Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sleeping With The Enemy

Life's good, I've been to two successful dates with a guy I adore, I have someone helping me with rent, who's never home, I'm getting jobs here and there. What more could a girl ask for?
Working as a Librarian in a shoot in UCLA. Nice and short shoot

Playing a passenger, Ontario Airport

My sister made me these earrings. Check out her food blog here

Brian, my airBnB was still here, why not? He's never here and he pays me a chunk of money for it! He always booked for a night, two or three, maximum at a time, which ended up being way more than I would have made if someone had paid once off for staying the entire month. I wasn't complaining. It's my job as a business person to inform you beforehand what I charge and yours as the customer to take advantage of that. He didn't, I smiled all the way to the bank. Brian's dad was paying for his rent, that's probably why he didn't care. After Ramadan, the alarm stopped going off at 4am, which was a blessing for me. It was such a blessing, I felt like I was entering my own Ramadan!
Photoshoot for headshots at Carly's when I stayed there. Carly took the pictures

Making love to the camera ;)

One day, Carly and I were chatting on email, because I didn't give her my new number in efforts of trying to cut all ties. When she couldn't get hold of me on my old number, she started emailing me. I emailed back, I was in high spirits, I was excited about Calvin. We talked, she told me about her problems, sought advice, I advised her, you know the drill! Then she asked me what's new on my side. I told her about Calvin and I. I told her that the conversation was so organic from day one, nothing forced, blah blah blah. I told her about the first date. She wanted to know what he looks like. If he has blue eyes, what about long hair, etc. I must say, it was good to see she had been listening all this time. She told me that it's time she found herself a boo. She didn't want to be left behind. Fair enough!
More goofing around


One Saturday, I got an email from Carly, she was going to be in my neck of the woods. She wanted to know if I wanted to go along shopping. I was working, so I couldn't. I was like, you don't even need more clothes, what are you doing? She told me that she was bored, she had been making lots of money, left, right and centre, might as well spend it. She also told me that maybe, if she bought first date outfits, someone would take her out. I couldn't argue with that. I guess she was practicing that Law of attraction stuff I always do.

Setting the table for two and trusting that the universe would send me someone to 'fill the void' which it did!

Speaking of setting tables, remember Jen? The lady who stayed here for a week? Very healthy, right?

Spring cleaning the couch after Jen moved out. Gotta get that smell out!

Day after I turned Carly down from the shopping trip, she sent me an email about a guy who was staying at hers through AirBnB. She told me that the guy was just her type, so hot! He turned her on, 'OMG, I just wanna jump him'. She was into him! She thought that he may have been interested too because since he moved in, he had been buying her dinner and not wanting her to pay her back. I told her that that could mean he's interested in her that way, or that he is polite and generous. The only way to know for sure if he's interested, was to see if he would ask her out after he moved out. She told me that she had a good feeling about him. I was like, hey, what do I know about relationships. Do your thing, boo! Just don't be disappointed if you don't hear back from him.

Carly had had a guy contact her before that one. The previous guy wanted to stay there for a few days while they were fixing up his place. Carly looked up the guy on Facebook, she added him. they got acquainted over on FB and before you know it, he invited her over. This was before the guy moved in with Carly. Carly accepted and drove over to the guy's then place. It was just the two of them in this big house, I don't know who owned it. They ended up in the backyard by the pool. The guy wanted Carly to strip and get into the pool. She wasn't feeling that. At some point, he tried to kiss her and she turned him down. I was like, why would you turn him down? Clearly you were interested in him if you're gonna go to his place and hang out with him in your very first meeting! Anyway, the following day, the guy posted pictures of himself with another girl. Carly took it personally. She told me she thought that that guy was trying to make her jealous. The guy ended up being a no show. He had already paid for the few nights he was going to stay at Carly's. Carly took the money. 

She went ahead and told the new guy that story. I was like, dude! What are you doing? Are you trying to have a bad reputation? The new guy will think that that's what you do: hook up with guests! She told me that the had tons of conversations, he wouldn't think that, she trusted him. He wasn't judging her. I was like, ok! 

