Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Charlie and I spend the rest of rainy night in Georgia at mine, chilling. We didn't like the same tv shows, so when we were at my place, we would spend the time not listening to  music or watching tv. He likes that annoying song Am I wrong? and all other annoying songs. I like weird songs that nobody has every heard, right now, I am listening to Non Ti Scordar Di Me by Luciano Pavarotti. Go figure! We spent most of our time at home at his place because he had the entertainment and the bigger everything, i.e. TV, bigger bed etc. His apartment people buy their furniture from the hotels on The Strip when the hotels are getting new ones and you know hotels don't keep their beds that long. Charlie's bed was from The Trump towers. Very comfy! 

After a while of dating, we were at my place. I was annoyed at Charlie about something. He told me not to get pissed, he is very serious about me, he had actually been looking at rings. I was like way what now? Rings? I tell ya, it came out of nowhere. He showed me his web search, he had been looking at rings. I found that interesting if not confusing, I didn't think we were there in our relationship at all. Granted, we both wanted to get married. No necessarily to each other, but we had that in common, we knew that from the word go. I didn't know what to think of him telling me he had been looking at rings. For someone who has received a number of rings from men before and marriage proposals and stuff, some with rings, some not, actions were going to have to speak louder than his words so to speak.

Charlie would come by my place sometimes after he picks up his check. The office was two blocks away from my place. I was just off the Strip so, pretty central. When he was at my place, he always would go through my phone. I hated that. As a person, I had never been exposed to that kind of behavior, someone who would have no qualms about going through your personal stuff even after you busted their asses. This guy would even grab my phone from my hand and browse through, quick before I grab it back. It was quite something! It was something I never wanted to get used to. One afternoon, he came by. I took a quickly took a shower. I left the door unlocked so he could let himself in. He got in, said 'hi' and went dead quiet. I knew he was up to no good. Like what could you be so busy with at my place that you would go completely quiet? He came to visit me, he should either be in the bathroom chatting with me or something. He was too quiet for comfort. I left the water running and snuck in on him. Or is it sneaked? He was so focused on my phone, he almost had a heart attack when he saw me. I had to fight for my phone. I had nothing to lose but I didn't want this person going through my personal stuff like that. Like WTF? Who does that?

When I was done with my shower, and wiping all the wetness from my bedroom, I took his f*king phone. He grabbed it right back. I didn't have the energy to fight over it plus, he always told me what he was chatting to people about. He felt the need to, things like the fat pig situation. This particular afternoon, he was chatting with his roommate, the 62 year old man who had been in the process of moving out for the longest time. After I heard that he had moved out and went over to Charlie's, I saw his clothes in the closet. Charlie then told me he hadn't moved out, he was just out of town but he had to lie to me, he didn't think I would want to go over there if that man still lived there. Lies! Can't stand them! Anyway, I digress. Charlie showed me the names his 62 year old friend was calling me via text. I, of course, told Charlie his friend wouldn't just call me that to him out of the blue. I had never even met the guy! Obviously whatever he knows about me, he heard from Charlie, therefore I blamed Charlie for whatever his friends' opinion of me was. Frankly, I didn't give a sh*t. I took Charlie's phone to see for myself what Charlie's contribution to the conversation was, I kept scrolling up, and was like, see, I knew you started it! Do you know that as I was scrolling up to previous conversations, I stumbled upon a dick pick? This is a text conversation between Charlie and his Guy friend and roommate and I am finding a dick pic! The f*ck is going on here. 

IT WAS CHARLIE'S DICK! When he saw I saw that, he went pale in the face! Either he forgot about it or he didn't think I was going to scroll that far back. My heart sank way past my stomach, it literally sunk to my bladder! I couldn't believe what the hell I was seeing. Can you imagine? What would you do? Seriously, please post a comment or message me on social media and let me know what you would do if you were in my shoes.

I felt like I was going to throw up, I had never experienced that kind of shock before. I asked him what the fck that was. He told me that the guy paid him for dick pics. That's all there was to it. I was like, you've gotta be shitting me right now with this lame excuse for having exchanged private part pictures with your so called gay friend. And you say I might be too old for you! This man is 62 years old! And he's a man! What is going on here, Charles? He told me I was reading too much into it. The guy paid him $10 per picture. I'm like, you have a full time job! The fck are you doing selling dick picks for $10 a piece? This dude is your roommate, you're gonna sell him your nude pics and then hang around the house with him and discuss your girlfriend, what is this? 

He took his phone back and was texting relentlessly as we were talking. He was texting the guy, telling him what was going on as it was going on. He couldn't wait until the argument and the shaming is over, or until he got back home to his sugar daddy to tell him what transpired that day. He was always that way, he always let everybody know what was happening as it was happening. It was a darn shame if you ask me. The rest of the day is all a blur to me. I know he ended up going home to his boo boo.

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