Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bringing a Gun To a Knife Fight

Charlie texted me with an update about his ex girlfriend. Apparently, the date didn't happen. He told me that he thought about everything I said and decided not to go out with her. During the same conversation, he told me that they set up a date at some karaoke bar, she was an hour late, he could no longer wait, so he left and blocked her. Apparently, he was having transportation problems, that's why she was running late, I don't know why he couldn't wait. Clearly, he wanted to give the relationship a second chance. He asked to take me out on his off day. I told him I would have to think about it.

We kept texting back and forth, one thing about him, he always responded to emails and texts unlike some guys I've, sadly, got to know. He told me that his roommate was in the process of moving out, when he has moved out, maybe we should hang out at his place and watch a movie or something. He had just bought himself this ginormous TV. I told him I was open to that but he wasn't going to lock me up in his apartment with old movies on our first number or dates. He needs to take me out like a normal person. He told me he has lots of food in his house, all kinds of food. If I knew how to cook, I should go make us a meal at his house. I was like, yeah, sorry, not really the cooking type. I mean, am I married? Who am  I cooking for? Why am I cooking for them? I didn't have a stove at my place, just a refrigerator and a microwave. I missed cooked food but I wasn't desperate.

We talked for weeks and weeks, he just didn't have time to meet up. One afternoon, I was at the laundromat, we texted, I asked if he was home. He was. I told him to come hang with me. We were really getting along, we talked all the time. He showed up on his bike in a very orange outfit, orange shorts, orange t-shirt and neon orange sneakers. I loved the sneakers though. Not sure about the rest of the outfit. Good thing it wasn't mine! Did I mention he brought a gun? Talk about bringing a gun to a knife fight, only there were no knives, nor a fight. He also brought me $10 in Quarters (20 cent coins) for the machines in the laundromat. That was sweet! Still not sure about the gun and the orange outfit. I asked about the gun, he told me that he never gets to carry it, so any chance he can, he takes it with him. Go figure. #FashionStatement
Cute, right?

We hung out at the laundry and talked about all kinds of things. He told me that his roommate was still at his place, he was still looking for an apartment to move to. I don't know how hard the roommate was looking for an apartment. I also asked Charlie if the roommate was the one renting from him or was it the other way round by any change. He assured me that the lease was on his name (Charlie's name). Charles was so desperate to know how old I was. I told him I was older than him, and that's all he needed to know. I was on Facebook, he asked to see something, I showed him. Next thing I know, he's red in the face. What happened? He scrolled up, looked at my personal details, saw my age and freaked out. Well, that's what you get, kind Sir! You think you are going to look for something and not find it? Haven't you read the Bible? Seek and ye shall find, boo boo! He told me he didn't know how he felt about the age difference because his mom told him that a woman should only be so much older, anything over and above that, the relationship will never work out. It was good to know that his mom had a minute or two to teach him some life lessons. More on the mom later!

When we were done with laundry, Charlie wanted to come chill at my place. I took the bus with my giant bags full of laundry, he rode the bike to my place. We sat and talked and listened to music. He was meant to leave late that night but both of us passed out on the bed. Gun and all!

The following morning, he took me out for breakfast. It was nice to have him around, I must say. he has a really nice vibe about him. He left after breakfast.
Chicken Tenders, my latest favorite thing!

My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard and they're like...

 He was working that night. When he got to his house, he took a nap. Upon waking up, he sent me text talking about his roommate said I'm too old, it will never work out between him and I. I will control him, and blah blah blah. Oh Lord, I was like, talk to me about all this in person. I'm not having a text conversation about this. I don't even know if it's you I'm talking to or the roommate.

On his way to work, he came by, brought me a bunch of roses. It was really cool, thinking that he rode his bike in Uniform and had a vase with water and a dozen red roses in there for me. I don't know how he managed to carry all that, but I was impressed and gladly accepted the roses. We hung out for an hour before he left for work. He had to pass my work on his way to work, I lived halfway in between.

We kept chatting during the week, without seeing each other.
I stopped to smell the roses in my red Ralph Lauren PJ's

I made friends with a lady whom I met online on a friendship site. We whatsapped for a while back and forth and seemed to have a lot in common. I was excited to make new friendships. We'll call her Tony. Tony suggested we go to a BBW Club off the strip (Big Beautiful Women). I agreed. You know me, I'm down for whatever. Plus, I'd always wanted to go to a BBW Club. She suggested we met at the club, late at night. I wasn't sure about meeting someone for the last time in the middle of the night. What if they were not who they said they were? I was like, how about we meet somewhere in the daytime first, and then go to the club a different night or so? She was cool. We met for drinks at a mall halfway between us. I hadn't been at that mall yet, I like going to new places. I took the bus there, it was nice and hot, I use the word nice loosely, this is Vegas we're talking about; the desert, hot means scorching hot.
Getting ready to meet up with Tony, Comfy Nine West Heels and Jessica Simpson Bag
We literally arrived there at exactly the same time and we recognised each other as we crossed paths at the mall, she was driving, looking for parking, I was walking, looking for the restaurant.

