Tuesday, December 24, 2013

High Speed Chase

I was in the middle of giving Ted a shower when my phone rang on full blast. I ignored it, knowing I would just call whomever it was back. They kept calling, Ted was like, aren't you gonna answer that? It was Cindy. She wanted to know where I wanted to meet up.

Didn't I tell this woman that I was going to call her back after work? Please respect my wishes and my job! I told her I was almost done and I would call her back after work as I had said before! She was like, please do, it's urgent! B*tch! I don't care if it's urgent or not! I'm not Dr Phil! 'If it matters to you, it matters to me! If it matters to you, that's what I wanna talk about!' Well, on the contrary! 

After work, I rushed for the bus, went to the supermarket, bought some groceries, then went home, had dinner, put my feet up and watched my tv recordings. Cindy who?

She called me that night, I picked up. She told me that her husband flipped when he found out that she was cleaning the house (yup, never stopped cleaning), instead of making something to eat for his mom. Apparently husband told little one to ask Cindy to stop what she was doing and make breakfast, she told the kid to tell husband she was on it, kid told husband that that's what she said, even though that wasn't what she was doing. Husband got mad, more drama ensued. He tried to kill her. His mom didn't intervene, according to Cindy. Blah blah blah (Bears really cares about you. Why not call them? - {South African Inside Joke}). Husband then kicked her out of his the house. Ironic huh? The kicker outer became the kickee outer. Can you see the worry in my eye? Don't get your eyes checked yet, no worry over here!

She was staying at her friends, she was homeless and car less. He had taken the car keys and told her she would get them back after returning his mom's money she had saved for his mom. She told me that she was going to go to the house the following day to give him the money in exchange for the car keys. She said she was going to take the police with her. At that point, I really couldn't care less! My feet were up, I was enjoying my afternoon, didn't have a care in the world! She asked to meet up after all that. I was like, sure, let's! Like I was going to be seen with her by that husband and get killed!

The following day, I didn't hear from her. Thank Goodness! I called her that evening while I was out and about. I had a feeling, he must have disconnected the phone or something, everything is under his name and he is the kind of person to use that to his advantage. I couldn't get through to her number. No word from her at all that day!

Apparently, husband had promised to leave the keys in the car for Cindy, she was supposed to get in the house, drop the money and then leave. I know her husband, he's very smart. He would never come up with such a ridiculously dumb plan. That's something she would come up with! Because, if that were the case, all she had to do was get in the car and drive away without dropping the money off. Done! Which is what she had planned to do. Yup, she told me that!

That evening, she went to pick up their little one at school with her friend's car (Cindy's friend, not the little one's friend's car, she's only three, her friends don't have cars! Come on now, keep up! haha Just kidding). Husband and his mom were waiting by the school for Cindy. His mom wanted her money, Cindy told me she was ignoring their calls. I was like, why? Why won't you just give her her money and forget about them? That may have been a rhetorical question, I am so done trying to figure out her thought process, you don't even know! She told me she doesn't have the money, SHE USED IT! Like really now! She used a senior citizen's money, she had been saving to take with her to Africa in a few months when she goes back to Africa for good. Cindy took it upon herself to use that money! I asked her why she did that. She told me she needed money, her husband suggested she used it. Whatever!

It was time to pay up and she didn't have the money, that got her into more trouble because husband was determined to make her pay. She told me that They tried talking to her, but she just locked the car doors and drove off, they followed her. Here she is in her friend's 10-15 year old Toyota Corolla, husband is right behind her in his 2012-2013 Toyota Truck, Good luck! She called me in the midst of that High speed chase! I was like, dude, you can't do this with a kid in the car, you are going to get into big trouble. Stop somewhere and tell these people you don't have their car! She told me she wasn't going to, she was hoping to lose them. You're not gonna lose these people in your tiny car, they are driving  a Brand new truck, that thing is huge too, they see beyond other cars. I told her I couldn't continue talking to her while she was driving, the last thing I needed was for him to catch up with her and find out she was talking to me on the phone.

I never heard from her again that night. The following morning, I saw a missed call from a number I didn't recognise, I had a feeling it may have been Cindy calling from her friend's number or from jail, the hospital or something. Heck, she may have even been calling from the morgue (mortuary). I called the number back while I was at Target doing some shopping for Ted. It was Cindy! Her husband had indeed disconnected her number! She went and bought her a new phone at Wal-Mart. I had told her while I still lived with them that she needed an emergency bag with all the stuff she would need should the fit hit the shan (get it?). She was like, oh yeah, what a great idea! She never did it. I had told her that she had to have another phone, copy all the contacts onto there, blah blah blah. She does have another smart phone, but she was busy cleaning the house, she never came around to prepping the bag.

