Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Welcome To San Francisco!

I left the house without telling Brian, my new airbnb guest that I was going to be out of town and how long for. He had my number, he could reach me on my cell or via email on airbnb.

It was 03:00, I had just arrived in a city I had never been to in my life before. I didn't know anyone there. It was dark and cold. It was freezing! There was a bunch of people who got off at the station with me. I say station but it was more of on the sidewalk, next to the station because the station was closed. They were going to open hours later. I called my sister and told her where I was. She couldn't believe it! You know me, I never tell a soul what I'm planning until it comes to fruition. It was nice to surprise my sister like that. We talked for more than an hour on the phone about all kinds of stuff. It was nice. It seemed like he was right there with me. It may have been our first Facebook call, actually. It was nice and clear. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

The people who had got off the bus with me, took the bus while I was in the middle of a conversation with my sister. I was curious to know where they were going because they had told me they needed to take the train when the station was open. Now where are yall going? Not too long thereafter, they all got off the same bus. They told me that they went around town with the bus, full circle until it came back to the first stop. I thought that was a good idea, but what was going to be a better idea for me, was going to be to go to the hostel and see if someone would let me check in early. Surely, people have landed earlier than their check in time from whichever part of the world they would've come from? I took a chance and called the hostel. Someone picked up, thank goodness! They told me I could always sit in their waiting area until my bed is ready. I truly appreciated that. I hopped on the bus and made my way to Amsterdam Hostel, don't ask! (about the name). I got off the bus, dragged my suitcase up the hill to the hostel, took the stairs and checked myself in!

There was a friendly but quiet guy at reception, who gave me the key to the storage room for my luggage and let me use the shower if need be. That was awesome! Talk about customer service! Some people will make you pay extra for all that before your check in time! I think! I gladly took him up on his offer. It was cold outside, needed to take that shower to thaw out (defrost). I took my time in there too, when I found out that that wasn't the only bathroom. After my shower, I layered up and headed out. I wasn't going to sit in no waiting area and watch time pass me by. I'm on vacation goddamnit! Let's go! I walked around the blocks next to the hostel, took a few pictures, then headed to the bus stop. I met a nice lady at the bus stop and told her I wanted to go to the beach. I hadn't been to the beach since before Las Vegas. I definitely hadn't been to the beach in 2015 yet. It was time! The lady didn't seem quite certain which way to go. There are so many means of transportation in San Fran too, buses, trains, trams, this, that, the other. It's so beautiful out there, if you haven't been and can make it, do yourself the favor! You won't regret it! It somehow reminds me of Cape Town in a way. Chris, the crazy guy from South Africa, had mentioned that a long time ago as well. If you're been to Cape Town and loved it, which, to know Cape Town is to love it, you will love San Francisco.

I got off randomly from the first bus and waited for another one. I was making my way to Fisherman's wharf. I had a list of places I wanted to see while in San Fran. I don't care about eating here and eating there, if you're my Facebook friend (Babalwa Brook) or follow me on Instagram (thelovelybrook), you may not believe that, what will all the exotic food pictures I post; but I am more interested in sightseeing. I want to see all there is to see. I will try a meal or two from that place but most of all, I need to be to as many locations as possible. That's my thing. Next time I talk to someone about a certain area, I want to know that area. If that makes sense. What about you?

I finally made my way to Fisherman's Wharf. By then the sun was coming out. It was still very early, remember? I walked up and down the street malls on the way to the Wharf. There were many very touristy stores with souvenirs, t-shirts with very funny sayings. It was a good time! People ride bicycles a lot in San Francisco! I mean, coming from LA, that shouldn't surprise me,but San Fran takes things to the next level. Everyone has good legs over there. It must be all that cycling! I felt envious. I really need to learn to ride a bicycle, and to swim, and to roller skate, and and and. New year's resolutions anyone?

I finally made it to Fisherman's wharf! I was ready to eat by then. There were lines and lines of people waiting to be served by the stalls. I decided to go into the museum first and walk along the wharf, take pictures and take it all in! I could see Alcatraz island which hosts the notorious Alcatraz Prison from the wharf. When you come from where I come from, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and you're in such close proximity to such places, it blows you away. You really have to take a moment and catch your breath because you grow up not thinking it will every happen. You didn't even wish for it because it's not in your realm of possibility until you wake up one day and it's 3am and you're in San Francisco. It's quite something, I tell ya! I don't ever want to get used to it. To take the opportunities that have come my way for granted.

After goofing around, taking pictures of things, selfies and having friendly strangers take pictures of me, or posing for a picture for a stranger to take with his camera, (that did happen), I called one of my sisters. I had told her about the prophet, I forgot all about it. She didn't! she is very health conscious, she goes to the gym 9 days a week, that sort of thing! I had to tell her about all the cycling I was seeing around me. That excited her, but really, she wanted to hear about the men! If I thought I was going to meet someone there according to the Prophet. By the way, the prophet didn't even say I was going to meet someone there, he said to consider living there. I think, I can't even remember. When I told my sister, that I have never seen so many tall men with long her and nice bodies in my life in one place, she told me that as soon as I met my man, in San Fran, she was going to take the next flight out. She apologised for not coming to see me in LA, lol, she already knew that that was going to happen. She just wanted to go straight to SFB, get her man and start their happily ever after. I told her they could come see me together afterwards lol. It was fun!

After Firsherman's wharf, I was still walking around, I think I was on my way to little Italy. I got stopped by a lady who worked in a massage type place. She wanted to demonstrate their products to me. I got on the water massage bed, we did that. It was fun, ten minutes of fun, then we did oxygen stuff, head massage and all kinds of things. I wanted everything but I wasn't willing to pay hundreds to thousands for them. They told me they didn't have a website, I had to buy from them, there and then. Uhm, no! I just got here, I'm on vacation, give me a break. I dropped a couple of dollars in their tip jar and headed on my merry way.

I got to pose with the wax statue of Beyonce at Madame Tussauds. That was fun!

By the time the afternoon hit, I was crashing! My energy levels were going down, you could tell I had been up all day.

I saw my favorite store while wandering about and made a pit stop.I got me a pair of animal print Converse Chuck Taylors, ankle boots. I love me some boots! I have one other pair of Chucks, they are also boots with tinsel, glittering every so slightly. I am not a sneaker type of person, but I will get myself a pair or two unique ones, for fun. Why not? I also got a pair of Knew High Doctor Martens. That was a great find!  I had always wanted a pair. This one had a double cherry on top! It was those thick soled ones, that will last you forever. Granted, I have had them for six months and have yet to wear them...bottom line is, I wanted them and now I have them.

I went back to the hostel early, to check in and get settled. Not before, having lunch by the wharf stalls. I had Clam chowder in a bread bowl. That was a lot of deliciousness in a lot of bread! Everyone was chatting and having fun in lines. Fun times! One big happy family! I sat on the benches out there while eating and fed some of my bread to the pigeons. There are so many of them and they demand that you feed them. Like, if you don't hold on to your food tightly, they will grab it off your hand. Be warned!
That lunch lasted me all day, it was very filling.

I met a nice Chinese lady in our room, she lives in Arizona. Beautiful as can be, with personality to boot!  My kind of people! The personality part! As we were chatting, two girls came in, one of them,,, I thought was a boy, but no she wasn't. They were only the nicest two girls who could walk into that room! Both from Korea, but one lives in Japan. We bonded over Traveling, as people in hostels always do, shopping, because everyone wanted my Doc Martens, but it was the only pair they had in the store, and San Francisco.

Now What?

On the first day of Ramadan, my new airbnb guest came by. He arrived within an hour of booking. Fortunately for him, I was home. I did wonder a little if he wasn't hiding from someone. He asked me if he could stay there, as soon as I agreed, he asked if he could be here in 30 minutes, I agreed. 30 minutes later, he called to say he was outside. Boom!

I went out to meet him, he had one big bag and a backpack. Good looking young man! He's from New York but goes to school in Santa Monica and works as a waiter when not in school. We sat in the living room for a bit and got to know each other. I hoped and prayed it wouldn't last 6 hours like it did with our old friend, Jen.Brian seemed like a sweet, respectful guy. He talked to me about his religion, he's Muslim. It was Ramadan, he told me he was about to start fasting.I had no issues with that. It didn't affect me one bit. He also told me about the previous living situation he had just come out of. He lived in a two bedroom apartment with plenty other people. In the main bedroom, was the main couple, then everyone else was in the other bedroom and in the living room. When I gave him the key to the apartment, he suggested we just don't lock like they did in his previous airbnb.I was like, yeah, No!

Brian went on to tell me that he had lived with the previous folks for six months. Things went well, until, they didn't. The man of the house suddenly took a disliking to him and would pick on him. He told me that he didn't know where all that came from. He would still be respectful towards that guy but it wouldn't work. In the end, the guy kicked him out of the apartment. Kicked him so hard that he rolled down the stairs. This is all according to Brian of course. He showed me text messages from that guy, they were still flocking in. The guy was threatening Brian, telling him that he knows where he works, he was going to send his homies there, he was going to post pictures of Brian all over town blah blah blah. It was serious sht. That immediately proved to me that the guy was running away from something. That explained the less than an hour from booking to check in time record!

Brian had bruises on his arm from the physical altercation with the guy. He told me that he didn't fight the guy back, he looks up to that guy as an older brother, he didn't want to fight his older brother. You have to admit he had a good defense situation, if he were to go to court. At the same time, I'm thinking, again, airbnb! What the heck! Brian asked me about my airbnb experiences, I told him a  little about my previous lady, and I use the term lady loosely. I showed Brian around, his closet, his medicine cabinet, etc. He had somewhere to be that evening, he asked if it's ok if he's back home in the middle of the night. He worked in a restaurant, so  it was understandable. At least, he worked, shoot!

