Thursday, July 16, 2020

When We Kiss Ooh, Fire!

The Jury is back! Clearly, Mr Film came across as a decent guy to you guys than he did to me! My bad! I don't claim to know everything, especially when it comes to relationships. That's one field I could definitely use some education in. All kind of relationships: Friendships  included.

Now, to continue with the other guy, the 'normal' one. We settled on Derrick as his name, right? I think so! We had not spoken on the phone yet  but because we were about to meet up,  I asked to Facetime. Rick  (short for Derrick) luckily, had an iPhone too, so we got on Facetime before our meeting. He looked better on video. I literally blurted out, 'you're so pretty!' Haha! To which, he replied,