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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here Goes Nothing!

I had to say bye Felicia to muscle head. I didn't care if I was going to find someone to rent the living room or not, it just wasn't going to be him. He mentioned that he had a desktop computer. He wanted to know if he could bring that along. Who am I to tell someone they can't bring their only computer when they move in? He's an actor, he needs his internet, that's where he submits for jobs and stuff! I wasn't chuffed with the idea of someone bringing such a permanent fixture that's going to be sitting permanently on the dining table, but what are you gonna do?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Halloween Carnival

Prior to the desert trip , it was Halloween. Calvin wanted us to go to West Hollywood. That suited me perfectly because it's up the road from my apartment. I made a little something for us to eat. I had never cooked for him before, so I thought it was going to be nice to make something for both us for dinner, seeing as he was going to be coming from work and it was around dinner time. I made something quick, rice with a couple of veggies and pilchards. I love pilchards, all kinds of fish anyways!

My First time cooking meal for Calvin
The food came out great! I took a quick shower and put on my new dress! Remember the one he bought me in this post ?

Selfie before Calvin gets here!

I put on my nice perfume and waited for him to arrive. Poor Calvin was stuck in LA traffic! Sorry, boo! That's what I go through whenever I am the one doing the drive to your house! He finally arrived.... Dressed to the Nines! I had never seen him in a suit before! We had been to church together and everything but this time he went all out! He had on a nice lilac shirt and a nice suit, and a nice fedora. Fedoras are his thing, he also likes suspenders. I was besides myself when I saw him at the door! My mouth was literally on the floor! Good thing the floor was gone and all the poopage was gone! Calvin took off his Jacket and looked so Broadway in his fedora, moustache and suspenders. He looked like he was about to jazz dance.

I considered using some of the photos for headshots, so I asked Calvin to take a few 

We sat and ate. He enjoyed the food and paid me plenty of compliments on the fish, he was like what's in that sauce? Usually, he can tell you what's in anything from the smell, sometimes taste, this time, he couldn't and I loved it. Hell, I couldn't either. I added a mixture of spices and sauces.
I love this dress, The cleavage window gives me life

After eating, he was laying on the couch relaxed, I was full too, I didn't care if we what's the past tense of forgo? didn't go to the Halloween festivities, I was ok just chilling with my beau at home. He told me that he wanted to have something to tell his colleagues the following day at work, we had to go. Ok! Let's the thing was kind of a big deal, millions of people were at the event, there was going to be live music and the street was closed off for the event. Might as well go, right?

The stage behind me. Halloween Carnaval

The WeHo Stands for West Hollywood
As you can see I was in flats at this point, I took off my shoes when I realised that we had to do a little walking. There was no parking closeby, between the streets being closed and the fact that we arrived kinda late, we had to park far. Not that far but far enough for me to get the itches when walking. Nightmare of all nightmares! If only, I knew beforehand when this dog on itch was going to take place! I've had it all my life and I still don't know what triggers it. At this point, I suspect that it has something to do with walking after having just taken a shower. I need to be those people who shower the night before for the following day but uhm, that doesn't make sense to someone of my weight, with a couple of folds and the vjj. All that requires a little freshening up before going out. Or if you're going to have company.

We walked around the Halloween street, did some people watching. The outfits were crazy, as you can guess. I needed a few stops to calm down the itch that wouldn't go away. The air was nice and fresh outside and I think that makes my skin sting, ugh, who cares! Calvin felt bad for me, he wanted to scratch it. I have never had someone try to scratch it for me. It was a nice gesture but it felt very strange. I asked him not to talk about it or entertain it, let's focus on the fun night we were having. 

Eventually, we headed back to the car. I sat in there and felt the tingles wash away. Perfect moment ever! Then we drove home. 

We got home and chilled. Always nice being in my man's arms!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We Didn't Start The Fire

Freedom at last!
Inasmuch as I enjoyed the free money that came with having someone crashing on my couch for a few hours a night, I loved having my place to myself. I stayed alone for a bit after Brian moved out.

Calvin had to have a medical procedure one day. I happened to be around, so, I went along. In fact, I drove him to the doctor's. He told me to park the car and go in with him. I was flattered that he wanted me to be around for that, and, at the same time, cringed inside. I didn't know how scary it was going to be but I wanted to be there. It was as hot as heck outside, I found a spot across the street from the doctor's and went in to find Cal. Calvin was already with the doctor, they called me in when it was ok for me to go in. I was so nervous! I kept telling myself, relax, all's well!

The nurses were nice, doctor was ok. Calvin didn't seem nervous at all, so  I tried to hide my nerves. The actual procedure took no time at all, but there's all the paperwork that had to be done and stuff. When we got done, I drove us back home. Calvin had a few days off, doctor's orders, then it was going to be the weekend. He suggested we head for the desert. It was my first time out there and our second trip together. This was much further, 3 hours away. I didn't know what to expect. I had seen the outside from pictures Calvin took for me whenever he would go there with his dad.

