Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Did I tell you about the pictures I found in Charlie's phone? He was showing me something in his phone and I did what he does and went through the rest of his photo folders. I found pictures of his bubble butt. Who has a picture of their butt? How do you end up with a picture of your butt? Like, do you take the picture yourself or does someone do it for  you? If it's the latter, who did it for Charlie? There were two of those pictures, in one, you could see part of his package from the back. They were in a list named Craig's List. Thanks Android! I was like The fuuuuccccckkkkk!?!?!?!? He freaked out and tried to back paddle out of it. I was like who took this picture? He told me that he did so himself. I didn't know what to ask next. What would you do? How would you handle this? Email me, comment here, on FB, twitter, Whatsapp, wherever you can reach me. I wold love to hear your views on this.

He had obviously posted an ad on Craig's List and posted those pictures with it. You're not gonna tell me that he was looking for a woman with this butt pictures? That's stuff men who are looking for men post! Am I right? He told me that he was bored when he posted it. He didn't specifically target men, he just wanted to see who would respond to that ad. Basically his ass (no pun intended) is sexually fluid. WTF? Between that and the 62 year old 'roommate', I really shouldn't have been that surprised. Who sleeps in the same bed with a roommate, most of all a man sleeping in the same bed as a male roommate he has been sending dick pics too?  Gimme a mutha freaking break! Shout out to all the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual. No H8!) All this and the fact that he was still talking to other  women while in a relationship with me. We were talking about marriage, I had ordered the ring, he didn't know that yet but he had given me money for it, so that was a done deal! Also, he had already bought a suit, I mean it was all systems go on that front. What the phuck was he doing posting ads, talking to other women, fishing for Filipino women? After the Craig's list saga, I had to get him back. I was on my computer next to him in bed and I flipped through old pictures. I may or may not have some pretty incriminating pictures. Think Jennifer Lawrence's leaked pictures but worse! If they were to be made into a slide show, they would be a sex tape. Charlie looked my way, saw them and was like What the heck? I closed the folder. I pretended like I didn't want him to see. Just like he acts when he is chatting with women online with me right there and pretends like he didn't want me to see. He got so upset! He asked who that was, when that was, why I kept the pictures and why  I was looking at them. I was just like oops! My bad! With the biggest smirk on my face. #InYourFace! I mean, at my age, I don't want to be in that kind of a relationship. One where I have to pull those kinds of tricks. That's beneath me. Plus, I don't want to be with someone who makes me wish I were still sleeping with the person in the pictures cos sex was so much better with him.

            One day, while at Charlie's; it was his day off. We did the usual stuff, laundry, he was the one who always did our laundry, sweet, right? Aawwww? I know, but the hot and cold of our relationship can take a toll on ya! We then took a walk to 7eleven and rented a couple of DVD's, or 4. I can't remember. They had one of those rent one get one free specials. We both have memberships, so we would use all our coupons and watch a ton of movies. I suggested we rent The hangover, I hadn't seen the latest one, he hadn't seen the one before that. I told him to take both. I was tired. I had been up the previous night. He works nights, so it's kinda crazy on his off days, sometimes he just automatically stays up at night. So I was up with him. I dozed off while he was watching the Hangover I had already seen. No big deal because we rented it for him. I am not one to watch the same movie more than once.

Charlie kept waking me up. I was like, dude! I have seen this already and I'm tired. Wake me up when you're done, we'll watch the second DVD together. He kept waking me up, he would jump on top of me and bounce up and down. I mean, were you raised by the wolves? Who does that? Who wakes up someone when they are sleeping? What kind of love was that?

Later that evening, I opened my eyes for a split second and saw Charlie coming to bed from the area where his speakers are. My head felt like it was about to explode, my ears were ringing. He had just blasted the sound to the maximum to wake me up. The ffffuuuuuccckkkk! That's what I would've said if I were the person who screams when I'm mad. Or one that reacted immediately to situations.  I went to the bathroom, man! My ears! I asked him what just happened. He told me it was his last resort to wake me up. He was bored, he wanted me to wake up and keep him company. You're watching a movie! It's 8pm. How lonely can you be? You can always just go to sleep! I am so sleepy because I kept your needy ass company the night before? What do you want from me? All thoughts in my head!