The mall was pretty, Town Square, was the name of it. We ate from the Happy hour menu, Cheap is the only way to go! I had calamari, she had salad and I can't remember what else. We had such a nice time! Instant chemistry, over text, she had told me that she is shy and doesn't go out much.
Calamari. It was alright, nothing to write home about

When I met her, she was anything but shy, she was cool, funny, we laughed out loud. It was such a good time. I'm smiling just thinking about it. I was looking forward to our friendship. She is a teacher, so she is available weekends etc. I am available, all the time lol.

The night of the BBW event, she was going to pick me up, turned out the club was off my street. I lived off Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd aka The Strip, the club is on the other side of Sahara and The Strip. I could've walked if it weren't in the middle of the night. I had had a long day, and the heat will get ya! Apparently, I passed out and didn't even hear Tony's calls when she came to pick me up. I woke up after an hour or so of her calling and texting me from outside my place. I wish I had told her which one my door was so she could come knock there and maybe I would've woken up. I felt so bad when  I finally woke up and it was an hour later! I was sure she had left without me. I felt horrible! I called her and fortunately, she was still outside. She had a couple off calls she needed to make, so she decided to park outside my place and take care of those while there,and luckily, I called while she was still there, on the phone.I quickly freshened up. I asked her to come in while I did. I didn't want her waiting for me much longer. You know how slow time moves when you're waiting for someone? It's better if you can see that they are actually getting ready.

I got ready in no time, and we left for the club. Goooooo! We were there in no time. Tony had told me she had been at that club before, she made out with the DJ the first time she went there, I believe, then she went again and the DJ and the friend he went with ended up in a fight over her. I was like, look at you! Men fighting over you! As we arrived, I found out that the story about the guys who fought over her didn't end there. They both wanted to go home with her, that's what the fight was about! Long story short, one of the guys, I think the one she made out with, ended up stalking her. He sent her texts about how he wished her dead. She told me she was glad she wasn't alone that night, the night we were there together. I secretly wished she hadn't told me that, because now, what happens if the guy was there that night? Then what? Am I safe? She told me she feared for the safety of her car because the guy knew her car. Oh Lord! Just as we were about to walk in, she told me this! Now, I'm freaking the freak out! We walked in, they had a 50% off special on entry fee. My kinda gig!

We got in, found us a nice spot to sit at, ordered drinks, and chilled for a second and ..... Tony was like, oh my gosh, here's the guy I told you about? UHM, THE ONE WHO WISHED YOU DEAD? Yes......

The guy came towards us......


Tembz Didit said...

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Guy doesn't really know what he wants. Dude you are brave! You sleep or pass out with a gun in the same bed.

You look smashing in that outfit.

Why would you go to the same place that two men were fighting over you. And one of them started stalking you?????

Well you wrote the blog so good sign you are ali and we'll after the ordeal.

What took so long in posting this blog since the Roach Attack. I hope the Stalker didn't break Tony's legs and yours too.

Tembz Didit said...

Alive and well after the ordeal

Babalwa Brook said...

Charlie definitely doesn't know what he wants.
He put the gun in his bag when he got to my place, I told him to. Not that that makes any difference. I don't know if brave is the adjective lol.
Girl, I don't know! I think T really likes the place, she basically sacrificed her own life for it...And mine!
Yes, I made it! I lived to tell so to speak.
I know, I was so behind, I forced myself to update before the end of the month, I hadn't posted anything in April. The goal is to try and squeeze in a couple more before the end of the month.
Thanks for reading!

Babalwa Brook said...


Tembz Didit said...

Waiting patiently for the next blog.

Babalwa Brook said...

Tembisa! How r u? I've been looking for u! I have a new phone, so I lost your contact.
Darling if this is the last blog of mine you read, you're gonna love me. I've posted 18 more blogs since!
I literally just counted them ;)
Pls message me on whatsapp so I can get your number.

Tembz Didit said...

Yooo. I have been checking if you blogged since April.
This is going to make a good read. I don't know how to get them though. Have you not been wondering why I was not commenting not even on one?

Babalwa Brook said...

How have you been checking? If your go to my blog you should be able to aee all the entries listed by moth etc.
I have been wondering but couldn't reach you because of the new phone situation. I think I saw your comment on my sister's blog and thought I was gonna ask her to tell you to hit me up. I'm glad you reached out xoxo