I was relieved to have found a tenant but slightly concerned about how he got here. Not the Uber part of it, but the circumstances that led him to moving out of his previous place. I went to bed hopeful that night that his people wouldn't follow him home one night, or his people's homies.

After a few days with Brian as a guest, he would leave first thing in the morning, I wouldn't even see him, and be back in the middle of the night. I practically never saw him. Which was perfect for me. He's good to look at but I wasn't trying to look at any of my tenants that way. It was time for me to head on vacation to San Francisco. I packed my carry on suitcase and headed out. Not before I went to the 99 cents and bought a few snacks for the road and stuff I could still use in the hostel. You know me, I can be frugal!

I took the bus from Wilshire to the purple line (subway) on Wilshire, got on the subway. There were two other people in our carriage. One of them was a nice man, we chatted all the way until he got off. He was originally from the Bay Area, which was a nice coincidence to bump into someone from where I was headed. I got off in Union station and headed to Megabus station. That's my favorite bus because it only cost me $5 (R70) or so to go to San Francisco, this is an 8 hour trip by bus. Cheap in any currency! The ticket back was $10 (R140), still cheap. Normally, it costs way more but I got lucky. It can cost as much as $60. I had the seat to myself. It was kinda cold that night, I had warm clothes handy because I had done some research and had heard that it gets quite in SF. I slept on the bus knowing that I had a busy day ahead of me as soon as we touched base in San Fran.

I woke up once or twice on the way. I remember waking up in Oakland, hoping no one was going to sit next to me. You know how it is on the bus. All you can do is hope! I refuse to pay extra for the special seats too, like the front ones etc. That's just ridiculous! I'm not paying first to be first to fly out the bus in case of emergency! From Oakland, we drove on this amazing, long bridge, that seemed like a dream. not too long thereafter we were in San Francisco. It was 3am!

What am I going to do now?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Prophet

Acting gigs were coming but slowly. I still needed someone to stay at mine for a week or two per month, that way I could still have half a month of freedom.

After Jen left, I had the week to myself. During that week, I decided to take a vacation in San Francisco. It's in my to do list. I got up early in the morning, went online and looked up tickets to San Francisco and Vegas, just in case those were cheaper. I really wanted to go to San Fran though because I hadn't been.I got out of bed and just as I was about to head t the kitchen to do my morning routine: green tea, cereal, etc there was a background gig/extra's gig notification on my email. The gig was in San Francisco!I was like, this is definitely a sign, we're going to San Francisco! I submitted my name for that gig, thinking that I would vacation and then spare one day for that gig, thereby making money while vacationing. It wasn't paying half bad!

I went on Couchsurfing and surfed for a host for me in San Fran. That was going to be my first time staying in someone's house through couchsurfing. I found a kind host an hour away from Downtown San Fran. As soon as he wrote me, I had a weird feeling. I had an urge to just cancel on him. That wasn't because I thought he was creepy or anything. He seemed like a nice hippy who wanted to spread love and peace. My kind of person! He told me that San Fran was an hour away by bus. I took his word for it and proceeded with my panning. I had never been to San Francisco Bay area, so I had too do a lot of research of things to do.

A few weeks before I decided to go to San Francisco, I worked on a Pharrell Williams Music video for the song Freedom. Cool song! There, I met an old man who, according to a girl I have worked on a few shoots with, is a prophet. The man told me that I love to travel, I can't stay in one place too long, I move around a lot... you know, basic things about myself. He told me that I will meet a lot of people who are good pianists. I had just had Dot stay at my place, she told me she had been playing since she was five and she had had a record deal with a big label. Unfortunately, I couldn't prove any of that. I mentioned that to that old man. He told me that I will become a successful musician, whether I believe I can sing or not. I thought it was interesting that he added the latter part. He asked if I had recently been proposed to, to which, I said, I wish! He told me that  I would either get married or be engaged within a year. I was like, really? Tell me more? Will he be tall? Will he have blue eyes? I was so caught up in the moment, I was jumping up and down! My friend was like, WILL YOU LET THE MAN TALK? The man told me, 'of course he will be tall! He has to be tall, otherwise you will not be attracted to him. He will be taller than 6ft - maybe 6 ft2. I was getting excited! I don't even believe in this type of stuff but when someone tells you something you want .... need to hear, they grasp you undivided attention.. He told me that the man I will marry will be musically inclined. I asked if he will be a cameraman. You know I have this obsession with cameramen. They are so hot when they have that camera equipment on, like, the vest that goes with the steady cam. Look it up and tell me what you think!

The man told me that my music career will flourish in San Francisco, to consider moving there. He told me that I have a gift of having people trust and believe me, and that I will go on to be a pastor. When I heard that, I burst out laughing. I have heard many things about myself but nobody told me I would be a pastor. Wow! Just when I thought I've heard it all! I can't think of anything else he told me. Oh wait! I asked to take a picture with him. He obliges, he asked if he could tell me one last thing before the picture. I told him to feel free. He told me that I have the ability to turn people on without trying, men and women. Hahahahaha! Then he put his hand around me to pose for the picture and whispered to me that he wished he were 6ft2, so he could take me home because I was turning him on already. Hahahaha! Dirty old man!

I had a feeling that there was something about San Francisco. I thought that maybe I would meet someone there or after my trip, I don't know. I don't know if the seed was planted by the dirty prophet or it was pure coincidence.

I booked my ticket to San Francisco and politely declined the offer of the couchsurfing host. It was going to take me an hour and a half or so by bus to his place from Downtown SFB, I wasn't willing to spend three or more hours on the road every day on commute. Plus, bus fare was more or less the same as renting a bed in a hostel. I opted for staying downtown in a hostel. My kind of gig anyways. I booked for a few nights. I was going to take the bus overnight so that I was there in the crack of dawn and would have the entire first day to do whatever I wanted to do, spend a few days in SFB and leave in the evening. That way, I didn't waste daylight traveling. I never do!

Unfortunately, I didn't book the job in San Fran. It was a marathon scene for Nike commercial and they needed people who look like marathon runners. Oops! That didn't bother me. My mind was sent on my vacation and nothing was going to put me down.

There is a man that I had talked to in 2012 while I lived with Perry in San Diego, if you still remember him. REmember I still stayed there after he broke up with me? Anyway, I started talking to this man on the same dating site that I met Perry cos I renewed my membership when Perry dumped me. The man was from San Francisco, he seemed nice enough but too busy to be consistent with it. I wasn't trying to be in a long distance anything anyway, so  I would respond whenever he emailed me. We lost touch for about a year and I heard from him again last year, while living in Las Vegas. He asked to exchanged pictures etc. I thought nothing of it but just did as asked. He sent me his pictures, he has beautiful skin and very blue eyes. I wasn't trying to be in a relationship with him still though. When he emailed me again just as  I was planning to go to SF, I told him he must be clairvoyant! He was excited to hear that we stood a chance to finally meet. I was looking forward to it as well. Just a lunch or drinks or something with someone I had been talking to for almost three years. He sent me a link to an article about him. It was a newspaper article on how he single-handedly  turned San Francisco metre taxis or cabs green. San Fran is now the number one greenest cab city in the US, beating even New York. It was an interesting article and very impressive that someone could be that driven. I really was looking forward to meeting up with him.

He told me to let him know when I was in town.

My ticket was booked a few weeks before my actual departure date. During that time, I had someone show interest in staying at my place. His name, we shall call, Brian. He wanted to stay for a week. I thought that was great. I was planning on leaving that week, but that didn't deter me. It was nice to know that while I was paying to stay somewhere, someone was going to be paying to stay at my place. Winning!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Racist Much?

Day 2 with my AirBnB Guest Jen: Same old, same old... long story about her black ex girlfriend who broke her heart. In case you're wondering, here's a reader's digest version of the story according to Jen: Jen - 44 at the time, met 21 year old college girl, fell in love. Apparently, the girl hit on Jen and they hit it off. Things went great, they moved in together. The girl was modeling or aspiring to be a model and was in film school. Jen was paying the bills. Somewhere, somehow Jen lost her source of income. Things went south fast! They had roommates, the ex teamed up against Jen and kicked Jen out. Jen became homeless and girlfriendless.

She talked about that girl and how she broke her heart and stole her friends and whatnot the entire time she was here. On Day 2, we're sitting at the dining table eating lunch. Jen was talking: surprise! At one point, I recorded her and sent the clip to my sister. My sister was like, 'you're in trouble! She is taking her time talking and it seems like she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon!' My sister was right. Anyway, during lunch, Jen told me how on their second date, she had the ex go over to her house. I was like, aaahhhh, to 'watch Netflix' in bed, right? Isn't that third date material? She told me that that was not why she had her over, they didn't even 'watch Netflix' (aka Have sex) that day. She just had her over because she was so beautiful for her to look at and she wanted to have her all to herself to look at her. Like, who says that? Like in real life? Anyway. Jen did tell me at some point that one day, she was having a discussion with two folks; three of the most intelligent people in The US: one of them being her. Like, she totally told me that! What in the world! If you're that intelligent, why is you homeless, boo? Anyways, she went on to tell me that she thought it was funny that she made fried chicken and watermelon for her black girlfriend when she had her over at her house on their second birthday.

