Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Now What?

On the first day of Ramadan, my new airbnb guest came by. He arrived within an hour of booking. Fortunately for him, I was home. I did wonder a little if he wasn't hiding from someone. He asked me if he could stay there, as soon as I agreed, he asked if he could be here in 30 minutes, I agreed. 30 minutes later, he called to say he was outside. Boom!

I went out to meet him, he had one big bag and a backpack. Good looking young man! He's from New York but goes to school in Santa Monica and works as a waiter when not in school. We sat in the living room for a bit and got to know each other. I hoped and prayed it wouldn't last 6 hours like it did with our old friend, Jen.Brian seemed like a sweet, respectful guy. He talked to me about his religion, he's Muslim. It was Ramadan, he told me he was about to start fasting.I had no issues with that. It didn't affect me one bit. He also told me about the previous living situation he had just come out of. He lived in a two bedroom apartment with plenty other people. In the main bedroom, was the main couple, then everyone else was in the other bedroom and in the living room. When I gave him the key to the apartment, he suggested we just don't lock like they did in his previous airbnb.I was like, yeah, No!

Brian went on to tell me that he had lived with the previous folks for six months. Things went well, until, they didn't. The man of the house suddenly took a disliking to him and would pick on him. He told me that he didn't know where all that came from. He would still be respectful towards that guy but it wouldn't work. In the end, the guy kicked him out of the apartment. Kicked him so hard that he rolled down the stairs. This is all according to Brian of course. He showed me text messages from that guy, they were still flocking in. The guy was threatening Brian, telling him that he knows where he works, he was going to send his homies there, he was going to post pictures of Brian all over town blah blah blah. It was serious sht. That immediately proved to me that the guy was running away from something. That explained the less than an hour from booking to check in time record!

Brian had bruises on his arm from the physical altercation with the guy. He told me that he didn't fight the guy back, he looks up to that guy as an older brother, he didn't want to fight his older brother. You have to admit he had a good defense situation, if he were to go to court. At the same time, I'm thinking, again, airbnb! What the heck! Brian asked me about my airbnb experiences, I told him a  little about my previous lady, and I use the term lady loosely. I showed Brian around, his closet, his medicine cabinet, etc. He had somewhere to be that evening, he asked if it's ok if he's back home in the middle of the night. He worked in a restaurant, so  it was understandable. At least, he worked, shoot!

I was relieved to have found a tenant but slightly concerned about how he got here. Not the Uber part of it, but the circumstances that led him to moving out of his previous place. I went to bed hopeful that night that his people wouldn't follow him home one night, or his people's homies.

After a few days with Brian as a guest, he would leave first thing in the morning, I wouldn't even see him, and be back in the middle of the night. I practically never saw him. Which was perfect for me. He's good to look at but I wasn't trying to look at any of my tenants that way. It was time for me to head on vacation to San Francisco. I packed my carry on suitcase and headed out. Not before I went to the 99 cents and bought a few snacks for the road and stuff I could still use in the hostel. You know me, I can be frugal!

I took the bus from Wilshire to the purple line (subway) on Wilshire, got on the subway. There were two other people in our carriage. One of them was a nice man, we chatted all the way until he got off. He was originally from the Bay Area, which was a nice coincidence to bump into someone from where I was headed. I got off in Union station and headed to Megabus station. That's my favorite bus because it only cost me $5 (R70) or so to go to San Francisco, this is an 8 hour trip by bus. Cheap in any currency! The ticket back was $10 (R140), still cheap. Normally, it costs way more but I got lucky. It can cost as much as $60. I had the seat to myself. It was kinda cold that night, I had warm clothes handy because I had done some research and had heard that it gets quite in SF. I slept on the bus knowing that I had a busy day ahead of me as soon as we touched base in San Fran.

I woke up once or twice on the way. I remember waking up in Oakland, hoping no one was going to sit next to me. You know how it is on the bus. All you can do is hope! I refuse to pay extra for the special seats too, like the front ones etc. That's just ridiculous! I'm not paying first to be first to fly out the bus in case of emergency! From Oakland, we drove on this amazing, long bridge, that seemed like a dream. not too long thereafter we were in San Francisco. It was 3am!

What am I going to do now?


Unknown said...

Is Brian not going to find out that you are out of town?

Unknown said...

Is Brian not going to find out that you are out of town?

Brook said...

Probably. Probably not. Who knows?
I left him enough toilet paper in the bathroom though!