Monday, May 30, 2011

Sell car, CHECK!

I finally finished packing! (I hope). With the help of my friend Phumle and my sis Aletta! You guys rock my world!
I slept really nicely on the floor, tons of blankets under and on me:). Heater on the side because it's hectic cold here!
My mechanic had told me he'll see if he can get me a buyer for the car. That was Friday. I even told him, he can get some commission if he does. He refused! Such a nice old man! He told me hed buy it himself for his daughter and pay me in installments. I told him I'd think about it. Saturday afternoon, this headless chicken (read: I) got a call from the old man. He told me the daghter's boyfriend wants to buy the car. They wanted to view it ASAP. The chicken freaked! Ran around one more time, and said, okay, let's do it on Monday! I knew that I needed to be back at the mechanic's on Monday for some finishing touches and thought I'd see the son-in-law by midday.
I got up early in the morning, finished clearing up the room, cleared up 2more rooms of my stuff, washed the car, polished it (a lil bit) and got on my way. Unfortunately it was midday by the time I got to the house and I didn't have time to ask the guys to do the finishing touches.
The buyer looked like a mechanic himself, from how he was dressed. He was psyched that there were things that needed some 'fixing' in the car. Like the bumper that literally fell off and hung on for dear life one day when I drove in a storm here in Linden. One of the scariest days of my life!
Anyway, I stuck it back on myself ust so I could use the car for one more month or so. Clearly I didn't do a good job, I ain't no mechanic, more of an IT specialist. NOT!
The guy didn't even take the car for a test, he was happy with it as is, ran to the bank, drew the money and gave it to me in cash. I've got the pics to prove it! When I'm in a PC I'll upload pics for all my entries. It's just that I can't do it on my blackberry.
We signed the paperwork, a proof of purchase that the buyer's girlfriend wrote and I just read, approved of and signed. She asked if she should write it in English Afrikaans, I said Afrikaans to be different;).
She drove me home, we chatted and found out how much we have in common. I saw her cute blackberry pouch, mine doesn't have one because I've been looking for the perfect one and in that process, dropped my phone 2days ago and dented it. Literally! Hers is 2 pink pouches, one baby pink, and a hot pink one over that. Super cute. I asked to buy it from her when she told me she bought it in er neighbourhood. She insisted I have it. I tell you, I was more excited about getting the pouch than I was about selling the car. Biggest sale of my life.
She drove me to the bank, I deposited the cash, and was dropped home.
I took my sis' car, went to pick up my suitcases, my nephew and niece on tow.
I spent hours trying to delete my friend's movies and copy her mine on her hard drive, FAIL!
I'll try again this afternoon. It's almost 7am now and I've to leave for mine to clear the garage and hopefully Cash Converters will buy all that when they come through this morning. Asa decided to buy my sleeper couch and ottoman as well. I'm so happy she's taking most of my things because I know she'll take good care of them:).
I'd better get going.
Be a blessed day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Packing and moving out

My gosh, is this going to be a hectic coupe of weeks or what?
I've to move out by Tuesday, it's Sunday, I've 3days to pack for Georgia and to move out.
I'm trying not to stress. My facebook status this morning is 'Worry is a 100% waste of emotion. It will not change the future. It just ruins today.' Which I clearly need to keep revisiting myself as a self proclaimed worrier.

I bought my suitcases yesterday, I thought I'd be cute and carry a set of matching suitcases. Well! After packing the biggest one to the brim, I rolled it to the bathroom, scale on tow and BAM! 25kg! ONE SUITCASE! And that's not even everything! About 40 outfits (yeah, I counted them. I'm a counter!). No shoes, not handbags, no books, nothing! Not even all the clothes I plan to take along! I've had to put some aside because I'll still be around for 2weeks, you know? And I'm going for a shoot on the 1st, I need clothes for that as well. Oh dear!

As if packing for a year in a country I've never been is not enough, I'm moving out as well. I'm expecting Asa late this morning to come collect the tv, washing machine and fridge. Which means, good bye to my favorite piece of furniture: my custom made King size bed! And that I'll pack on the couch frm now on.

I'm writing this instead of packing in an attempt to not worry. Not sure yet if it's working because I'm still writing, so yeah. Pens down!