Ok! I'm pretty open minded, I accept people for who they are, then I talk about them on my blog but that was too out there, even for me! I don't let stuff like that hurt my feelings. Someone making racist remarks hoping that they are going to hurt my feelings has another thing coming. I am not that girl who will be like, omg, blah blah blah, take off my earrings, my heels and my wig and go all Jerry Springer on them. I am just not that girl. I don't want to want to have the energy for that but, when you do that, it shows me what kind of person I'm dealing with. It just exposes you for who you really are; an ignorant person and I ain't got time for such people in my life. When Jen said that, my feelings were not hurt but I thought she had some nerve, talking like that in my own home while I was bending over backwards trying to make her feel welcome here.

I didn't comment to the fried chicken and water melon part of the story even though it was the punch line. It was distasteful. Black people and watermelon being racist apparently stems back from the slavery years and fried chicken stems back from the early 1900's. I was not around for any of that but people know, especially in America that it's a touchy subject. Don't stay in a black person's house and within 48 hours make a joke about feeding a black person fried chicken and watermelon and expect the black host to roll on the floor laughing at that ridiculousness. That's just silly. No wonder your ignorant ass got milked dry and thrown to the curb by that black girl. She probably was fed up of your silliness.

When I didn't react to the racist joke, Jen was like, Brook! You don't think that was funny? I thought that was funny. I was like ha! Ha! Ha! Got up and walked away.

This was just before Gay pride. Jen told me that she wanted to go to Pride for the first time since that girl left her, all her stories have something to do with that girl. It will drive you up the freaking wall! She didn't know what she was gonna do because she had gained so much weight since the last time she saw everyone. People think this and that, so and so thinks this of her blah. I would tell her, but you don't know what people think. You're always telling me what so and so thinks of you but you don't know, you can't know what someone thinks unless they tell you. Anyway, after the watermelon, I lost all interest in faking to stand her.

She could tell too, because there was thick tension all around the house. I think she was hoping I would accompany her to Pride. I was never going to go anywhere with her racist or not. We're not friends, get your own life. You're 46, come on now!

Jen went to Gay Pride in West Hollywood the following day. That was the first time I was alone at home since she had moved in. By the way, the night she was sitting on the massage chair, while we were laughing and happy, I asked her when last she had taken a shower. She told me that it had been about three days but she had been wearing those clothes for about two to three weeks. I recommended a shower and change of -clothes. Remember she had asked for my guidance hygiene-wise? Well...! She thanked me and jumped straight into the shower.

She came home seemingly more depressed than when she went to Pride. I didn't care. I was hoping that her being so depressed meant, she was going to be quiet for a change. I missed my serenity. She went to the kitchen, by the way, after grocery shopping the other day, she asked me which half of the kitchen was hers. I thought that was rather self entitled from a guest who is renting the couch for a week. Half of my kitchen? You've seen my kitchen, it's gigantic. I don't know why someone who is here for 7 days can expect half of my house. We're not roommates, even if we were, if you're renting form me and not the landlord, you take what I offer you. If you're not ok with it, don't stay here. It's that simple! I gave her a couple cupboards I don't use. and half of the fridge, she seemed to need it. I was glad she wasn't going to eat my freaking food.

After the night I had offered her seconds of dinner and she dished up for herself, she asked if I had a pot. I told her yes, I do, remember you helped yourself from my seconds from the pot? That was a pot! She asked me if she can use it on the stove, could she boil water in it? I was like, 'is that a real question?' She flipped! Don't you patronise me and ask if that's a real question, blah. I was like, you might wanna lower your voice. Nobody talks that loud here. She went on and on. I walked away. I could hear her chopping veggies diretly on the counter top. I came out and asked her not to do that, to put something underneath. She knows she did that out of spite. I told her that I was not going to lose my deposit because I had someone stay here for a week and mess everything up for me. She flipped even more, first of all, for someone who has a treadmill and a massage chair, you don't even have a chopping board. You need to get a chopping board. I told her that  I have one, I went on to show it to her again because she had asked about it before and I told her that there is one that came with the apartment. You know the wooden one that's like a drawer, that you pull out? I told her that I personally don't use it. I had a plastic one but couldn't find it amongst my things that I had left it at Chris'. I was intending to buy another one. I went to the store with her, not in Santa Monica, a different day, in my car and I forgot. I went on to tell her that if she so desperately needed a chopping board, no one was standing in her way, she could have bought it, there are plenty of store in Los Angeles. She could use the one I had or buy herself one. She mustn't come to my house and tell me what I need. I have everything I need and if I needed something new, I would buy it in my own time. She told me that I need more kitchen supplies. This is a girl who brought a full on coffee machine to stay in a house for a week and made my entire house smell like coffee every single morning. What if I couldn't stand the smell? Luckily, I love the smell of coffee.

She had told me that where she was staying before she moved in with me, she was there for a week, she told the guy just like she did me, that she was considering renewing and staying longer once the week was up. Apparently the guy had agreed but when the week was up, she tried to rebook and the guy told her he had found someone else and asked her to move out. Basically, he couldn't stand her ass. I don't blame her. You have to wonder about people who tell you a series of stories about being kicked out of people's homes and her own. She told me that she was one of the first AirBnB members, in fact, Airbnb copied that idea from her. She told me she used to sublet apartments and have people from all over the world stay at them. Her business was doing so well, people got jealous and reported her to the management or something like that. That's how she lost her main source of income and her girlfriend. But Airbnb copied her idea and the design of her website blah. I asked her why she didn't sue them. I mean, I didn't believe her, but as long as we were talking, I just went with it. She told me she didn't have time for a law suit. Whatever, and yet you have time to tell me to buy appliances I don't need in my own home. The phuck outta here!

That night, I could feel myself getting worked up, my chest was closing in. She was yelling and screaming in my kitchen. I didn't need that kind of energy here. I told her that if she wanted more than she could get for the amount she was paying in this neighborhood, she was more than welcome to go to the Beverly Hills Hotels, $600 and up per night, go ahead! I dare you! I told her that I would even refund her the rest of the money for the time she hadn't stayed here. She told me that I knew she couldn't afford that much in rent but I need to be open to constructive criticism. I just told her, this conversation is over. She told me, no it isn't. I walked away saying, I understand you have a lot you would like to get out of your chest, go ahead and do that, but I'm done! I took my phone with me, called airbnb and told them to get that woman out of my home. She was my first airbnb guest, I wanted to even cancel my membership. I had much better luck with people from Craig's list. The guy was so nice, he listened to me and let me vent as much as I needed, then he told me that if they had her move out, I would have to refund her for the time she stayed here as well. I told him I was not down for that. I went through a lot having that woman in my house, I deserved more than what she paid me even! The guy told me to try and stay out of the woman's way and see if I could suck it up for the rest of her stay, if not,to call him back and he would see what to do.

I came back home, went straight to bed. I never talked to that girl until she moved out. My guess is, things went south at gay pride, she took it all out on me.

When it was time to move out, she checked out at 07:00. She left the key on the table and didn't say a word. I got up, opened up all the windows and doors, sprayed air freshener, sprinkled carpet freshener all over the living room, hallway and the couch she was sleeping on to suck out her stench out of my house and danced around naked!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Personal Assistant

After dinner, My new Airbnb Guest, Jen, washed her dish, which I thought was nice.

I finally went to bed, I never eat that late. Heck, I'm never up that late! The following morning, I didn't have any work lined up. I waited until I thought Jen was up and went to use the kitchen. I didn't offer her anything other than a banana. I didn't want her to pass out but at the same time. I am not going to feed you. You don't pay me enough!

As soon as I walked into the living room, to get to the kitchen, Jen started talking. She went on and on and on about her problems, how depressing her life is, how nobody understands her yada yada yada ya-! I just wanted to make myself a cup of green tea and cereal. That's all! I sat at the dinning table and had my cereal while she was watching something on Netflix... well, not really. She was just talking and playing with her hair, pulling out knots and putting them on the coffee table. Yuck! not to self, clean this up thoroughly when she leaves!

Jen mentioned that she needed to finally face her fears and go to the post office. They have mail of hers that she didn't have the courage to pick up for months. She asked what my plans were for the day. I didn't have any. She asked if I would mind to open up her mail for her and read it first, you know, like screen it for her. I told her I didn't mind. I didn't have plans for the day, I had never done such a thing in my life and don't foresee someone else ever making such a request to me in the future, so, I was down! Check that off my list!

After breakfast, I asked Jen if she wanted to shower first while I tidied up my bedroom. She told me that she's on school break, she didn't have to shower on schedule, she would shower on our return. Okay! I took a shower and got ready. She complimented me on my body spray. Some fun adidas spray, my ex, Charlie from Vegas, bought for me. Jen also asked me to help her with feminine hygiene stuff. She told me that she thought there was a reason she and I were paired up. She loved how clean my house was and how I seemed like a lady. She asked me to help her out be that way in the week she was going to live with me. I told her that I would do what I could. She mentioned something about black people being neater than white folks. Jen had always used race to differentiate between people. Like, she won't say, my boyfriend from Vegas (of course not, she was into girls!), she would say, my white boyfriend from Vegas. That made me feel weird.