I went back to bed. I sat there frazzled. Wondering if I had just lost my hearing, especially in my left ear. I was laying on my right side, I think that's what saved my right ear. I went on line and googled some things about hearing and some people said that sometimes the loss doesn't happen immediately, but it was in the cards. I thought to myself, what would it take for me to leave that guy. He pointed at me with a gun. I stayed, what was I waiting for? A body bag? I didn't come to America for this! I am an amazing person with so much to offer, I wasn't going to allow myself to be in that messy situation any longer. I took my stuff which he had washed for me earlier that morning, took the rest of my sht from the closet and the bathroom. I got so emotional as I was doing that, I might have shed a tear or two. I knew it was the end. I was done! I told him that I had really tried but I had no more to give to him and that relationship. I suggested he get help because he needed it and I was not qualified to do so for him. I said it in a nice manner. I gave him my set of keys and walked out.

As I walked out, he said something really jerky, something along the lines that I could leave if I wanted to but if I wanted him to beg me, he wasn't going to do that. I felt bad for him that those were going to be the last words he was going to say to me after everything we had been through.

This was about 8:30 pm. As I got to the bus stop, I got a text from him, verbatim, "Your so emotional" I didn't reply. That was him starting a conversation that was just gonna keep going forever as if he didn't just cost me my hearing. He was totally oblivious to that fact. Even though I told him the potential repercussions of what he had done.

When I got off the bus near my house, I felt great! I was dragging a big bag full of clothes but I felt like I had just offloaded the biggest load I had ever carried. I knew I made the right decision. It was time! Or rather, long over due!

I was grateful to have made it out of that relationship not in a body bag. I'm alive!!!!!!!!!!

The next few days, I lived on pain pills and a few remedies from the internet. One was to put olive oil drops in the ear, I did that religiously. It was crazy! I was angry at Charlie. In his defense, he showed me a long time ago who he is. I should've believed him and got out.On day
3, I was so mad that I was nursing an earache that I didn't know whether was going to result in something more serious or permanent; I sent Charlie a text telling him, he had to take me to the doctor's. He denied the whole thing. He told me I was just being dramatic. I got more mad, he has an innate ability to make my day worse after talking to him. especially after breaking up with him.

After a week or so, the pain went away. I am happy to announce that I am completely healed now! I actually completely forgot about this incident, I had to dig deep in my archives to find out to tell you how it all ended with Charlie. I think now we can move it to the recycle bin and permanently delete all files in the recycle bin.

Charles didn't go quietly! He kept calling, texting. Facebooking, I had to block him. I blocked him on FB, he used his other profile to contact me. I had forgotten something of mine at his place. I asked him to bring it. He was so excited. When he got there, I pretended like I wasn't there. There was no need to see each other, just drop the thing and leave. Bye Felicia! He once bought me flowers and dropped them outside. He then sent me a text to check outside. I was almost nervous. You just never know with him! I loved the flowers. I kept them!

After a few weeks, he called me. It was the weekend. First he texted me telling me he got hurt. He crashed the bike. I mean, he's like a 3 year old who will do anything for attention. He literally stopped growing at age 3, I think. I asked if he was ok. He told me he wasn't. He then called crying "Oh nooooo! Oh nooo!"  Apparently, he got cut in his foot, his bone was showing. I told him to go to the hospital. He told me his insurance hadn't been paid in months. He used to show off with me talking about he has the best insurance meanwhile he wasn't even paying for it. Because I am a nice person, I went to his place. We went to the hospital together. He couldn't ride the bike. He wanted to but I refused to be a part of that mess. He just crashed the thing for goodness sakes!

When I got to his apartment, his neighbor saw me and told me he was inside and wasn't doing to good. Walking in, I knew I was no longer a part of that life! Nothing triggered inside me at all. I saw a sht load of dishes. The maid had left, pointing at self! He still had some of the food I had cooked him two weeks prior in the fridge. It was almost sad. He told me I shouldn't have come, he was gonna get ready to go to work. I was like, how? Looking like this? I told him to take the day off at least. He called the office, talked to the receptionist. He is such an attention seeker, I was like just tell them you're not feeling well, they don't need to know your business. But because Charlie is himself, he needs everyone to know everything that's going on in his life, so he went into detail about his injury. The lady told him he had two options;  to either go to the hospital and get a doctor's note or go to work. But he kept explaining to her how bad it was so that she could feel bad for him. The lady was like, seems like this is bad, you have to go to the doctor. By law, now that you told me how bad the injury is, I can't let you come to work like that because if anything happens to you or while you are here and you aren't able to take care of it, it will be my fault. I was like. He walked right into that one. I was so glad I was no longer a part of that relationship. That would have pissed me so off!