As we were chatting back and forth about how amazing that guy was and how turned on she was blah blah blah. I asked her to send me a picture of the guy. I was curious,. She replied, 'OMG, Brook! I can't! The guy is right here! I'm lying on his chest as we speak!' I was flabbergasted! Why would you have such conversations about a guy while lying on his chest? Do you really believe he can't see on your phone? Come on! Apparently, they were watching a movie, on the guy's bed, the bed the previous roommate was sleeping on. She left all her furniture for Calry, when she moved in with her boyfriend. I couldn't help but wonder how the guy must have felt with his landlord taking over his bed. I know from experience that Carly was always on my couch, when I was renting her couch. She would lie there, or sit with me and work on her computer etc. I told you this. I couldn't help but think that this was all her idea. The guy probably just wanted to go to sleep but this horny woman would not leave her alone. 

Nothing happened between the two of them. The guy was going to move into an apartment not far from Carly's but when he moved out, he first went to Palm Springs to a party. 

One afternoon, I went to Walmart, downtown LA. It was really close to Carly's. I told Carly I was in the neighborhood. She came by to meet me. She was gushing over the guy who had stayed at her place. She told me how excited she was that she found the one. Don't I think it's amazing that we both found our true loves around the same time. I had always wondered when she was busy telling me the stories about these men she was throwing herself at at the same time that I told her about Calvin, if she wasn't doing that thing that she does of competing with me. Love is not one of those things you can compete about because it's not entirely up to you. The other person has to be into you, if he's not, it's over. Otherwise you are going to find yourself in a very sticky situation. No pun intended. 

When she told me that about us finding out men at the same time, I told her to call me after her first date with the guy. She seemed to be disappointed that I didn't have faith in her new blossoming relationship. I told her that they didn't meet on a dating site where everyone was looking for love, the guy was merely looking for a place to crash at night. I wanted to see if he was gong to call her now that he was no longer staying there, now that he no longer needed to kiss her ass.  She told me that they spoke since he moved out, I asked who initiated the conversation, she told me she couldn't remember. I was like, chile, please! 

She told me she was tempted to call him and ask him to hang out or to see his new place or offer to help him move. I was like, girl! This is not even you! Inasmuch as Carly is as clingy as she is to me, she is not that way to men at all. Instead, she is the opposite, she will turn down the hottest guys. That's why I was suspicious when she started acting the way she was after I told her about Calvin. 

After a week of not hearing from the guy, Carly got depressed, she would message me and ask me why it is  that the ones you love the most would always break your heart blah blah blah. I told her to stop flirting with her guests. 

Not long after that, Carly and her friends planned a trip to Palm Springs but Carly told them she would rather go to Malibu. This was just after I went to Malibu on the 4th of July. 

Calvin wanted to take me to a live reggae place the following weekend. I was looking forward to that.


Unknown said...

So did Carly's potential BF fizzle out. The one that you guys were supposed to meet and Carly just took her time to do last minute shopping. Did she never followed up in that one. I an remembering because of her comment that the ones she loves always break her heart

Brook said...

He didn't have her number. She was the one who was supposed to reach out. She didn't. Maybe that situation was too easy for her.
You know how people tend to chase after people that ate out of reach for them? Then they walk around crying because 'the ones they love the most always hurt them'.

Unknown said...

Next time she complains about being heartbroken, tell her is growing pains. And suggest that there is a boy who was waiting for her one night. Maybe she should start there;). An forget about competing with you. You ar just doing your thing

Brook said...

Growing pains indeed!
She's stood up many a guy even when we were rooming at mine in Hollywood. She doesn't think about that when things don't go her way.
Hopefully, for her sake, she will learn eventually.

Unknown said...

On another note you so look like Pru in the photos with the black dress on:).

Brook said...

Really? #Twinning!

Unknown said...

Definitely #twinning. The lighter version of her.

Brook said...