She told me that her ex girlfriend. The one who broke her heart. The first time they took a shower together, Jen was done in a couple of minutes. The black ex-girlfriend, who had hardly begun, asked Jen how she could be done already and told her to start over. Jen told the black ex what she meant by that. The black ex (lol by the way, she doesn't have any other ex), told her to shower the way her mama taught her. Jen told the ex that her mom never taught anything, she was raised by her 12/13 year old sister. I didn't even want to ask about that. It seemed to me that was another can of worms. I didn't want to spend another day unproductive at home, listening to my new guest's sad stories. She told me that story to tell me that, she deduced from that that black folks are cleaner than white. Of course, I don't agree with that! Nor do I disagree! I know white people who shower three times a day, and black people who do the same. Who cares? Does she work for the Stats department of America? Give me a break!

She asked me to spray some of my spray on her because she didn't own one and hadn't done laundry in a while. I asked her if she wanted to go to the store on our way to Santa Monica. I knew of a dirt cheap store five minutes from my place. She could get an outfit for less than $10 to wear until she did her laundry that afternoon. She thought that was a good idea and thanked me for it.

On our way to Santa M, we passed the street mall with the cheap store. I reminded her about the outfit, she shot right past it telling me that she would buy clothes on our way back home. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

We left for the post office in Santa Monica. About 20 minutes drive from my place. First, we walked towards the car, I can't guess which one hers is in the street, because, you never know. Let me tell you! Jen drives one of my favorite cars! A Jeep Wrangler! Convertible, she had the oft top up. I was so excited to find out we were about to roll in THAT! I told her how much I love that car. She drove to Santa Monica, we picked up her mail from some tiny spot that could be anything. Apparently, they do postal services and other businesses.

From there, we stopped by a salon where she had her eyebrows threaded. She asked if I wanted to get mine done too! Nah, thanks, I'm not trying to spend money on threading eyebrows while I smell like a skunk. I'd rather take free showers and tweeze my own eyebrows. That didn't take long, then we went to Von's. Jen needed to do grocery shopping. That was a fun experience. It was around lunch time. I was hungry. I bought their delicious fried chicken and munched on that while Jen was still shopping. I could see she wanted me to thank her from the bottom of her heart for taking me to the store. She kept mentioning how wasn't it a good thing she took me there? I was like, I mean, it's up to you how you wanna look at it. You needed someone to come with you to run your errands, I was free, so I did you that favor. Like, btch, are you really implying you're doing ME a favor right now? Do I look like I desperately needed to be in an enclosed space with your smelly ass? Come on now! (All thoughts in my head)

We then headed home. Our way home, passed the store again, for fun, I brought it up. I already knew by then that that lady wasn't trying to buy a new outfit or shower, or do anything anybody told her. She told me, "I'm starving! I'm just trying to get home to eat right now!" She told me that she would go to the store after lunch. I rolled my eyes in my head.

Jen's Vegetarian. She bought a lot of vegetables. Really healthy stuff, colorful groceries. She's very clean when she prepares food too. Believe it or not. She washes everything and rinses her plates before and after she eats. I'll post a picture of Jen's typical meal when the computer decides to work with me. I just tried. The whole thing froze. Nice and colorful plate with all kinds of vegetables.

While sitting at the table, eating lunch, Jen was going on and on about her black ex girlfriend, as usual. Jen used to refer to herself as a Chicana. I had never heard of that term until then. Chicana or Xicana, I believe is an American Mexican. She's half Latina (Mexican), half White.

I would have spent the rest of my day listening to Jen's story until I passed out or went blue in the face. I thought of an exit strategy. I let her talk, as I was commenting to something she was saying, I walked away and kept talking louder, went to the bathroom, then straight to the bedroom, where I closed the door behind me. Good Lord!

That evening, while cooking dinner, I sat on the massage chair and got me one. Of course, Jen used that opportunity to tell me  her story about the girl who broke her heart. I feel like she was making me pay for what my black sister did to her!

I offered Jen a massage on the chair. I thought that would relax her a little bit. I doubt it work but I didn't stick around to watch. I went to my bedroom and didn't come out until the following day.

By the way, we did go through the mail. I didn't see anything earth shattering. One of the letters was a subpoena to court. I warned her about it but she was curious, so she made me read it. It seems to me Jen just wanted a personal assistant to read her mail to her.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Did I Get Myself Into?

The lady who had booked my space on AirBnB seemed decent enough. She was a ski instructor, and a full time student. I don't care what she does for a living, as long as she has business outside the house. I didn't want to be stuck in the apartment with someone I don't know. I didn't want that for them either, for that matter.

She asked me a few questions about the apartment and confirmed the booking. I was excited that my airbnb cherry was about to be popped. Luckily, I was going to be home the day of her arrival. The house was clean, as usual, the spare linen as smelling fresh, good to go! She called me when she was outside to tell me she was here. I went outside to get her. Had she not have been the only person standing out front, I never would have guessed that was the same person as on the pictures on airbnb. The thing about airbnb, if you're not familiar with them, is that, you don't get the luxury of meeting your future guest. It's like a blind date. Only, you date is moving in, and you can't kick them out for false advertising because they have already paid. 

I walked towards this lady who had tight fitting sweat bands with giant holes on the insides and black cycling shorts underneath, or spanx. My concern was who wears clothing with holes in America, where there's so much free stuff everywhere? That was quite the first impression! 'Hi, I'm Brook!' She looked at me like I was from another planet. I know I look like my pictures, she better not even go there! As she reached out her hand to shake it, I caught a whiff of the worst odor I have ever smelt. I was like, oh heeeelll no! Not in my clean, nice smelling house! I consoled myself by thinking that she will cove the couch up with sheets. 

I walked in before her, as I always do, so that they can see me take off my shoes. I asked her to take off hers. She asked if she could wear flip-flops. I asked if she wears them outside or were they inside shoes. She told me they were regular flip fops, that she wore outside. I wanted to roll my eyes because that defeated the whole purpose. Usually people respect your wishes if you want them to walk barefoot indoors. It's a very clean floor. I, naturally would want to walk barefoot, just because it's cleaner than most shoes' insides. But that's just me. Anyway. She took off her sneakers and walked around in her socks. She just didn't want to do as she was told, it seems to me. Which is fine, I wasn't looking for someone to throw orders at.  

I offered her, let's call her Jen, something to drink, we sat in the living room and chatted. Just to get to know each other a little. She actually seemed cool, once we got talking. She has very long, curly hair, she played with her curls  the entire time we were talking. I would too, if I hair, her hair is beautiful.

Between The really nice Math teacher and Jen, I went shopping for a massage chair.. I had been looking for one since I moved into my place. I think it was the pressure on my body from sleeping on the floor . I wanted an amazing massage chair, a beautiful one, that did the whole body and feet, if possible. I wasn't willing to spend a ton of money on one though. I talked to friends who new people who knew pleope in the business, to no avail. It's always better, for me, if you get your stuff, with no connections anyways, that way, you don't owe people favors. That's just my way of thinking! 

I searched eBay and saw a cool Panasonic massage chair, it was leather and in good condition. It offered shiatsu/deep tissue massage, which is just what I needed. I am all for strong, deep tissue massage. I can give very hard massage too, only, I can't do it to my own back.

One morning, while looking, I think I emailed a friend a snap shot of the kind of massage chair I wanted and while he was figuring out how much it would cost me; He had told me that if I wanted a $6 000 chair, he could get me one for $600. To me, that meant, ok, that means I would pay ten percent of the original cost. I told him I saw one for $700, how much would that be? He told me, $350. My Math head didn't grasp that. What do you think? Anyway. I decided to make the picture I had sent him my screensaver, you know, vision board-like! I went on with my business. A few hours later, I wanted to be done with looking for a massage chair, I had so many things I needed to achieve, I went back online. Lo and behold, less than ten minutes from my house, there was someone selling a great leather massage chair. I called them, they picked up, I told them I was on my way. I got there super psyched, I negotiated - I wouldn't be me if I didn't! I got my discount, paid, they helped me load the chair and I was out! 

The massage chair. It also reclines
Back at my place, the chair was so heavy, I couldn't off load it by myself. I went to my Emmy award winning neighbor lol and asked him to help me off load it. He told me that he has a friend who had a stronger back than him who could help me with that the following day. Ugh! Eventually, the neighbor came to the car and helped me. The chair has wheels, but there were a lot of different levels on the ground that we couldn't roll it. I told the guy to come over for a massage some time. He told me he would keep that offer in mind. I got my massage chair! I cleaned it up and went to town! Best massage in forever! 

Back to Jen, she told me that she was so relieved that that was the last day of school. I thought to myself, heeellll no! You told me you go to school. To me, that means, you literally will be going to school while staying here. Turns out, not really! She also told me what seemed to be the story of her life; something about how because she was so focusing on school, she no longer had friends. Her friends tried to keep in touch, but she told them that she was sorry she couldn't be the friend they wanted her to be, she was going to school and wasn't going to be able to give any more of herself than she already had the duration of their friendship. I was sitting there thinking, what in the hell! I was like, were you that busy with school that you couldn't shoot a text to a friend every now and again?

She told me that the friendships were one sided anyways, those so called friends couldn't be there for her when she needed them the most when she was going through the worst time of her life. Oh Lord! Not another one! I don't have the time or energy for this! She went on and on about a girl who broke her heart, her first love blah blah blah. I listened because, it seemed like she needed to talk about that. In fact, it seemed like she needed a hug. From the smell to the tears in her clothes, it looked like she had neglected herself and her laundry for a while. 

Luckily, she told me that she needed to do laundry that very night. She wanted to wash her bedding. She preferred her own sheets, for whatever reason. That was ok with me, especially considering she was going to wash them. I was hoping she was going to wash the rest of her laundry and subsequently take a shower to reduce the stench. We ended up sitting on those couches until 11:00 pm! She arrived around 5pm!

