Saturday, December 21, 2013

Phone Calls From The Dead

Not too long after taking my exams, I got a call from the girl from Sudan, she wanted to know what to expect from the exam. Uhm, why are you calling me? We're not friends! I gave her the most ambiguous answer, we talked for a bit, she wanted to know if they were hiring at my job, I told her they were always hiring because they always fire people, I myself was no longer working there. She didn't want to work there without me. I am not sure why. It's not like we were friends! She told me she had scheduled for her exams and would call to update me. She never did. 

I didn't realise how much I missed everybody, especially the residents (patients) until I saw them again. 

CNA's had designated wings this time around. I worked the East side. They hired two new people just after me. We were short staffed for a while, having to work non stop, with no breaks, running around like headless chickens. I wondered why it took them so long to get me back to work if they were short staffed, oh well, one of those mysteries of life. The scheduling was still the same as before. That girl still got more days than other people. I was done stressing the second time around. I went in at 10pm on the dot, did my job, left in the morning, that's it! Nothing more. Well, except for the times they would ask me to fill in for others and work overtime, the supervisor would even pick me up and drop me off whenever he needed me to work overtime. It was a five minute drive. 

There is a bunch of ladies at the facilities who are friends, they smoke together, go out to the movies together and all that. They are not roommates. I was cool with them, one of them had been there forever, the other one only for three months and the other one for about a month. The Newbie, was in my wing. She would always ask to be woken up to use the bathroom about three times a night. I didn't mind. I did do rounds three times a night, I could have woken her up when I was in her room for my rounds but she wanted to be woken up at specific times. God forbid you should be a minute late! She would walk past the linen room, come all the way to me, tell me she needs fresh linen and walk back to her room, passing the linen room again. I had a weird vibe about this woman! 

One night, one of my residents had fallen, when they fall, you have to check their vital signs every 15 minutes for an hour, every 30 mins for 2 hours, every hour for blah blah blah. The first three hours are the worst because you can't get anything done, just after you're done checking them, you need to check them again. Within minutes of the resident falling, I got called outside by another resident. Another one had fallen. Also from my wing. That's 15 minutes for an hour, etc etc simultaneously! While doing my rounds, I realised that one of the residents wasn't in a good condition, I informed the nurse, she did what she could, but had to call Emergency services (911). So now, I had two people who had fallen and one who was in a critical condition. Newbie hunted me down, until she found me to confront me about not waking her up in time. She wanted fresh linen. My colleague was in her room helping her roommate! I asked Newbie if she could wait a minute for my colleague to help her as I was busy with an emergency. She knew! She could see! She found me in that room with emergency people! And she knew my colleague was in her room. On my way out, I decided to just get her the linen and get it over and done with, so I did. I got her three of everything.

She came back, nudged me on the shoulder and called me out of that room to tell me that one of those night gowns was way too big. I grabbed it, threw it in the hamper (washing basket) and asked her to use another one from the ones I had given her. 

The night ended on a good note, nobody died, nobody else fell, happiness all the way.

I got  a call from Spotty, he wanted to go to the park together that weekend. I accepted not thinking it was going to happen. As a result, the day of, I was spring cleaning the condor, I didn't even think about him. He texted me two days later asking if I had fun at the park. I replied '?'. He told me he thought he saw someone who looked like me over there. He even said hi. I ignored him. He was wasting my time. He called and was like, weren't you at the park this weekend. Yes, s hole, I was, with you! What a jerk! I was like, first you call me out of the blue, ask to take me to the park, call a few days later to confirm, disappear and then rock up with a random text like how was it? What is this? Are you going to act like you didn't stand me up? I told him, I didn't sit by the phone waiting for his call, but he doesn't know that, therefore, he should acknowledge the fact. He was like, yeah, I thought we could be friends but this just got weird. I was like, bye! The f*ck!

My roommate, who was never there. She spent all her time at her boyfriends, sent me a text that she wanted to talk. I called and asked what it was about. Her boyfriend's lease had expired, they decided to move back to the condo, they wanted me out. Great! I started looking for another place to stay. She gave me ample notice, more than a month. This was the month I got my job back, I was losing my apartment. Winter was around the corner. It was getting dark early, I had to find a place closer to work, that wasn't going to be easy. I wasn't psyched about the news at all. When I moved in, they told me they don't really use the apartment, three months later they wanted me out. I wasn't about to challenge someone about their own home. Time to hit the road, Jack! When will I stop moving?

While I was at work one afternoon, at Ted's, I got a call from my supervisor. He wanted to tell me that Cindy had been looking for me. Four Month's later! You know I blocked bother hers and her husband's numbers. She decided to call my job. I wasn't back there yet, but we were in talks with my supervisor. I called her back out of curiosity and the need to feel that justice had been served. I had always felt that she would need me one day when that husband of hers tries to kill her again. She was like, 'stranger, I haven't heard from you in a while?' Is this b*tch kidding me right now? B*tch, you kicked me out of your house! 
Cindy - How are you doing?
Me - Ok, thanks, you?
C - Ok thanks, where do you live now?
M - Murray?
C - Where?
M - Murray
C - Nice! Where about in Murray? What's the address?
Me - Uhm, what's up, what's new with you? I heard you were looking for me?
C - It's a long story, I will tell you in person, what's your address?
M - Why don't we meet halfway between my place and yours?
The f*ck's she talking about, what's your address? YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME! I don't want your negative energy there and your yelling husband and your screaming child! That is my precious place, I am happy there! Happiest I have ever been in this country, you will no mess that up for me! Why are you so eager to come to my place all of a sudden? When you kicked me out at four oclock in the morning, what did you think my address was going to be? F*ck you!
C- I've to pick up little one from school, then I can come to you afterwards, what's the address?
M - I'm at work right now, why don't I call you after, we can arrange then? Are you ok though?
C- Ok
M- Cheers

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