Monday, December 15, 2014

The Hardest Good-bye

As time drew closer for my move, I posted ads on Craig's List, selling whatever pieces of furniture I had. I wasn't taking all that with me! The first thing I sold was the Microwave, It was weird living without it but Carly could buy us one, she was moving locally, why not, right? I didn't suggest, I didn't care. Apparently, neither did she. 

I couldn't find a buyer for the beds in time. Carly asked me about buying one of both the beds. One of them, the one she used was a fold up bed. It would have been a good idea for her or anybody to have such a bed. You can always fold it up and put it in the closet or whatever storage when not using it and use it for guests. That way, people don't have to sleep on the couch. That's just me. I've always liked to be more than prepared. I told her that I would give her a good deal if she wanted to buy them. She couldn't look me in the eye when I said that. I had a feeling she wanted more than a good deal. She wanted them for free. That was not part of the lease! She was shopping for a bed online at the same time. She went to view one in Koreatown. She loved it and it was a steal! She told me that she would buy it that coming weekend. She told me that the couple that was selling it seemed well off. They didn't look like they needed the money, they just had a baby and needed the space for their newborn's crib. She was going to low ball them and see if she could get the bed for close to nothing. I tell you, when I heard that, I could've thrown up! I love a good deal like the next person but there's being a bargain hunter and being a slob. Nothing cute about the latter. Nobody likes a slob! I asked her if she left a deposit with the sellers. She hadn't. She just hoped that they would do right by her and keep the bed for her, with no deposit, nothing. Simply because they didn't look like they needed the money. I thought to myself, this girl has a lot to learn!  

The following day, she texted them asking if they still had the bed. When they told her they did, she started haggling. They agreed on the price she wanted. She then asked them to keep the bed for her a few more days. What a diva! I still can't wrap my head around the nerve of that chick! If I didn't have a lot on my plate, I'd have wished someone would buy that bed at the original price the nice people were selling it for, for the heck of it. Guess what? I didn't have to! Someone did! She came home sad that someone bought her bed. Whatever, blah blah blah, white noise! 

One night, she was talking about a friend of hers, they used to talk on the phone all the time with that chick. That girl gave her two black garbage bin bags full of almost new clothes when she had a baby. Like Carly needed them! More stuff for me to put away for her! She was ever so grateful to that girl. That girl soon quit the job where they worked together. I asked about the girl one night, Carly revealed that they are not really friends but she keeps her around because that girl has a big heart and Carly wanted to keep scoring from that girl. I was shocked and disgusted to hear that. Another friend of hers was about to move to San Francisco. Carly told me that she was going to miss her, she kept in touch with her because she was hoping that the friend was going to give her some stuff that she won't be taking with her when she moved to San Fran. Rude! What kind of a friend is this chick? I thought to myself, she has no sense of loyalty at all! Gross! I thought that she would do the same thing to me too. Why wouldn't she? We'd only known each other for two months. She knew those other girls longer than she did me.

She got herself a credit card from her bank. She needed money to pay for the new apartment. It turned out that she lied about her dad paying her rent for her. She was the one who was helping her dad pay rent back home. I am not sure why she lied but it is what it is. Her sister lost her baby back in Africa. Carly was so sad to hear the news. I asked her if she was going to travel to Africa, she told me it was going to cost her a lot of money. I get it, it's an expensive trip. I suggested she send some money, even if it's a hundred dollars, just to contribute towards the funeral. She was like, yeah, I don't know about that. She doesn't expect any money from me, so she'll be fine. Oh well, I tired! 

One night, she asked if I could give her $100 back from her $150 deposit and keep the $50 for deposit. She said I could just give her whatever change came from the deposit later. I told her that I wasn't going to do that. Security Deposit is for in case something happens by the time we moved out. We hadn't moved out yet. What if something happened between the time I gave her the money and then? She assured me nothing would. I told her, that's not why I charged her a security deposit. I paid it as well. I was going to be nice enough and give hers back as soon as I found out how much they were going to charge me at the apartment after we moved out. I wouldn't wait until I got my deposit back two to three weeks after moving out. I would give her hers asap. She didn't like that idea. I didn't care. She's too obsessed with being selfish. It's not that big a deal. Also, she ruined all my shit, what about all that? Who was going to pay for that? I am not her bank. This is not some reliable savings account. You fck something up, you pay! I am not those people that she did in day in and day out. I got her number and I wasn't going to allow her to treat me like that. And I was done being taken advantage of by roommates. She was too little too late. 

 I was going back and forth in my head about whether I should charge her from the stuff she ruined of mine or for our friendship's sake not do it. I had a headache just thinking about it because, why should our friendship cost me? When I kept hearing her say those not nice things about her supposed friends, I was leaning more towards charging her because that's what you do and she didn't deserve it. She was freewheeling her way through life and paying no consequences. I am not hear to change that for her. I just will not be a part of it. I remember one day, she went to do laundry downstairs. I had let her use my new white laundry bag. She dragged it all the way to the elevator and on the bottom floor to the laundry. Apparently, all the machines were used up. She came back and I saw her dragging the thing back. It was pitch black underneath. That was not my main concern because I expected her to wash it before she returned it. My main concern was that she was going to pick up bedbugs from the hallway and bring them into the apartment, a week before we moved out. Then I would have to get rid of everything because of that silly mistake. I wasn't feeling that. 