Friday, May 27, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

Here's the plan: I've to be in cape town, ready to fly between the tenth and the 17th of June. I'm currently in Johannesburg in my shared apartment. I've unpacked on side of the closet but haven't packed it yet. I have still got to buy a huge suitcase because mine have seen their days.
I spent the whole of yesterday at the mechanic's servicing the car and doing some retouching. Apparently I need to go back there because, as they always do, they didn't replace everything as it should be. That's going to be another wasted day. Amazing! Just what I need!
I have a shoot on Tuesday, the 1st at night. Which means I can only leave the 2nd for home in the eastern cape. I'll be home either the 2nd of 3rd, depending on what time I'll leave. I'm taking the bus. That's also dependent on whether I'll figure out what to do with the car before then!
If all works out, I'll have a week to split between home and my sister's in Cape Town. Therefore I can only stay home for about 4days, then shoot for Cape Town on the 8th and arrive either the 8th or the 9th. Then I've to be there throughout until I get my ticket.
Now that I've delivered the tv to my friend's house in Pretoria, I'm left with finding a buyer for the car and soon all will be on one side. I've got to move out in 3days. All my furniture is still here! My friend Asa said she'll collect the tv, fridge and washing machine tomorrow, Sunday. I'm hoping she does.
I'm so all over the place! And right now, I just want to roll over, close my eyes and rest a little bit longer!
It's 7:35 am on a Saturday and it's been a long couple of days.
I wonder when this room mate of mine is going to pay for the stuff that she took in my absense after we agreed that she can buy it! I hate having to remind people to do the right thing when they were smart ones deciding on their own accord to take my stuff, now I've to chase after them as if I don't have enough to deal with. It makes me boil and by the time I've to do it, I get judged and told I'm rude, which really doesn't bother me because by then, I want to piss someone off! Cos I'm just as pissed myself. Can you tell that I'm already boiling, just by thinking about this? Well...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Renault Ad - on a Billboard Near You!

The day finally arrived for me to shoot the Renault advert. Fortunately, I hadn't lost all my hair that's been falling all over the show since it was planted last week (fake dreadlocks). I was so self conscious when I arrived at the location thinking I'd be busted and fired. Soon as I arrived, the make up artist said, "hello Brook". I was chuff! I still was recognisable!
She later told me how she picked me herself from the my portfolio on my agent's website. She said she loved my smile! And my personality!
Nice compliment! Wish I'd known that before I spent all that money, doing my hair, cos my agent told me they chose me for it!
Anyway, things could've been worse.

We were 5, 3guys and 2chicks. It was a short shoot, but we started hours since our arrival. What a nice bunch of people to work with! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Apparently this ad will be on the newspapers, the Sunday times lifestyle magazine, internet, Renault website, and the BILLBOARDS! Yessss! I've always wanted to be on billboards. At least I'll leave something behind in south africa,for all my friends and family! I believe the ad will be out around the 10th of June. That's around the same time I'll leave. Hopefully I'll spot it at the airport before I leave or something:)
Now this was a wish come true! Thank you Father!

Guess who died?

Very sad news indeed! Billionaire Jack Daniels died early hours of the morning. Jack Daniels was found dead by Johnny Walker this morning at Savannah Street near the Castle in Red Square center. Sergeant Heineken and Captain Morgan believes he was killed by Hunters who stabbed him with a Strongbow and his Four Cousins confirmed he was on his way from J&B club in Mellowood! It happens that Mr. Daniels had a secret affair with Mr. Hunter's wife Sarita. As a result she had to travel from Cape to Rio with JC Le Roux for Southern Comfort. Report by Black Label.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TLG accepted your application...

Yup! I'm going to Georgia!
In fact, I'll be there in 3weeks! Count them!
I'm too excited to write anymore...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weight Issues!

It's been a very challenging month diet-wise! Last year, I managed to loose 20kg! This year! Nothing! I've managed to maintain the loss though, which can be a challenge on its own.
Things have been getting worse, I weight myself this morning and saw that I'm up by 3kg since, I'm not sure when. Maybe in the last month? Yeah, somewhere there! Very bad girl!
I'm going to work toward loosing that 3kg, if anything and then maintain, until I'm mentally ready to watch what I eat again. Right now, my mind is all over the place, I'm not sure where I'll be and what I'll be doing with myself and my life from next month on. That can cause a sista to eat!

Thank you for your patronage!

Sunday was bitter sweet for me.
I'd to get up around 7. To get ready to go to my place and pick my massage stuff up, and drive to the client. This is a regular client of mine that I've had for a little over a year now. He has brought me some more clients. He's from the States and comes to South Africa, every month or 2 for work. Whenever he's here, he gets a massage. I've massaged his colleagues as well. They all pay me well, double what I charge. Which is always nice:).
I had to say my final goodbyes in case I leave for GE next month and not get to see him in a year or ever again. I suck at goodbyes!
I tried to act all formal, shake his hand and look him in the eye, but it was hard! I just wanted to ball my eyes out:(
From there, back to mine, unpacked the car, and he cupboards and fridge, walked half a km to the mall to meet sis. Drope to the supermarket, guess what we bought? No prizes though!
Junk food! My treat! Hot chips, boerewors (boer is Afrikaans for farmer and wors is Africans for sausage. And no it's not made out of farmers! Contrary to popular belief, We don't eat other humans in South Africa!) And a 2L tub of vanilla and caramel ice cream. Utter divinity:).
we had lunch, and drove to Mc Donald's. My sis and I hung out there for about an hour or so. We ordered uhm nothing! When it got cold, we drove back home and hung out in the car for about 2hours. Good times!
----> home, dinner, some tv and bed. Done! :)