I would ask her to pause her stories while I went to the bathroom. The first time, I got up, I was going to get something to drink from the kitchen. She stopped talking. I told her to continue. She was like,oh, sorry, I thought you were going to the bedroom. I was like, in the middle of your story? She told me that that happens a lot to her, people walk out on her a lot. Great!  I had my work cut out for me! I wasn't trying to get into some therapy session at all. I sat down with her to get a glimpse of who she is, that's it. I ended up sitting on that couch until my legs fell asleep. (got numb)

That night, I got up to heat up dinner, for myself. I don't share food with my guest, too much sharing causes complications. She didn't have any food with her, so I assumed she was going to be eating my food. She was already a very big problem. From the nice lady I had before, that was such an, omg what did I get myself into? She asked me where the nearest store was. My location is close to a lot of grocery stores, I told her which ones were close. She told me it was too late to cook, she wanted to go to Mc Donald's. I hadn't been to one since I moved in, as I was looking one up, I was just like, would you like some of my food, instead, just for tonight? She seemed grateful for the offer.

I had made some vegetable and bean soup. I set the table, she finished before me and paid me huge compliments. I told her she could dish up seconds if she wanted. I didn't think she was actually going to take me up on that. You know when you're new some place? You don't want to be that person, who is full on? Well,I think she was thinking to herself, 'I thought you'd never ask!'  she charged for that stove and dished up more food than the actual serving I dished up for her as seconds. Wow, this chick

The Perfect Guy

After Clef left, I was so relieved!

I cleaned the couch and washed the bedding as I always do when someone moves out. I prayed he would be ok. I think he' fine wherever he is.

I still had my ad online, I just edited it and put in women only  just in case Clef so the ad while still searching for a place. I wanted him to see that I, at least was no longer looking for a male roommate.

Not long after Clef moved out, I heard from a nice lady who was a teacher in Hollywood. She was looking for a place to crash while looking for her own apartment. She came over to view the place, we sat and chatted for two hours. She was such a breath of fresh air. She ended up staying here for two weeks. We hardly ever saw each other in the time she was here. When we did, we would talk about everything under the son. She's so inspirational, she lost 100lb (45kg) all on her own. she didn't even have surgery after losing so much weight, instead, she started to work out towards the last leg of her weight loss and she toned up quite well. Her abs are rock hard!

She never used the kitchen the entire time she was here, which was awesome! We both we sad when she left because in the few times we got to hang out, we had real conversations. She was a pretty genuine Math teacher. So smart. She said we should hang thereafter, she was to call me when she settled in. I never heard from her. I texted once just to see if she had settled in well. She had, we never talked again.

I was still working as background on tv show, etc. I did a few commercials. I did background in a commercial that was shot in an airport in North Hollywood. Air Hollywood, the next commercial I did was at the train station, Union station, then another one in an airport in Ontario. This was five minutes or so near where I lived in Ontario in 2013 after sneaking out of Daddy's place. If you still remember that situation! I was quite nostalgic being back there. The last time I was in Ontario, I was at that very airport, flying to Salt Lake City via Phoenix. It was a beautiful day. I was filled with hope. Salt Lake had it's ups and downs but I did end up settling quite well over there eventually. I was partnered up with a nice, talk, handsome guy with hazel eyes who had just got back from 3 months in Australia with his girlfriend who he had just proposed to. I lived vicariously that day, listening to their love stories. It was a nice day. I did background in a show by the ocean, near a Battleship, I was like, well, dang! What other means of transportation are there? then got a job in a bus commercial, That was another fun gig. I worked with a handful of people. One of the cast, was a lady who had worked in an Apartheid play written by Pieter Dirk Uys; a South African playwright... amongst other things. She was so happy to meet a South African, the lady not Pieter - he may dress as a female every now and again, but he is a man!

We just recently got links to the latter; one can be viewed on Facebook and the other on Youtube, for those of you who are not on Facebook. Let me know if you spotted me!

The Youtube link                                                    

Facebook link

I was still reading my law of attraction books, working on keeping a positive attitude and watching my tongue. It's been quite the journey but, being the rolling stone that I am,  this has been the best journey, I've ever embarked upon. I was having fun working on attracting my future husband into my life. I had my list of things I wanted him to be like; I wanted him to be taller than 6ft (1.93cm), slim, he MUST have blue eyes! I'm sure you know that that's my weakness by now! Dark hair, nice hands, feet, I wanted to add a cute butt in there, but I didn't want to be too much ;). I need him to have his own business, someone who, even though, I wouldn't want him to pay my bills, but they should afford to take care of me that way, if need be, he must have or live in a house, not an apartment, he should have his own car.

I added to my list that I wanted him to be kind, not be a crazy talker, I am not a fan of guys who talk too much, loud, obnoxious, attention wh0res. Excuse my French. I want him to love me with all his heart, I wanted him to love me more than I do him. If you know what I mean. I knew, I knew I was going to love him. I wasn't worried about that. I already was in love with him. It was only a matter of him falling on my lap or me sitting on his lap, if you know what I mean, haha.

One of the fun things I used to do was make tea for two people and set the table for two when it was time to eat. I always imagined that I was making those things for my man and I. At first, you feel silly when you do those things until, you get used to them. Sometimes, I would, whenever I remembered, send an email to an old email address that  I no longer used, pretending that that email address was my mans. I would tell him when I was on my way  home, I only did that a few times, I am not sure why that didn't last. I still make tea for two though, even if I am going to end up drinking both cups.

I updated my vision board. A lot on the things on my board, had yet to come through, but I found magazines with more stuff I desire. I posted them up there. Having stayed at Carly's for two months, and not having my own space, I couldn't look at my vision board as much as I wanted to. I had to use my mind a lot to keep on the right track. I used and still do use the time in my car as the best I can. My car, and my home are my positive zones. Especially my car! It's a 100% positive zone. No negative thoughts are allowed in there. If you haven't, try that. Have a spot, like your car, or your bedroom or even bathroom, where you will not entertain negative thoughts at all. It's the best thing! Just thinking about that space, will elevate your mood. I have had my car for a year now, that's a year of positivity. I actually am only realising that now. It's a nice realisation. Try it for two weeks and let me know. If you see a text or call from someone who puts you in a bad mood, when you're in your car, call them back. It would be best if you could take control of your feelings, and not have someone put you in that negative mood to begin with but, in the meantime, talk to them when you have the energy to. Elevate your mood by thinking about the most exciting moments of your life or whatever it is that makes you feel great, and then call them back. If you have to talk to them. If you can, text them instead of calling. That gives you time to take a breath before responding to whatever they are saying. Talking on the phone, they can catch you off guard and say things you didn't see coming, and you can find yourself reacting without thinking, saying things that can't be unsaid.

I would sometimes imagine having my man in bed with me, we didn't do anything silly, even though, if we did, I'm sure it would have been great. The more you do stuff like visualisation, the more you get used to the idea of having that amazing person or thing in your life, and the more used you get to the idea, the closer it is to manifesting in your life. I really believe that.

I still had my airBNB profile.

I got an email from a lady who wanted to stay at my place for a week or longer, but she wanted to start off with a week. Whew, sight of relief! It was good to have someone for a week, once a month or two weeks in a month and stay by myself an entire month, etc. It was nice because I still got to enjoy my place.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Me And My Boyfriend

As soon as I told Clef I had bad news, he got up and sat up. My heart was beating fast but by then, it was do or die! He asked me what the news was. I told him that I was going to need him not to renew his stay but to leave the following day. I mentioned my non-existent  boyfriend; that he didn't like that I had a man in the house. Poor Clef was so taken off guard by it all, I really felt bad for him but all he had to do was clean up after himself and we would have been good. Well, not really! He would have to not reprimand me as if I'm his daughter who doesn't know what she was doing, not steal my jokes and stop looking at me as if I were good enough to eat- in more ways than one. Speaking of which, he asked me one morning if I know how to cook. I told him I don't. He was like, that's ok! I think he wanted me to know that not knowing how to cook wasn't a deal breaker for him. I know how to cook but I wasn't about to prove that to him. What for?

Poor guy asked me if I told my boyfriend that he's cool. First, he was like, 'Boyfriend?' I was like, what? Did you think I was lesbian? Not that there's anything wrong with being lesbian, but he seemed shocked that I would have a boyfriend. He was right, I didn't have one. I was lying through my teeth! To my question about whether he thought I was lesbian, he replied that I didn't give him the impression I was in a relationship. "We went on a date!" he said. NO! WE DIDN'T! I exclaimed! YES, WE DID! NO! WE DID NOTTT! In the world was this guy talking about? He was like, it wasn't a romantic date, but it was a date! I was like well, to me, a date is romantic. We went to the comedy club because you wanted someone to go with (translate:because you needed a free ride!) That's how I ended up going to the comedy club with you. What the heck! When he said that, I knew there and then that I wasn't wrong all along when I thought that that guy wanted more than a place to crash. I think he was planning on working his way up to my bed. He wanted to be the California King of the house! Pun intended.

When that date thing didn't work out, he was like, tell your boyfriend I'm gay. I was like, but you're not! He told me that he was going to tell my boyfriend that he is gay as well when the boyfriend meets him. I was like, nah, I'm not ok with that. Plus, whether you're gay or straight, my boyfriend is very jealous, he is just not ok with the idea that I have a man living under my roof. Clef asked me why I had him move in if I knew that I have a jealous boyfriend. I told him because I needed help financially but I didn't discuss it with my boyfriend, when bf found out I had someone staying at the place, he told me that he would rather help me with rent if I need the help. I, on the other hand, am not ok with that idea. I like to be independent. Clef was like, what race is your boyfriend. I told him, come on! That's not necessary!  He told me the bf must be black, it's totally a black guy to be so jealous.