I made arrangements with Chris to go store some of my stuff at his place on his day off. It took me a couple of bus rides to take some pieces of luggage over to his. He had plans that evening, so he asked me to move the rest of the stuff day before I moved out. I was grateful to him for all that he was doing for me. I think he wanted me to split the job halfway, so that he would be able to spend time together at a later stage. He didn't want it all to end at once. Good Strategy Christopher! He wanted us to spend my last day in LA with him, I wanted the polar opposite! I was due to move on a Saturday. He wanted to spend Friday together. 

I went to my last show the last Monday of May. Divorce Court and @midnight. It was bitter sweet seeing everybody for the last time. Everybody told me they would see me in Vegas. It's a five hour bus ride from Los Angeles and less by car after all. I arranged with the office where I would leave the keys as I was moving out on a Saturday and the office was going to be closed. Carly wouldn't take a day off to sort out her stuff, pack etc. She worked all day and came home and watched Desperate Housewives on Netflix. #LaDolceVita 

My month started on the first of each month. Carly's didn't really because she moved in four days before the first and stayed those days free of charge. I didn't know she was the Queen of Self Entitlement then but I soon learnt. She asked if she could hand in the keys for me on the first as the month doesn't end until then. My bus was booked, And so was my bed at the Hostel in Las Vegas. I wasn't going to change any of my plans to accommodate someone who is being accommodate at the apartment that she was moving to as well. They had already given her the key a few days in advance there as well. She didn't have to pay all the money that was due because of her problems but she negotiated her way out of that too. Good for her! And me, because I didn't have to feel guilty about her not having a place to move to. She didn't have a bed yet, I had two beds that I was selling. She basically had everything she needed but her ridiculous sense of entitlement wouldn't let her take advantage of it. That's on her. I told her that the lease was under my name and I was going to return the keys when I moved out and that was that. If she wants to be the one returning keys, she should try having the lease under her name and bear the responsibilities that come with that. Plus why would I trust that she was going to do that once I moved out? I think that was another way of her trying to ensure that I paid her her deposit back. She probably wanted to use the keys as leverage. Sorry, boo boo, not gonna happen! You're knocking on the wrong door! She batted her eyelashes and pretended to be freaked out that she didn't know how she was going to get everything to her place during the night. I didn't care. I had given her three weeks notice. More than I should have. She had ample time. Desperate Housewives could've waited. Or Not, it's all up to her, really. I had my own stuff to deal with and that was not one of them.

I moved my stuff to Chris', he came by to help me. I really didn't want him to. He insisted as usual. As soon as he walked into my place, he game me the third degree about all kinds of stuff that had nothing to do with him. And would have nothing to do with me in 24 hours. He took a seat, I don't know why he was getting comfortable. We were on our way out. He asked if I could play him a song, or two or three. F*ck! I did. Song I'd never heard of. I pried myself in knowing music, all kinds. If I have heard a song before, I will recognise it when I hear it again. It doesn't matter if I last heard it when I was 3, or in the womb. Or in my past life. I tell ya though, the songs this dude came up with, I had never heard of. I never wanna hear them again, either. He got so excited when I told him I didn't know those songs, he wanted to educate me, and have me listen to more and more weird, songs. I was like, listen, this is the last song I'm playing for you. This is not why you said you were coming here. I will not waste time on this. Time is of the essence. He asked me to play me one more and then another and another one, until, I got up and walked towards the door. Screw it! You can't win with these people. They always want something! Their desires are unquenchable!

When we got to his house, I didn't stay, he wanted to have lunch. I told him no, I have to go and I walked out the door. He told me he was going to miss me, asked if he could come visit, his rich South African friend, who lives in Vegas invited him a long time ago. He wants to come see us both. I told him not to tell his friend about me. I want peace in my life. He kept pushing me to agree to him coming to visit. That's probably how he got that poor rich friend to invite him. I told him that maybe he should start by visiting his rich friend first.  He went on again about loneliness and how he has no friends. I got fed up and told him that if he polished up on his social skills, people will want to be around him. He kept cutting me off, going on and on about nothing. I was like, see, like now! You're cutting me off to talk about something you've talked about forever, nobody wants to listen to that. By Felicia! I gave him a hug, thanked him for everything and left. 

I headed back to my place. I had a few more items that needed to be taken to Chris'. I asked if I could take them there the following day just before I left. He offered to go with me to Union station and send me off. I couldn't have that. I had to cut ties. It was a matter of life or death at that point. He told me that he has a bus pass that allows him to rent a cab and only pay $3 to the driver. He told me he could arrange that for me. I told him that I was already set ride-wise. He asked who was going to take me to the station. Is it a friend of mine? Is he male of female? Is he black or white? Ohhhhh! #killme He said we could drop the stuff off with my friend on our way to the station, he could also come with us. I had to think fast to get out of that. Every time I came up with an excuse, he came up with a solution that suited him. Shoot! 