We packed firewood, sleeping bags and all kinds of fun stuff. Calvin had said that we might go camping in death valley or somewhere in the mountains while out there. I was game! I'm always game!

We left around 2pm, just like last time when we went to Orange County. I drove, it was a nice drive, soon as we left LA, the road was clear. It always amazes me the difference in traffic just outside LA. Worlds apart!

The temperatures were much lower in the desert than in LA. We arrived at the house, I got a tour. It's a 3 bedroom house with living room and a big open plan kitchen with giant island in the center. I really like the setup. It has two bathrooms, one ensuite the main bedroom. It was a bit dusty because nobody lives there. As a result of the dust and not feeling like spring cleaning I took out the sleeping bags and told Calv we would sleep in them. I had brought pillows for us, in case we went camping. Those came in handy too!
The living room with eclectic throws and our thick ass red sleeping bags

After off loading the car, we went out to dinner. Calvin drove. I was pooped by then! It was my first time letting him drive my car. I don't generally let anyone drive my car. Interesting, because everybody lets me drive their cars. I don't ask, they usually do and, you know me, I don't say no! Anyway, he drove it very carefully, which  I appreciated. I turned on the A/C and heated the seats, it was so cold! Population in that town is  500, 5 minutes or so from Cal's family home, there's a bigger city with 15000 population. These are very small towns, as you can tell, especially where we were staying. There are no tall buildings and I think that adds up to how cold it is,because it's open.
We came across this ride full of people, they told us it used to look just like mine before they "worked" on it
See how open it is behind us? The town is somewhere in the peripheral view, small

We went to a steakhouse for dinner. It wasn't far, less than 10 minutes drive. Plus side for being in such a small town, with zero population? No traffic! We parked right outside the restaurant. There were a bunch of people inside, the waiter was nice, the food was meh. We had Ribs. I wished they were warm, it was so cold! There are a bunch of TV's in the restaurant and pool tables, it looked like a sports bar to me. The servings were so huge! We ordered one meal and shared and couldn't even finish it.
Dinner, giant ribs, okra, cornbread and sweet potato fried

 As soon as we were done eating, we got the heck out of there. Calvin drove back. We got home,  I helped start the fire outside.
Feeding the already well fed fire

 I stuffed in so much wood in there, the fire looked like a house on fire. It was great! I hadn't started a fire in forever but I grew up in the farm, some things you never forget.
Look at that!
We sat outside and enjoyed the fire while Calvin played Sam Cooke on his cellphone. We had brought his portable speaker with him. He bought me one as well when he got that one. He got me a pink one. Perfection! It was a fun time! We sang along, danced, enjoyed the heat. It was already late by then. I eventually got tired and went inside, made my bed. They have these really big sectionals in the living room. I got on one of them in my sleeping bag, Calvin took the longer side because he is taller. Interesting that we slept in the living room in an unoccupied three bedroom house. Calvin did suggest we sleep in his dad's room. I didn't think it was appropriate.
Parked outside the desert house

The following morning, we went shooting. We had brought all kinds of guns. We went to an open spot with mountains around it.

 Nobody lives there, we had also brought targets, we bought them on our way to the desert. Calvin set up the whole thing, he was the first one to shoot, I took pictures.
Gearing up
We started with the small gun, I don't know names, ok? He showed me how to load it, I did so, took a stance and BAM! I hit the target y'all! First time around! I was so psyched! Calvin caught it all on camera, thankfully!
Aiming ... and... BAM!
My immediate reaction after hitting the target the first shot

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Camper

Calvin had a week off work where he decided to take me on vacation. It was going to be our first trip together. I was so excited! I loved the direction our relationship was going. Wouldn't you?

I packed a carry on luggage full of stuff  for the week and a small overnight back. I washed my car and headed on out to my Calvin's. I was so excited, I always have been whenever I was going to meet him; which had been every weekend since we met for the first time. Nice record. I have dated people in the past who were never available on weekends.

Brian, my airbnb guest was still staying at my house but was becoming more of a nuisance. The vacation couldn't have come at a better time, quite honestly. Not that there's ever poor timing for  vacation. I didn't tell Brian I was going out of town. It was none of his business. Also, you never know what people might get up to, knowing you were going to be away for a week.

Calvin planned that we would go camping by the beach on San Clemente. I had never been there before and hadn't camped in forever! Being n arborist, he had a bunch of wood from the trees he had been trimming, we took that with us, he also has very warm and thick sleeping bags and a tent. He is pretty outdoorsy, so it's only second nature that he would have that kind of stuff handy. I took my sleeping bag along as well. You can never be too prepared, right?