He told me that he didn't believe the random story about a bf. I was dying to ask him why he though I was kicking him out but I didn't want to make it awkward at all, at least, not anymore than it already was. I also, knew that he was being inconvenienced by having to find another place to stay. I didn't want to make him any shittier than he already was. He told me that he never saw me as the kind who lets a man make my decisions for me. I told him that I love and respect my man and don't want to ruin things between us. Clef, finally gave in and told me that he was going to start looking there and then. He thanked me for that because that experience was going to make him stronger. Sarcasm. Get it? I didn't care. I just wanted him gone.

I made a chocolate and pear smoothie for both of us and as I handed him his, I asked, 'truce?' He told me, 'water under the bridge', or something to that effect.

Not too long thereafter, I went to the bedroom, he got on the phone and was talking loud on the phone. I think it was too his brother because he was using that French like language again. Not too long after he got on the phone, he yelled to me, hey! Brook! Hello!
Me: Yes! (eye roll. I am not a big fan of all that yelling across the house. It's tacky! Plus who calls a lady like that?'
He started shooting at me with questions. I think because his brother didn't want him to move back to his house, he was trying to help him stay at mine. It was too late because we had already agreed he was going, I wasn't going to backtrack and then have to have that conversation all over again. It had already taken so much of me to get there.

He asked me things like, but I didn't say that I didn't want only a woman on my ad, I should let him stay. I was like, come on! We've already talked about this! He went on and on, trying to challenge the system. I told him that what he was doing, wasn't helping. He was spending all that time, coming up with ways to challenge a decision that's already been made, instead of looking for a place to stay. That's when he got up and came to my bedroom. He was shirtless. I must say, someone's been working out! He looked good! He told me that he needed time. I couldn't just tell him to move out there and then. I should give him at least two weeks. I was like, you paid for three days, have been here for two nights, you have all day today and all day tomorrow, you can stay here tomorrow all day, until late while looking. I didn't expect him to stay all day the following day. He has his brother, he can move back in with him until he found something.

I wasn't gonna give someone who was officially staying for 3 days, two weeks notice to move out. That's insane, I don't care which universe you came from. Plus, the topic was closed when he agreed and thanked me, sarcastically, for kicking him out. After I told him, he should rather use the time arguing, searching for a place to stay, he was like, you're right! And got out of my room.

It was tense in the house after that. My sister had advised me not to leave the house until the guy moved out. Especially after he told me he was going to show me what happens when people don't close their doors.

Luckily, Clef spent the rest of the afternoon out. He got back home around midnight, just like the night before and was up all night, talking on the phone really loud! I didn't care. I was counting the hours 'til he left. I had am obligation the morning he was meant to leave. I couldn't get out of it, so I just left  him there. As I was about to leave, he asked me how I was in a nice, and  calm voice. I told him I was fine. He asked what time I was going to be back. I told him soon, I had to go to the store. He then told me that he was going to leave around 9/10am. If I wasn't there when  he leaves, he was going to leave the key at such and such a place etc. It was nice to see that we were ok again. Who enjoys tension and awkward moment?

When I got back home, his bag was in the living room, but he had stepped out. He came back not too long after and screamed, 'hey, the key is on the table'.

I replied: Thanks, bye!

Come Rain or Shine

To answer my own question , I thanked Clef for the night out. He told me that they have comedy shows a few times a night at that club and elsewhere on certain days, we could go again if I wanted. I knew I didn't want and I was going to go again, I just wished him good night and went to bed.

First thing the following morning, I went to the kitchen to make myself tea, Clef seemed to have a light bulb moment. He told me, 'I know what my new set is going to be about!' I was like, oh yeah? 'Yeah, yeah! I'm gonna tear up those horrible chicken strips from the comedy club' I can make an entire set out of those!' That left a very strange taste in my mouth, no pun intended! Considering how I tore them up the night before to him and he didn't even have one comment, meanwhile he knew he was going to make an entire set of the whole thing. I couldn't help but wonder if he was going to use some of the things I said. I am not trying to say I'm the last comic standing but you have to wonder.

Day two, Clef left before me to run errands. I had a show the afternoon. I got up, went to the kitchen to make breakfast. His bedding was on the couch. He didn't even fold them up. There's a door between the living room and the hallway to the spare closet that I let my guests use. I have a door to my bedroom, there's no need for one not to want to go through to the closet and stuff the blankets in there. They don't have to fold them up, just to leave them in the living room. Anyway, I left them going to go back to sleep later. I'd hope not, my mom taught us that if you sleep in the living room, be the first one to get up, so that people don't have to be awkwarded when they need to use the living room (sitting room/lounge). Anyway, I try to be open minded because not only was everyone not raised by my mother but I want my guests to be comfortable. I went to use the bathroom and there was pee all over the toilet seat. Not only did he not lift the sit up when he peed but he peed all over it. I'm not saying wipe your pee with tissue after you pee on the seat because then, I'm still sitting on pee but just don't know it. Just don't pee on the seat! Please and thank you! I thought to myself, this is the final straw! I can't deal with this kind of basic stuff that every human being should know. Especially by age 50. Dude was 48! That's 50 years old! Are you kidding me? Who have you been dating that let you get you get away with this sht?

I don't expect everyone to be perfect! I'm not either. It's just that there are basic things like make your bed and don't expect people to sit in your urine that I expect people to know and apply in their daily life. When it comes to men and the toilet seat, I don't even expect them to put it back down afterwards,in fact, if you leave it up, then, I know you had it up. If you leave it up, I leave it down, we're even. No complaints. I had to spring clean the bathroom before I used it, then left for the show. On my way there. I had ample time to think. That's when I made up my mind that it wasn't going to work out with that Clef and I. If that's how he acted in the first day to two, how was he going to be when he was comfortable and not trying anymore. Unless, he just wasn't trying to begin with!

I came back home from the show and noticed that Clef had been at the house. The bathroom was wet, the toilet seat was wet and sticky again and there was black curly hair all over the floor. I have curly hair too but mine is more blonde/brown. I wanted to die when I saw the toilet seat like that. I told myself that I would tell him that after the three days that he had paid for, I would need him to move out. I had to think of the best way to let him go that was not going to hurt his feelings. I could tell him that he lied in his email to me when he wanted to rent the space that he was neat, when in all actuality, he wasn't but that was just something that wasn't going to take us anywhere. Also, I didn't want to end things on a sour note. He seemed to like me, I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I didn't want my feelings hurt either. I wasn't willing to clean his urine day in and day out. If I wanted to work with bodily fluids like that, I would go back to caregiving.

I opened up the main door and all windows to the apartment to let fresh air in because we both had been out. I was in my room, doing my thing on the computer when I saw Clef walking past my window. He was home! My heart started beating fast. How am I going to do this with his guy, what if he brought the money for the next two months? Oh Lord, help me!

Next thing, I know... "Hello! Hello! Heeellooo!" He was coming closer to my room as he was yelling hello. He stood by my door and gave me a lecture about how I should never leave the door wide open like that ever! He was like, 'you think just because this is Beverly Hills, there are no homeless people here? These people are dangerous, they will walk in quietly and rob you, clean!' Great! How am I going to kick him out now? This 'conversation' just changed everything! I was sitting there, looking him in the face, thinking, it really will never work out with this guy. He went on to tell me that as a black man, it was his duty to protect me. Blah blah blah blah!

I told him, I believed I was fine, not to worry about me worry about yourself, you're about to be homeless! He wouldn't even hear it! He told me he knew exactly what he was talking about. To trust him. I was thinking to myself that that's how we got there to begin with. I trusted that he would lift up the toilet seat and he didn't. Now what? He went on and on and on. I just wouldn't agree with him. He told me that if I want fresh air, to open the windows, not the door. I like to open the door for an hour or two, to get fresh air in, then close it because I spend most of my time in the bedroom anyways, where my office space is.

He wouldn't have it. I just wanted the conversation to come to an end. I would never kick him out if he was still talking. What? I'm supposed to be like, shut up, I want you out of my place?

That was day two, he had two more night at my place before the first three days expired. I thought that the sooner I kicked him out, the sooner he could find a place for himself to move to. He was going to pay a lot of my money for a couch in the living room anyway, how about use that money to rent a studio apartment in a more central area like Hollywood? Anyway! Eventually, he walked away, not before he did great impressions of drugged out homeless people walking into my apartment unawares. Very good impressions!

After that, he went back to the living room, was working on his cellphone. I was on the computer, I had a porn pop up that would not go away. Clef walked into my room as I was struggling to close the page. He didn't just stand outside this time, as Murphy would have it, he walked right into my bedroom. Which, I didn't think was cool because when I have someone staying in the living room, I try by all means not to be in and out in there. A bedroom is a totally different story. More private. Especially for people of different genders. As soon as Clef walked in, I just shut the computer lid. Clef as like, what's up girl? Don't worry, I have things on my phone that are for my eyes only. I won't judge you! I think he thought I was looking at porn at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Too busy for that sht! Plus I make porn, I don't watch it! Catch that!

Anyway, we talked about whatever he wanted to talk about. He saw a 1970's or 80's car that he wanted to buy that coming Friday. He wanted to know if there was parking for him in the neighborhood. He told me he really loved that neighborhood and was probably going to end up staying there for six month. 'I'm telling you, girl, you're gonna have a problem getting rid of me!' I thought to myself, 'ya think?'