I had a number of people who wanted to buy the beds, I had dropped the price tremendously at that point. Problem is, people were working. They were going to be available the following day to come pick the beds up. I was leaving around 6 in the morning. It was just not going to work.Carly worked overtime the night before the move. She hadn't packed a thing. She had a modeling rehearsal the following morning like at 7. I get why she needed one more day but nothing I could do would help her. I wasn't going to even try.

I was beat that night, and finally went to sleep on the floor. I had cleaned up the apartment very well, and had put my bed on its side, to make sure nothing was left behind, under the bed or something. I must have been fast asleep when Carly got home and started packing. I didn't hear a thing. She woke me up when she was sleeping. I tear up just thinking about that moment. It was so sad to say goodbye to her. That moment, her waking me up in my sleep to say goodbye, and me not knowing if and when I would see her was like when I was a kid and someone was leaving, it happened so many times what with my family living all over the place. It was a too familiar unwelcome feeling. I literally just broke down and cried. She cried too. It was a sad moment. I never thought I would be that sad saying goodbye to a roommate. I have had the worst experiences with roommates and the worst chemistry, but I will say this about her, Carly was my best roommate so far. We just clicked from day one and it never stopped. She was like a sister to me. I hated her as much as I loved her. 

Hold on, I gotta wipe my tears and drink some water.........

Ok, whew! I'm back. By the way, Friday night, My Georgian friend/sister, came by to say goodbye. She and her daughter, who I adore, she is so sweet. They both are. they came by, called from outside. The plan was that I would go over to hers after dropping off stuff at Goodwill but I didn't have time to go there, so I just put the stuff in Paper bags and dropped it outside by a street pole at a busy intersection for whoever wants them to grab them. We talked for a bit, took some pictures and kissed each other nakhvamdis (goodbye in Georgian). I told you I know sh*t! Don't test me, I will surprise you! Over and over again haha.It was nice of them to walk all the way to my place when I couldn't go to theirs. She's a true friend that chick. Real as hell. 

Carly left around 5am. It felt like it was still midnight because I was so pooped. I walked her to the main entrance of the apartment block. She had a sh*tload of plastic bags with her. Apparently she had already taken some of her stuff with her. She had to rush to her new place, freshen up and then head for the modeling place. She was going to do runway. I really wanted to be there, but my wardrobe collapsed and I decided to move before that. What can I say? Life happens haha. That was a sad moment, but I had no time to wallow in self pity. I had to do finishing touches and get going. When she left she told me that two months prior, when she moved into that place, she didn't know that two months later, she would be so sad to part ways with me. She never knew that someone could have that kind of a connection with a roommate. I felt exactly the same way. Great! Time to wipe tears and drink some water again, be right back, yall...

Aaaanyway! I took the beds outside and dropped them by the dumpster. It was a hell of a mission, I tell you. I literally threw away my beds. I could've given Carly one, but the bed conversation just went weird, so.  I cleaned up where her bed was and her closet. She had left some of my household stuff she was using, ruined and broken, I guess for me to dispose of myself now that she was done with it. Later, I texted Chris and asked him to come pick up the rest of my stuff. He agreed. Bless his heart. He was at mine in no time. He lay on the floor. I was playing Brenda Fassie on the laptop. To celebrate our South Africanness. He liked that. For the first time since I met him, he went quiet and listened to music. There is a God after all! He asked if my friend and I could drop him off with the stuff on our way to the station. Here we go again! I told him no, we wouldn't be able to. If we were, we would have dropped the stuff off ourselves. I wouldn't have asked him to come all the way to Hollywood. It's not far but you know what I mean. He asked if he could hang out and listen to music while I get ready until my ride arrived. Oh Lord! I told him that he could hang around while I showered. As soon as I was done, I would walk him to the bus stop. I mean, seriously! WTF kind of person is this? You can never get rid of him!

I was praying that my ride not be early. I know for a fact, he would have been so forward and asked them to drop him off. It would have been helluva awkward. Soon as I was done showering, I got dressed in the bathroom. I walked him to the bus and bade him farewell. "Call me when you get thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I ran back up to the apartment, 



Tembz Didit said...

Strange relationship you have with Carly. You get along very well and then she gets you so agitated. Well I hope you guys are in touch. Looking forward to reading about Arriving and Settling in Vegas .

Babalwa Brook said...

I know! I told her when she was leaving that I was gonna miss her even though she drove me up the wall :)

Tembz Didit said...

And the passion of that being driven up the wall is very evident on the blog. Lol shame I don't think even your niece could manage to drive you up the wall like that.

Babalwa Brook said...

Oh no, my niece is cool peeps. She's my best friend

Tembz Didit said...

Yeah I know. I am using her ad a comparison because of their age lol.

Babalwa Brook said...

I see.