Saturday, May 21, 2011

As the world turns

As time goes by. It's nearing month end. According to my plans, and mine only! I'd planned to have sold out all my household stuff and leave Johannesburg by the end of the month for the Eastern cape to see my family one more time before Georgia. Stay there for about a week and then, visit my sis and her hubby for a few days before leaving the country!
I may have mentioned that those were my plans.
Most of my furniture is still in tact at my place, I've even pressurised my friend, Asa, to collect the stuff she's buying ASAP, she can pay me later, just so I can have the feeling I'm LEAVING! my other friend should come through tomorrow to pick the TV up. My most expensive household item! When thay and the massive kingsize bed are gone, it'll at least look like I'm working on something.
Of course, there's the dreaded final result that nobody knows when to expect. Hopefully I'll learn that by the end of next week. So that when I officially move out of my apartment, I'll have my bags backed and start maneuvering toward the rest of my plans. Withough knowing what's what, I'm bummed. I walk around like I lost my wallet.
I hate feeling this way:(

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