I arrived with my silver spinner suitcase, Calvin had his silver suitcase packed. I was surprised at how we both had similar suitcase. Poor coincidence!

We loaded my SUV, I posed for a few selfies and hit the road, Jack!
Notice our silver suitcases in the bottom
We both loaded the truck together, I pride myself in being good at packing. Having moved as many times as I have, it comes with the territory. Calvin thought of everything. He put water in the cooler for us and of course brought his skimboard. We were going to the beach after all. There it is in green below.
Let's go! 
We started at the gas station by Calvin's house. He bought a few snacks. We did have lunch before we headed out. He prepared something for both of us. I ate as soon as I got there, within an hour, we were on our way. Right on schedule! We were both psyched!

It was a nice two or so hour drive to San Clemente, Orange County. We drove to the campground, booked a spot, the one we wanted was already taken or something, so the lady was nice enough to move us to one with an awesome view of the ocean. Man! So cool!

View of the ocean from campground
I was jumping up and down for joy with how everything was falling into place. As soon as our camping spot was booked, we set up our tent, which was much simpler than I thought it would be.

Cute tent for two
After setting up the tent, we went out for pizza down the street at a pizza joint where they also brew their own beer.

Ready for pizza!

The pizza was really good. I asked for one with as much meat variety as possible while Calvin was ordering exotic beer.


We also had chicken wings with our pizza. So good!

It wasn't a lot of food but I was full. Probably, mainly from excitement! Calvin bought himself a Pizza Port beer mug. From Pizzaring, we headed out to the beach. We did so much that day, I can't believe we only had 24 hours! Calvin skimboarded. I took pictures and videos, you know the drill, haha. Soon, I will know how to do all these things and be cool too, you wait! I stepped into the water, because you have to! I love water, I just can't swim. I had shorts and flip flops on, so I was ready to go.
View from the parking lot

After all that, we went to the supermarket to get ourselves a few necessities; ice, juice, stuff to eat while staying there, red velvet cake for moi, etc ;)
Because I had to

San Clemente beach behind me

When we got home, we walked around the are to see what else was going on. There were a lot of campers,. I must say! Families, some people had two trucks, bikes, bicycles, it seemed like they lived there.

We went in the tent and chilled there for a second, when someone close by started playing nice music. This is not Beverly Hills, you can't be mad that someone's music is loud. We're on vacation, we're open minded. We had our own speaker, I had the iPod, but we turned ours on and enjoyed the neighbors music. He had a caravan/Trailer right next to us. Calvin went out for some reason and ended up talking to our neighbor. The neighbor asked if his music is too loud, we told him we love it. 

Around sunset, Cal called me to watch the sunset. 
So amazingly beautiful!
We stood outside our tench and took it all in. It was a moment, for sure! Neighbor invited us over to watch the sunset from his 'yard'.
Beautiful San Clemente Sunset
Neighbor had a lot of interesting things over there. He had a wooden statue from Indonesia, he refers to it as his wife. That was on the table and a lot of interesting things from his travels all over the world. He's a very nice guy, we were lucky to be posted next door to him.
The neighbor's wife!

Calvin made dinner, he had brought ground beef/minced meat from home, he made burgers out of that for all of us, including the neighbor.
Burgers for dinner
We had brought a camping type stove but the neighbor offered his, so Calvin used that instead.

Dinner time!

The burgers were delicious, we all loved them. Calvin is such a gem, I'd be lost without him. He comes in handy in all kinds of environments.

Neighbor offered some stuff from his own kitchen, pickles, etc to go with out burgers.
You know, the messier food looks, the better it tastes!

After dinner, they drank some exotic drinks. We all sat and chatted the night away. It was a really good day and night.

I got tired and went to bed, Calvin made fire for us to keep us warm through the night. 
I may have got up to quickly enjoy the fire 
As you can see, a great time was head by all!

Eventually, I went to sleep. Calvin sat outside by the fire and enjoyed the still of the night. Eventually, he woke me up. There was a skunk by our trash, he didn't want me to miss out. What? I've never seen a skunk in person. If I did, I must have been very young in the farm.

The skunk going through our trash
The thing didn't care how much noise we made or anything, it was focusing on what it was doing; licking those avocado peels. Calvin threw rocks near it to scare it away, hoping it wouldn't spray him with its smelliness. Did it move an inch? Nope! Only when it was done, did it walk away! Bye Felicia!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Dancing Queen

I exhaled and said shoop! when I finished fixing up my condo back in South Africa. By the way, I can't wait until I have a house here in The US, so I can be those people. You know, the ones who have properties all over the place? It will happen! I'll tell you all about it when it does!

