Friday, January 31, 2014

The Lesser of Two Evils

No word from Lewis after the date. That was in November, I haven’t spoken to him since the date.

I had been spending every free minute I had online looking for a job. I had hoped that at some point, something would give, don’t you think? I got a call from a man who lived in Pasadena. He was looking for a caregiver to take care of him at night. If it were not for the fact that he lived so far away, that would have been the perfect job for me because I was looking for night gigs. Something that would allow me to pursue acting in the day time. Fat and old or not. Kiss my *ss Lewis! The man wanted to see me for an interview. I am not a big fan of interviews. I’d rather go on a first date than an interview, given a choice. Alas, beggers can’t be choosers. He wanted to see me the following day.

I had applied for tickets to a Game Show that morning. I apply for so many things that I can’t even obsess over what I apply for, just apply and move on. If you get it, great! If not, oh well! I got a call from the Show literally as soon as I hung up from the Client. They had tickets for two show tapings, one was going to be the following day, the day of the interview and one the day after. I had a strong feeling about going to the show the following day. But I had committed to the interview! What to do! Man was home, (he was always home whenever I was there) he always contributed to my telephone conversations and skype conversations which I find to be very rude. He listens to my side of the conversation and, from that, deduces what the other person must have said and screams to the top of his voice, responding to what he thinks what the other person is saying TO ME! Not you, foo! Hate it!

I ended up rescheduling the interview for after the Show. I called the client back, he was cool with that. I had to be in costume for the Game show in case I get picked as a contestant. Man had heard most of the teleconversation, he was inspired to try on a few costumes from his huge collection. He lent me a a costume and hair. If not, I would’ve gone in scrubs. I was so excited!

The following morning, I got ready for the show, and took with me a change of clothes for the interview which was going to be right after the show and more than an hour ago, I didn’t have that much time in between. The show was a ton of fun, sad to see people so desperate to win prizes. A lesbian couple next to me only had $5 in their name. They hoped to win some money or something, if not, they only had the $5 for gas. That was rough. Alas, they weren’t even called to compete. Oh well. All audience members won A night in a luxurious hotel in Vegas an got a ticket for two for  a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas. That never happens! Audience members never win on that show. So guess who’s going to Vegas? Tickets are valid until October 2014. I haven’t made up my mind when I am going and who I am going to go with. I want to make a vacation of it, since I have only been to Vegas for five seconds.

Straight from the show, I headed to Pasadena for the interview. I was in heels all day, lots of walking, jumping up and down at the show, dancing etc. My feet were not chuffed with me at all that day! The client was a nice white man. He sounded black the entire time on the phone haha. He told me he had a few other people to interview after me. He would let me know the following week if I got it or not.

A few days later, I went to bed early (as usual), I got a call from the client, he wanted to know if I could help him out that night. His caregiver didn’t show up. I checked the GPS, it said I could be there in an hour. I told him and quickly ran to the shower. I lost my nice, semi circular Gold stud I had gotten as a  gift a few years ago. It slipped off my ear and went down the drain in the shower. That dampened my spirits. I ran to the stop, missed the bus while waiting for the light to go green, missed another one while walking towards the station, because I didn’t want to waste more time idling at the bust stop. Well, I wasted even more because I ended up having to walk all the way to the station, more than 20 minutes. That totally sucked. My entire body was itching and tingling, that thing that happens to me sometimes when I walk. Sadly, I don’t know why triggers it. It makes me really miserable. As if I wasn’t depressed enough after losing my ear ring. I finally got to the station just in time for the train. Train was late, or not! It never showed. The following train was going to be in twenty minutes, that didn’t show up either! My gosh! WTF! This is not even my first day at work and I am messing up so much. I hate being late! #Don’tBeTardyForTheParty I was making such a lousy impression, I don’t the guy was even going to offer me the job.

Eventually, the train showed up. People were dying at the station, we were all so late! The client was kind enough to send his friend to pick me up from the station. I had to take one more train after the one that was late. So I was there after two hours. Fun! Not. The client has a bed in the living room where the Caregivers can sleep while he sleeps. He has a baby monitor to call us whenever he needs us. He asked me if I am a light sleeper. I am not. I definitely didn’t think I was going to wake up at all that night after such a long, depressing day. I had my phone on LOUD just in case I didn’t hear him trying to wake me up cos he can’t walk.

The night went out smoothly, I got paid that morning for the night as I wasn’t officially working for him, just filling in. He was still to make his final decision and let me know. It was nice to make some money for a change.