After the call, Charlie was like, "Dang it! I messed up! I  shouldn't have called work! You told me to call in!" Just like that, the whole thing became my fault! I didn't care enough to care! I knew I was just there for a couple of hours, then I was gonna head back home. We finally headed for the hospital. We took the bus, Charlie was hopping on one leg, explaining to everyone what had happened to him. People didn't wanna know! It was late at night, people were minding their own businesses. Charlie tried to tell me how it all went down, I was like, let me tell you what happened, you saw a crowd, you automatically assumed they were looking at you, thinking about you, so you wanted to show off and performed a trick that you suck at and the whole thing fell flat on it's face. The very people you were showing off to, had to call 911 for you. Am I right or am I right? He was like, "How do you know?" N word please! I know you! All your attempts always fall flat on their face! Nothing you do becomes a success! I didn't say that but I sure thought it!

We arrived at the hospital, he was flirting with the nurses, left right and centre. I waited for him in the waiting room while the doctor called him in. Later, I asked to see him. When I got in there, the doctor had given him the entire week off. No work, no pay in America! It was gonna be a tough week for him. He had already gotten his script of Vicodin. The thing was already on Facebook. He took a picture, posted it and captioned it   something about him about to get high on it. Not the smartest thing to do when all his friends on FB are his colleagues. We finally left the hospital. It was really late at night, there weren't that many buses. We went to Burger King. He bought dinner while we were waiting for the bus at the stop. We got off really far from where we were going but that was the only bus we could take. It was around midnight. We walked towards 7eleven. On our way there, we passed a bunch of black guys at an apartment parking lot. What does Charles say? "My nigger, my nigger!" Out loud! I  went, ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU'RE GONNA GET KILLED! Who says that? Especially when you're not even black! He told me they can't do anything to him, he has a gun. I told you that gun is his oxygen. I was like but you have one leg, you couldn't run to save your life! A bunch of guys versus one crippled man! My money goes to the guys! He was so silly to do that! That was rude and offensive. He kept tapping his gun telling me not to worry about him, he's fine.

At the hospital, people we so uncomfortable around him with that guy. He was so loud and obnoxious too because he had the gun, it gave him the false sense of security it always does. He might have a gun, he doesn't know what the next person has! Those guys could've had machine guns, he doesn't know that! How can you trust a bunch of guys at a parking lot in the middle of the night in Vegas? Come on now!

He rented a couple of movies, one for me and one for him. His idea. We walked the rest of the distance to his place. It wasn't a long walk, it's just that, he was hopping. He was in good shape so, he  managed. I was still walking and talking to him, I turn around and there he was on the other side of the street. He crossed the street while I was having talking to him. When I noticed, he burst out laughing. He thought that it was funny to make fun of someone who doesn't owe you anything, but still dropped everything to be with you in a time of need.

I didn't react to any of his tricks. When we arrived at his place, I asked if he needed anything. He told me he was fine, he could walk. He can get himself something if he needs it. I said, ok then. I'm glad you're ok. I have to go otherwise I'll miss the bus. He was like, What the heck? You're leaving? Yes, I don't live here, remember? He said asked why I let him rent me a movie if I knew I wasn't going to stay. He told me that's what I did to him last time I was there as well, I left him there with a bunch of movies he had rented for both of us. I was like, I gotta go. The bus is coming. See Ya!


Unknown said...

This Charlie is a weirdo. That's my opinion. What are you still doing with him. Yooo all these things he does. And you still around????

Unknown said...

Lol this blog is long so I read a paragraph and comment
Yoo you even fall asleep after that shooting promuse?

Unknown said...

Good for you. You are finally giving him the boot!!! Yooo hai I would just leave and not say anything

Brook said...

I guess I hadn't had enough yet

Brook said...

I know, I wanted to wrap the Charlie storyline up once and for all. If that's possible.
Shooting promise?

Brook said...

I said something because I realised that he means well but honestly has no clue how to act like a human being. I was giving hims something to work with, closure wise. I don't think it helped