He plan was to pay the woman back once she got paid, payday was around the corner. Payday came and went, I got a call from her. She was like, call me back, it's urgent! I was on my way home from Ted's. I was getting so tired of all these urgent calls. I am not the person she should call unto in time of needs. I shouldn't even feature in her list of people to call. She had told me that her husband had once mentioned that wherever I was, I must hate her. Cindy told me she told him, Baba has no problem with me, you are the one she hates. I thought to myself, this B*tch has no clue! She has no concept of anything! If she was so innocent (even though she is the one who sent me the text to get the f*ck out of their home), how come she never stayed in touch?

I called her back on my way home. She asked me to meet her at her kid's school and lend her $1 000. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MARBLES? I SHOULD LEND YOU MONEY? I SHOULD DO THAT? Really? You must have been hit too much in the head! That's more than 10 000 bucks where I come from. You're really retarded if you think I am going to meet you at all, let alone lend you any amount of money. How are you going to give it back to me? You never have money! If you hadn't kicked out of your spotless house, I may have even given you a thousand bucks, but you fcked up, bro! That's your bad! I told her I didn't have the money. I was like, 'Remember I have been unemployed for a while and I was also homeless for a bit (never happened, God forbid), I spent a lot of money during that time. Right now, I am making just about enough to pay rent and that's it.' I was lying through my teeth. I hope she knew that I was. I like it when someone I don't care about knows I'm lying cos even so, there's nothing they can do about it. #InYouFaceBeeeeeoooootch! She was so desperate. She told me her husband was at the school with the police and his mom and they wanted the mom's money there and then. Can you imagine me rushing to save the day, these are all people who don't give a darn about me and my well being, they all don't! They all teamed up against me at some point. How dumb would I have to be to go interfere with their dysfunctional family crap? B*tch Please!

I told her to ask for an advance payment at work. She was like, yeah, they won't give me that, well then go to the bank, or whatever, I don't care! I took the train and headed home, put my phone on silent and enjoyed the evening in peace.

Next time I talked to Cindy, she told me her husband had gone to her work place to demand she pay back his mom's money. She said, he made such a scene there, they had to call the police. He made a bigger scene in front of the police that they threatened to lock him up if he didn't leave. According to Cindy, police told her that they would help her with a safe place to live and provide her with lawyers if she needed them etc. She took them up on the offer. They moved her to a shelter, just like she wanted me to live in a shelter before. She ended up moving there herself. Isn't that ironic? She had the kid with her. She started divorce proceedings.

She went to court, got a restraining order against her husband. The court ordered him to move out of his prized possession the house, Cindy and the kid were to take over the house. She told me all this with such a smile on her face, I could hear it over the phone. I asked if she wasn't afraid kicking the man out of his own house, he had made no secret of the fact that that was his house, he was paying for it. Don't get me wrong, all you who live with men, married or not, I get the whole, oh but I contribute too etc but this man would die for that house. I would never be the one to get between him and that house and still be proud. That could end so badly. I brought that up, but Cindy was like, I have a restraining order. I said ok, I'm sure that will prevent him from shooting you, the kid and then himself.

I got over finding myself unintentionally giving her advice. I guess I can't help myself cos I had no intention of being of any help to her but because she is so bright, you find yourself intervening and offering some advice. I had to stop talking to her. I did so more than I had planned to anyway. She told me that she needed a character witness for him. Apparently, I was the only person 'still in her life' who could help in that regard. I begged her not to give my number to anybody, I don't want to go to court for any reason whatsoever. She told me that they were only going to talk to me off the record. I was like, either way, I don't want to get involved. What does the court normally do when there is no character witness? Please!

A few days later, I was back at my old job, I got home and was asleep. Got a call around 9 in the morning from social services. They got my number from Cindy! They wanted to talk to me about her husband. I never picked up the call because since talking to Cindy, I had gotten to paranoid. They left me a voice message. I thought to myself what kind of a person am I dealing with here? She didn't care, she was going to do whatever it took to ensure that things went her way! She called me after two days or so. I asked her about giving social services my number against my wishes. She told me she didn't do that. She had given my number when they moved her to the shelter, they asked for someone to call in case of emergency, she gave them my number. SHE GAVE THEM MY NUMBER! MY NUMBER! AS AN EMERGENCY CONTACT! REALLY? The hell was she smoking? Who am I to her? Where are her real friends? What the heck!

She tried calling me a few days after that, I wasn't in the mood, so I didn't pick up. She sent me a text saying that my phone she was going through to my voicemail every time she called me recently. Well that was because I was back at my old job and she always called when I was asleep. I didn't tell her that.though. A few days after that,  She sent me this text , 'Are you ok?' that's the text that sealed it all for me! For her to ask me, four/five months after kicking me out of her house if I was ok, just because she wasn't able to get hold of me for me to help her with her messy divorce was juuuuust! It was the most annoying message she could ever sent me. She should have never done that. That was the last time I talked to her. 

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