Every time he would start a long conversation that would just not give me a chance to change the subject and kick him out. Plus, I was really dreading it. I went to sleep that night, he was out when I went to bed. He got home around midnight and stayed on the phone the hole night. I woke up and talked to my sister on the phone. I was like, I need to kick this selfish guy out. Who laughs on the phone on the top of their voices at 1am? I'm not talking about burstin gout laughing because someone said something unexpectedly funny, he was just talking loud and being rambunctious. My sister was like, omg, I can hear him from here haha. My sister is in South Africa, I'm in LA lol. She could hear him over the phone. When she told me to just be frank with him and tell him I'm not comfortable. I told her that I don't think he would get it because, he believes he is a great roommate, I would have to come up with something he would believe.

My sister came up with a brilliant idea that I could tell Clef that my boyfriend was coming over and I didn't want him (Clef) to be there for that. I liked the idea of the boyfriend, I had to work around it. I prepared a story to tell him and told myself that when I woke up that morning, I was going to have to have the talk with Clef come hell or high water. My mind was made up, he was going to have to leave no matter what, sorry Clef!  After the call to my sister, I overheard Clef, who wasn't trying to talk softly; apparently, a friend of his was wanted by police. Clef was advising them that the person shouldn't come out until they had raised the reward money. However, The person on the run, should stay at a loved one's place. When they think that the police cannot raise the money anymore, the loved one should call the police as an informant and get all the reward money. That is the money they will then use to raise the criminal's kids or whatever. I'm not gonna lie to you, I thought it was a smart idea but I was like who did I just welcome into my home? After that call, he talked to another New Yorker, telling him to save up to five grand and then move to LA just like he (Clef) did. He was telling the guy how he has found a nice place in LA and if they come here too, he would help them get settled just like him.  I felt bad that I was about to pull the rug from under his feet but it had to be done.

Around seven, that morning, I had gone bathe call with my sister. I was awoken by Clef, he was on the phone. He was talking to his friends in New York, again. I waited around two hours, until around 9:30am, then I went to the kitchen. As soon as I walked into the living room, I told Clef, I had bad news...

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Last Comic Standing

I had to think about the idea of having someone stay at my place for an entire two months. Heck, that's longer than some roommates I've had in the past and those experiences were quite something!

Clef and I were sitting in the living room talking, he was telling me about his day, how he is so glad I'm South African. He loves South Africans. He once was in a relationship with a Zulu girl. She's the one who got away. I think when he met me, all those memories came back and he had hope that he won't let that girl, who has reincarnated as me, slip away again. Only, I wasn't looking for a relationship with him. He paid me so many compliments on my looks, it was borderline uncomfortable.

Apparently Clef went to the post office to cash his money orders. The lady who served him called the supervisor, who in turn gave Clef suspicious looks, asked him a bunch of questions and then went to the back with his money orders. According to Clef, they treated him as though he was a criminal and he didn't like it. Who would? He told me that the supervisor was African American, she is the one who discriminated against him the most. One more reason, he's not feeling African American women much, he told me. Apparently, they wanted all kinds of proof from him that those were his money orders. I don't know why, if they didn't think they were his, they didn't just let him go. He told me that he and his brother were in that post office for ever when he finally called the police because the post office people wouldn't give him his money orders back. I was like, the phuck! Are you for real? Eventually, the police made those people return his money orders to him. I felt bad for him that he went through that experience. He went on and on about black people and why he can't stand black people who are this way and that way. He was talking helluva loud too. I was thinking to myself, please sit down and tone it down!

He was so worked up from the post office story that he ended up on his feet, or maybe he likes sto stand on his feet, what do I know? I don't know the guy! he's 6'2 (1.88metres), about 350 lb (158kg) of muscle (. That's a lot of man to be towering over you, talking loud about how much he hates people. Especially someone you don't even know. I wasn't scared. I just wasn't feeling that. I did get why he was worked up, the situation was frustrating and unfair. I felt bad for him. It's just that the walls are thin and neighbors can hear the conversation without trying, so. He went on about black people and white people. One of the reasons he likes Black South Africans is that, like Haitians, we only date within our race. Wrong! But ok. I wasn't going to take my chances and argue with that guy. He seemed to know more about my people than me, so I let him be. Before I knew it, we were talking about religion. Another tricky subject.He sure knows how to pick his topics of conversation. I just wanted to be like, I thought you were a comedian! Well then, make me laugh goddamnit! He showed me a video of some guy who proves how something about whether there is a God or not, I couldn't even tell you the point of it. I was just thinking to myself, how long is this sht. I'm over this conversation. Five minutes or so into the video, he told me that that was actually not the one. But that was interesting too, so to continue watching that one, he was going to show me another one after that. #KillMe!

He later asked what I was doing that night. He was going to call a friend and go to the comedy club with the friend but if I want to, he would like to take me instead. I had heard of the comedy club on Melrose, but had never been. I agreed because it was his first night and he seemed like he had been through a lot but that was going to be the first and the last time he and I ever went anywhere together. He told me that he was going to pay for everything in the club, not to worry about it. We got in my car, as I pulled off, he was like, 'wow! I can't believe this! I'm in a Range Rover in Beverly Hills with a beautiful woman!' I think right there and then he was thinking that he got it made.

I had just filled up my car with gas that very morning. Gas which was supposed to last me for a week if  I worked everyday. When he came up with the comedy club thing, I thought, sht, this is about to cramp my style! Oh well! I asked if they had parking there, he told me that even if they didn't, he was going to take care of parking. Cool! We parked in the street, right by the club. Parking was free from that hour on. When we arrived at the place, the lady asked to see or tickets, Clef told them, 'I'm a comedian!' They let us in. The hell is going on here? I used my gas that I bought with real money and his contribution is free parking and free entrance? Wow!

We sat and watched comediennes. Some were hilarious. I laughed out loud a lot. Clef didn't laugh once. It was quite interesting. He seemed like he was deep in thought. A lot of people recognised him there. Apparently he lives in LA for 2 years ten years ago or for ten years 2 years ago, one of the two .... or ten haha. The last act was a guy who I was rooting for at Last Comic Standing. That was a real treat because that season of last comic hadn't aired yet. I told Clef that I recognised that guy from Last Comic. There was a fight just before that comic's turn. He was so turned off when it finally was his turn because they had to stop the fight, kick people out and all that. He told the audience that he had stuff prepared but was no longer in the mood which sucks because nobody knows him yet.... Clef was like, I do! He asked where from, he screamed, 'Last comic!' The phuck! Btch just stole my line! He doesn't even know the guy!

Anyway, Clef asked if he could do a small set, they told him that there wasn't enough time to squeeze him in. I think that's what was on his mind. He moved back to LA to do comedy, so he wanted to grab every opportunity he had and couldn't get in that night.

He asked me if I wanted to eat. I told him I could use a snack. It was an hour and a half or so into the night and I was hungry. He had told me that he was going to buy us drinks, he must have gotten disappointed when I told him I don't drink. That's not the way into my pants, sorry. In case, he was trying. He asked for the menu, I decided to order the cheapest thing over there, just in case. I mean, I don't know the guy and he was paying at my place, I didn't want him spending more money on me. I had chicken strips. An appetizer (starter). Clef just ordered a glass of wine. I drank my own water that I brought with me. He told me that he wasn't hungry but went on to grab the first chicken strip, dip, bite and dip again. Dang it man! Why you gotta double dip right now? THEN he gave me his Yelp review before I even tasted the things. He was like, 'these are horrible!' Great! Not only did you ruin my appetite by double dipping, you just had to go on and say that! There were only a few strips on the plate anyways. I ate them because I was hungry but they were horrible.

At the end of the night, on my way from the rest room, I bumped into one of my favorite comics from Last comic standing, Tony Baker, what a treat! I called him by name, told him how I enjoyed him on Last comic and asked for a selfie with him. He thanked me and smiled for a picture in which he looks better than me! We left and when we got home, I made a comment about the chicken strips. I went on and on about how horrible they were, I said something along the lines of they tasted like dirty underwear. I was like after all those jokes about vaginas and periods, those chicken strips tasted like dirty tampons. I was just joking. But I was on fire lol. Clef didn't even comment to my review of the strips.

What do you do at the end of the night after you drove someone to a place that was his idea? Do you thank him for taking you out?

Monday, December 07, 2015

Google Me!

Now that Dave and Dot are gone, what am I going to do? I know! Find someone else!

Not that I absolutely enjoyed having strangers' energy in my home, I was just trying to catch up, financially.

I had a guy who sent me links to his Youtube stand up comedy channel to verify he was who he said he was, show interest in  the space. I didn't look up the comedy. Sometimes, you never know if someone is just looking for more views on their channel. I wasn't going to fall prey to that! They guy told me that he was a New York Transplant who moved to LA to pursue stand up comedy. He told me that he was looking for his own place. Understandably so! I told him that I was only looking for someone to stay temporarily. Not a roommate. We seemed to be on the same page. He told me that he was neat and all that.

We exchanged numbers. He swung by to view the place. He showed up with his brother who gave me the third degree from the get. He asked me things like how I found that nice place in such a nice location, how long I had been staying there, did I have furniture when I moved in or did I buy it afterwards, where did I get furniture for the entire apartment just like that, do I drive, what do I do for a living? To name a few. I didn't answer all his questions but that didn't deter him.

