the second step (to be on the same level as him, I guess?), kissed me, told me he wanted the world  to know that I was with him and headed for work.

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