I still do my vision board, gratitude journal stuff. I have no intentions to stop. Applying the Law of attraction into my life has done wonders for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change their lives remarkably. I still have a big smile when I look at the material things I have manifested into my life. It's the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that everything you have ever wanted and have ever dreamt of is within rich, you just have to believe and be happy. When you're happy you attract more things into your life that make you happy. More happiness, and vice versa. There's happy and there's Law of Attraction happy, when you're REALLY H A P P Y ! When you're so happy, you could scream? When you're so happy , you can feel it in your muscles. I usually feel it in my arms. That's the kind of happy you want to be. Not just contentedness, but excitement! You know when you wake up with that feeling, you jump out of bed and you're like, 'I'm ready for the day!  I'm ready to conquer the world!'? That's how you want to feel all the time. We've all felt that feeling. When you feel down, like nothing is worth it, like, what's the point blah blah blah; write down a list of the most amazing things that have ever happened to you, or just think of them, try to shift your energy from that dingy, dark place, to happy place! Take a deep breath and look around and say thank you out loud, heck, say it three times! Be grateful you're still alive, even though, you really wish you weren't because as long as we're still here, the possibilities are endless. And that's a gift! You don't want to be that ungrateful person, nobody likes that guy. Call a friend, your mom or whoever that person is that makes you feel so great every time you talk to them. Text someone, go on social media, search a hashtag/pound (#) something that makes you smile, it could be videos of laughing babies on YouTube or cute videos of cats, or something, there's always something out there that can make us smile if and when we find it hard to dig deep within for it. Be persistent, you can even time yourself. Overtime, you will notice that it will take less and less time or effort for you to come up with something that's gonna change your mood. The goal is to be able to switch from bad to great in no time flat. But just knowing and believing that you have the capability to do that within your heart, is a step in the right direction in and of itself. It's better than being around people you don't even like or who don't like you just because you want a sense of belonging. When you know that you have all that you need within yourself, it's an amazing feeling. It makes you look at life differently. But in a good, good way! 

I love taking things off my vision board because I have achieved them. 

After Calvin asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course I said yes. I felt like we were headed towards a great direction together. The day of the shoot in Calabasas. While working as a hawker/street vendor, selling fruit and vege, I kept my cellphone in the drawer of the stall, pictured in the blog, click on shoot, if you would like to read about that. Calvin and I were texting back and forth, he was also at work. He sent me a text, "babe! I'm falling! I'm falling for you!" It was the highlight of my day! Being someone's girlfriend is one thing but having them fall for you is something else. I will take the latter any day of the week.That and the fact that my sister Pumla was in the country were the best parts of my day. I was falling for him too but I wasn't going to make it easy for him. I wanted him to savor the moment when I told him I did too, so I didn't tell him that that day. I did read that text over and over again though. 

My sister was having a great time in New York, she was doing things she hadn't done before, I was excited for her. 

I was doing what I can to pay bills. I was going to TV show tapings. I got to go to CNN building for the first time. It was a big deal for me, I had always seen it and even walked past it. I remember once a few years ago, I bumped into a bunch of South African girls vacationing in Hollywood, they needed directions, I used the CNN building as a landmark in the directions I gave them. In that moment, I thought to myself, wow! I really am here! Not only am I in The United States, I'm in Hollywood, I am giving South Africans directions in Hollywood, I know this place so well. It was a moment for me! I was going to see the Dr Drew Show. It's a live show, one of the producers produces the Jerry Springer show, go figure! Cool guy! The producer, Dr Drew too.

I had always been a fan of Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew, so to get to see him a person was a big deal for me. Sadly, he no longer does the rehab show. They asked if anyone wanted to dance, he didn't offer anything, so I thought, meh. Lo and behold, the dude came and found me all the way in the back of the audience and told me I look like I can dance. You know me, I never say no, I was like sure, let's go. He was like, 'really?' Yup! Let's!

Omarosa from The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice had just walked into set. I was excited to see her too, as a big fan of Celebrity Show, I have seen every single episode. On my way down, I passed Omarosa who was sitting on the front row of audience, she was a guest of the show. I didn't know that then, I didn't know if she was a regular or not, I had never seen the show on TV. 'Hi, Omarosa, you look great!' I said, on my way to the stage. She said hi back. #Moment! I got on the Dr Drew stage and went crazy with my goofy ass dances. The guy, audience warm up guy, decided to dance with me. It was fun. Omarosa filmed it. I am not sure what she did with it, I'm sure if I searched for it online, I'll find it because I found a selfie she took that day.

Omarosa in front with a giant smile at D Drew, CNN
I could tell you I'm all the way in the back, you can spot my right arm and my short blonde afro right behind the blond girl in the back, but I don't wanna be that girl! ;)
The Fleet at CNN, all black everything!