He told me that he was a working actor, unlike everyone else in LA who claims to be an actor, he actually has been working and has an IMDB page. He told me to google him. I was like, Are you kidding me? You're so Hollywood! Who tells people to google him? His brother, the one looking for a place, we'll call him Clef, burst out laughing. Why Clef? Because He's from Haiti! Speaking of Haiti, they would have full on conversations in their mother tongue, I was like, do you guys mind? Don't come to my house and take over in a language nobody understands, please! Thank you! They were cool, I felt like I could just be myself and talk to them anyhow I wanted.

Clef gave me his ID and money for the three days he initially said he wanted to stay for. He also told me that he really liked me and the place and wanted to know the longest he could stay. I told him because I didn't really want a permanent deal, I would say, two weeks. He asked to stay for a month. I thought about how I was going to save a great deal on rent and agreed. A month it is! He only paid for three days though and told me that he was going to withdraw money and pay for the month after the three days. I thought that was nice because he was paying more for the three days than if he would have included it in the month.

Clef left his stuff and went to the car, I was also on my way to the Library, so we all left roughly at the same time. I drove out of the parking to find his brother's, Brand New 5 series BMW ( or six or seven, who knows! It was nice though), idling on the side of the street. When he saw me, he screamed, nice car! Then drove off. I think the brother needed to see what car I was driving. By the way, brother also told me he owns his house in Riverside. He told me that he has owned it for a while too. I guess, he must really be doing well, only thing is; nobody cares! When we were still at the apartment, brother stepped out to move his car, Clef was quickly told me that he was currently staying at his brother and as I could see, his brother is very Hollywood, therefore, they don't gel. I felt for him but also wondered who would talk like that about their family member to a stranger. Especially a man. I couldn't make up my mind how I felt about that whole thing.

I drove off to the library and went on with my day. I had told Clef that my house is a shoes off house, he told me that he didn't mind, they have the same tradition in Haiti. I was glad to hear that. When I got back home, I noticed that Clef had been at the apartment. He had placed his luggage on top of my new shoes and almost busted them up in the process. That left a weird taste in my mouth. I had already designated a full closet to him and you've seen my apartment, there's plenty of space there. No need to place your only piece of luggage on top of other sht.

That night, Clef came home just after me. We sat in the living room and chatted a bit. He told me he had just had dinner at some Italian restaurant. He seemed to really like the neighborhood, he told me that he liked how convenient it was too. He was looking to buy a car, but in the meantime was going to be able to maneuver with public transportation. He also told me that he has a lot of money, $5 000, I shouldn't worry about him not paying rent. He's set. I was like good! Good for you! (I, personally don't consider five grand a lot of money, especially, considering the amount of rent I pay and gas for my gas guzzling truck) Just saying!

He asked me if he could stay for two months...........

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

David and Goliath

When I was in Hollywood Hills, picking up my new furniture, Dot had already left, she was in the West Hollywood vicinity. She waited there to pick up the rest of her stuff from my place. It seemed to my that she didn't want to have to help me load my car, that's why she left before I got there even though she was going to my place and I had the keys. She chose to sit in a coffee shop and wait for me than wait for me at the house. Fine by me! Good looking out, nonetheless!

Before I decided whether I wanted to go back and get the rest of the stuff that night or the following day, Dot told me that she would like a ride back to the Hills on my way back there. I agreed, telling her that I was still not sure if I was going to go back that very night. I was tired, it had been a long day. I texted her when I got home and also told her that I wasn't going to make it back to the Hills that night. She texted me something along the lines of, I should have told her earlier because she wasted a lot of time waiting for me at the coffee shop and her bus pass was about to expire blah blah blah. I thought to myself, I'm so sorry, I didn't prioritize the fact that I did you a favor and kept your stuff after you checked out over my own well being! What the heck! She rushed over my place, took her sht breathing ever so heavily. I thought to myself, well, damn! She mad as hell! I genuinely didn't get the sense of entitlement. I told you I wasn't sure if I was going to go back there, are you kidding me right now with this attitude?

I asked her if she was ok, she told me she was. I asked her if she wanted to take a look in my bedroom. She was walking past my bedroom every time she went to her closet to get her sht anyways, she told me she wasn't going to be able to, she was running late and didn't want to miss the bus. Uhm, what? That's like telling someone to smell the air that they were already breathing and they told you no! They don't want to be late. Oh well! I considered giving her a ride to the bus stop but then again, I was like, no man, this chick is being a bitch right now. I can't condone this behaviour. When she was done, she walked out and said, bye! That's how things ended with my beloved Dot. I couldn't believe that you can have such a good time with someone and things can end up so silly.

Driving from Hollywood Hills to Beverly Hills, I had to keep telling myself to relax, my stuff would be at home when I got there. It wasn't! I did get a call from the delivery guy telling me he was two blocks away. Oh maybe I called him; I guess I wasn't that relaxed after all!
Kingsize Foam Mattress on the left against the wall

He arrived just after me and just as he did, so did the hot guy from earlier. He had called as I was about to head back to mine and told me he decided to stay with me. My delivery guy was working alone so hot guy offered to help him off load. I told him not to, on account of, he was a tenant and I wasn't willing to pay him for that extra service. He insisted and told me that it was nothing to him. So, ok!

They put furniture in the house. In a flash, my apartment was fully furnished! It was a good day! Hot guy, we'll call Dave. He didn't want to sleep on my 'new' furniture. He told me that I had to get cleaning services to clean it up good first. I was like, suit yourself, dude. For now, I'm just glad to have furniture.
I love these stools, the top part spins around/rotates

Dave told me that he was going to stay just that night and decide the following day if he wanted to stay longer or not. Apparently, he had been staying in Malibu at his brother's condo by himself but he wanted to stay on his own, like, in his own place, that's why he was sleeping on random women's floors. That just didn't add up to me. Beverly Hills is great, but if I had an opportunity to live in Malibu, I would grab it with both hands. Right by the beach, are you kidding me? Plus, he told me he was living by himself there. What's wrong with that?

Dave told me that he wanted to stay for a month at my place while he figured out what to do next with himself. He hadn't quite made up his mind yet. We went to sleep, he in the living room and I in my bedroom on my new queen size bed. I slept great! The following morning, I made us green tea. We sat at the counter, drank and chatted. Dave told me about some of the women he had dated. All of them rich and attractive. One of them lived up the street from me. At one point, he told me to feel his abs, and at the other, his biceps. Both were in great shape but I still don't get why I had to do that. He himself felt silly afterwards and told me that he was sure no one has ever told me to do that before. I just laughed it off. It was around 11 am when I needed to go to the store to grab a few things, he told me that he was going to go to Starbucks to use the internet and do some thinking then let me know if he was going to stay or not. Mind you, I have wife. Very fast wifi at that but I wasn't going to force someone to stay at my place while I was gone. Actually, I appreciate that he stepped out while I was gone. Dave was nice enough to set up my living room and dining room furniture. I felt bad that he was doing all that hard work for me for free. But I was still not going to pay him because if I did, that wold defeat the whole purpose of having him stay here to help me financially.
The Queensize Bed. 

I got back home in a few hours. While sitting in the living room about to do my nails, Dave called. He told me that he wanted to stay at my place because he loves my vibe and how I keep a clean house. He was on his way back. I asked him to bring me $10 in quarters (25c coins) if possible, for the laundry. He arrived as I was doing my nails. I felt kinda bad because the nail polish smell was so strong. I asked if that bothered him, he told me that it was too late, I should have asked him that before I painted my nails. What if it did bother him? Wow!!!!!! I won't lie, that response left a bad taste in my mouth. It was just so rude and I was trying to be nice.
Dining room area. The table can be extended to add two more seats

He sat down and told me he needed to talk to me. I thought to myself whatever he wants, the answer is no! First, after how you just talked to me? Second, I don't know you enough for us to need to talk already!
He told me that he went to the back to withdraw one month's rent and for some reason wouldn't oblige. He asked if he could pay me in full the following day. I told him to pay me some that day and the rest the following day. I asked if he tried withdrawing a smaller amount, he told me that he didn't, then he shoved an ATM receipt to my face to show me that he did have money, it's just that the ATM wouldn't give it to him. I didn't look at the receipt because it's not my thing. I don't like to know how much people have in the bank, it makes me feel weird PLUS! ATM receipts don't tell you who they belong to! That could've been anyone's receipt! Also, I don't care how much money you have in the bank or your retirement fund, I just want someone to pay for staying at my place. If you can't pay for whatever reason, bye! Simple as that!

He told me that the bank was closed, he was going to go the following and find out what the matter was and subsequently pay for the month's stay. I told him to pay for the night's stay and then do what he had to the following day. I jokingly was like, I wouldn't want you thinking I'm a dumb girl from Africa who lets strangers stay at her apartment for free. He told me he wasn't going to think that of me because he knew he was going to pay. I told him, well, I don't know that for sure. It's not personal! That's when he went on about how if you divide the monthly rate I quoted him into 30 days and deduct the night he had already stayed and payed for and the $10 change he brought me and all the work he did for me around the house blah blah blah. I was like, I love you but I don't wanna hear it! Don't come here, and make your own rules. I told you I didn't want you to hep with furniture and you insisted, so that's on you! If you don't pay for tonight, I'm sorry, you can't stay here.
If you squint/zoom in, you can see the $10 roll of quarters on the table top next to the vase. Can you? 

The more we talked about it, the more, I knew I no longer wanted him to stay at my place.
He left to withdraw payment for that night and never came back.