I went straight to bed when I got home, thirty minutes later, Man’s ex came by. He had the TV on full blast, the doors and windows wide open. For a change. I woke up to the ex asking him why he had the TV so loud when someone was sleeping in the room. He didn’t give a sh*t. I just woke up. I couldn’t sleep anymore, there was too much commotion.

I kept looking for rooms online for the following month (December). Nothing came of it. I was running out of time, the only offer I had was Speed’s. Or I could continue staying at Man’s. That was a no no! So basically, I had two crappy choices. I reluctantly went with Speed. His space was bigger and he had a job.

Speed’s then roommate moved out before the end of November. Speed told me I could move in early if I wanted, he would help me move. I only had my clothes and a microwave, which is what we used to prepare out meals as Man didn’t have a stove.

I got the job and started working while still at Man’s. He had a prostitute (literally) over every night I worked, so when I got home in the morning, around 9-10, she would still be there. Different prostitutes. It seemed to me as though he had moved someone else in who wasn’t paying rent. Where was she sleeping? I cringe when I even think about it. I had to get out. I asked Speed to move me. I offered to pay him gas money or something, he refused, oh well. I told him that I would be home around 10, pack, then tell him when I was ready for him to pick me up. He texted me around 9:30. He was outside the apartment! I wasn’t even home then! I didn’t get that! I was supposed to tell him when I was ready for him to pick me up, I don’t get why he couldn’t wait for my call or call me when he was on his way there instead of surprising me before I even got home. 

When I get home, I always knock first before I open up just to ensure there aren’t any surprises awaiting on the inside. I did the same that morning. Someone came to open the door. One of Man’s lady friends. The had been there for the past three days. The last time I saw her, they had just taken a shower together, Man was massaging her feet, they were both chilling on the couch. Romantic! Very romantic! She opened up and followed me to the bathroom. That was my first stop. I wanted to start moving stuff from there. She followed me there and thanked me for getting there when I did because Man just tried to rape her. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? She was reeking of alcohol. This is 10 o’clock in the morning! She told me that he took off her underwear and wouldn’t give it back to her. She also told me that he had offered her a place to stay in exchange for sex. Nice! Very smooth Man! You’re gonna have special deals with other people and move them into our place without my consent. What the heck is that? What about me? What’s in it for me? She told me that she didn’t feel like sex that morning, so he wasn’t very happy about that. I was like, I am not getting involved, last time I saw you guys, yall were all smiles, had just taken a romantic shower together, he was rubbing your feet. Plus you guys had a deal, I wasn’t there when that deal was made, AND I’m moving out, so whatever happens here doesn’t concern me. Maybe you should move in officially and be his roommate because he sure is gonna need one after today! She told me that she wanted to leave but didn’t have bus fare. Well, tell that to Obama cos Obama Cares! The interesting thing is that Man was online doing a phone interview while this all happened. He didn’t at all look like someone who just tried to rape someone to me. He was on the couch in the midst of an interview, shirtless, she was fully dressed and free to run if she wanted to. At least in my opinion. After the interview, I told him I was moving out. While I was talking to him, the lady snuck out. He was like, ‘where is she? Did she leave? F*ck!’ He ran after her. I sent Speed a text, he didn’t want Man to know that I was moving to his place. Apparently they know each other. I don’t know why Speed wanted to keep this a secret, but oh well. I called and told him that they were out there, to be careful.

After a while, I got a text from Speed telling me that he was still out there. I started moving stuff to the car. He was soooooo mad. He was grumbling, and cursing. I was like, why are you so mad? I never told you to come get me, I wasn’t ready yet, you’re the one who chose to come super early Did I mention he’s hard hearing? Well.....

Finally, I got my stuff in the car, we drove off, he was complaining the entire time. I knew I would’ve been better off doing ten loads on the bus! He told me I never warned him that I had so much stuff, I told him I only had a couple of bags. Uhm, I  never said that. Why would I say that when I know I have way more than a couple of bags. He looked at me and assumed that I must be the kind of girl who only has a couple of girls, sorry, Speedy, you’re wrong! He went to the gas station, I insisted on paying, and I paid! After paying for gas, he pulled up on the side and was like, do you have something to tell me? I told him, nah, thanks, I’m good. He said, don’t you think that was unfair, to make me wait out there all this time blah blah blah. I went over it again, explaining to him that I never told him to go there that early. I even showed him the texts. He ended up apologising, he misunderstood. He tried to kiss me in the mouth to make up for the misunderstanding, I was like, WTF? What are you doing? He ‘didn’t hear me’.

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