Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hair Loss Minoxidil Side Effects

At the age of 10, I was shipped off to Boarding school. The students, myself included, compared this catholic school to jail. By the way, how come no one ever uses Gaol spelling for jail? We had to shave off our hair every school term. That’s 4 times a year! I was in for 5 years. That’s going bald 20 times in 5 years. Meditate on that! (Don’t!).

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Being Falsely Accused

 Back in the day, I worked as a receptionist for a massage company. They had several branches around Johannesburg, South Africa. I was one of, if not the only receptionist with a car, so they had me report to different branches whenever need be. I had initially applied there as a therapist. It was a Chinese massage place but does it hurt to try? I was lucky to end up hired, regardless. I liked how close to my place all their branches were. They were in decent neighborhoods. I got to meet some celebrities in some of their locations. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sexual Harassment in Trucking

 At the risk of stating the obvious, there aren't a lot of women in the trucking field. I was one of a handful at ht terminal I was based off of once they moved me to a new account. Of course, I was reporting to three women, so we had females in the office but they never went to the yard. I guess this put myself and the other female truckers at the risk of feeling like animals in the zoo. Story of my life. Cue all the blogs from Georgia here! No, I am not looking for a boyfriend, husband or team mate!I know I am a beautiful woman walking by myself. I have a friendly smile, but this is not the woods. Everybody calm down! I got a lot more looks in this small terminal than I did at the other one that was several times bigger! What gives? There's a guy I met my first weekend at the terminal.  I was settling into my truck, still unpacking the rest of my stuff. I wasn't attached to a trailer, so I was able to park close to the building, for bathroom convenience.

PMS Cravings

 Sidebar: it’s September 30th and I just tried on some non stretchy jeans to see where I stand with regards to everything weight and size. They’re my smallest jeans. I fit into them comfortably. But I’m heavier on the scale than I was when I first fit into them. Is the scale a scam? Anywho, I hope you had a great month of Sept. I did! 

Healthy meal prepped for me by Colombian friend

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 Now that I’m ‘home’ more often, I’m using my own car often. I love my car. If you’ve been with me for years, you’ll remember that I visualized my car to manifestation. That’s one of the reasons I’m so attached to it. I could’ve sold it when I got rid of my apartment to live in a truck. When I was over the road, I hardly came home, so I would do my errands wherever I would be when they came up. Same applies to chores.

Colombian Arepas that my friend made while I waited for mechanic to work on my car. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Runaway Truck!

 Not long after getting the truck back, by the way, they hadn't take care of any of the extra things they had asked me to make a list of; I was helping out on another account. This route took me to Vegas. Was I looking forward to doing something different? I always prided myself on  being adventurous must be age, cos I would rather keep things familiar, if I can help it, nowadays.

What is this? A Christmas tree?