Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Driver, Give me your Truck Keys

 Where were we? Bed Bugs in the truck. After having survived a rat in a truck. Only to get fired abruptly. The countdown was on. They wanted me out within two hours of being terminated. I was crying to my sister, who was, unfortunately in a different time zone, and thus, in the middle of the night. Sorry, Pru and thank you; and I was packing. When you've put everything neatly in its place, it doesn't seem like you have a lot of stuff until it's time to move out! That was the case here! After talking to my sis, I called my ex husband, Calvin. He was very good in making me feel better about the way forward. He told me that he had an appointment with a client but would postpone, or do whatever it took to help me move. That was comforting to hear. I did tell him not to make any moves until I let him know. I guess I more so needed some sort of security blanket more than anything else. It's always crucial for me to do things for myself, so that was going to be my first option; failing which, I would then reach out to the wasband.Thanks again, Cal, I know you read my blog!