Junk Food and the South African Music Awards (SAMA's)

Saturday was a lazy day at home until midday, when we got ready to go out with my sis.
She said she'd pick us up at 2 and was here at 3. African time! By then, we'd even changed our outfits because it was getting cold and we had new shoes on, which we had to change just in case they weren't as comfy as we'd hoped.
My sis drove! We got to Eastgate, window shopped for training shoes for her. She's a gymn fanatic and a health freak! Something we don't share, she and I:).
Then it was junk food shopping time! We bought all sorts of pastries! From pies, to bread, to garlic rolls, pizza, you name it! Omg, it was bad!
When we got home, I had hot chips and a green apple. The latter to clear my conscience. I had the rest Sunday morning for breakfast. And made an excuse that I was going to massage a client and thus, deserved to eat lost of bad stuff cos it 'work' it all off!
My sister bought me a cute red and beige suitcase! I took a pic, but the thing's not photogenic!
It was a lovely surprise:).
We watched the SAMA's (south african music awards) and slept after 11pm. The awards were whack, disorganised and people were rude, and insulting to each other. Trying to do a kanye West on us. Not cute!
Needless to say, I tweeted the ones I had something to say to and told them exactly how I felt!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May 2011 - Judgment Day?

Is it really?
I believe it's going to be between 6pm and 12midnight. What I don't know is which time zone?

East Gate Mall.

Yay! My sis Called from wherever, she's supposed to be at the gym, but didn't sound like it when she called. She said to get ready. We're all going to EastGate mall around 2!
Maybe I'll buy myself a second 2TB hard drive at Game (massdiscount store) in Eastgate if they're still on special. Asa promised to get me movies and stuff from her friends from work. We look forward to that!
How I wish I could upload pictured onto my blog frm my blackberry! Maybe later! When I have time on the PC. I'll edit all my entries and make my blog nice and nice :D

As the world turns

As time goes by. It's nearing month end. According to my plans, and mine only! I'd planned to have sold out all my household stuff and leave Johannesburg by the end of the month for the Eastern cape to see my family one more time before Georgia. Stay there for about a week and then, visit my sis and her hubby for a few days before leaving the country!
I may have mentioned that those were my plans.
Most of my furniture is still in tact at my place, I've even pressurised my friend, Asa, to collect the stuff she's buying ASAP, she can pay me later, just so I can have the feeling I'm LEAVING! my other friend should come through tomorrow to pick the TV up. My most expensive household item! When thay and the massive kingsize bed are gone, it'll at least look like I'm working on something.
Of course, there's the dreaded final result that nobody knows when to expect. Hopefully I'll learn that by the end of next week. So that when I officially move out of my apartment, I'll have my bags backed and start maneuvering toward the rest of my plans. Withough knowing what's what, I'm bummed. I walk around like I lost my wallet.
I hate feeling this way:(

Loftus Stadium, Pretoria

My casting agent sent me a text yesterday. He said they need extras for a Rugby shoot, next Tuesday at Loftus. I said sure, I'm so in! He said he'll come back to be to confirm. But for the time being, he sent our pictures through to the casting director!
Hold thumbs!
It's quite far, but I never say no to a job! My fellow Extra, and BBM contact AND fellow lover of the song Hallelujah got the text. She wants us to club up and use one car to save petrol (gas). Hopefully we'll both book the job.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Georgia 1) new arrival date; 2) new contract

That was the subject on the lates email I got from the employment agent. Sigh!
I've yet to receive my results. Apprently the contract has been revised. I had to (RE-) sign it, scan and email it back to them. You can imagine how motivating this must be for someone who doesn't work from an office or as really employed. To have to pay the internet cafe, everytime there's a new detail on the contract. Especially when I still don't know if I've been accepted or not. Really exciting!
I believe they've technical issues over in GE. We hope and pray for the best!

South African National municipality Elections

Were on the 18th of May.
Nuff said:)

Renault Print Advertisement

I got a call from my casting agent and he told me I've been booked for a Renault Print Ad. Exciting stuff. Then he called and asked me what my hair is like because they liked my hair in my portfolio. Dreadlocks! That I cut off 2years ago! I've been meaning to change my portfolio pictures for months! Ah well! It still would've been tricky considering I change my hair style quite frequently.
I've had to go to the salon and have fake dreads planted and hope for the best.
The shoot's supposed to be this afternoon. I got a call yesterday afternoon and was informed that it's been moved to next Wednesday. Hopefully, it won't be moved again, until such time that I can't make it. I don't particularly like this hairstyle and my scalp hurts like hell. I hardly slept last night! I'm glad the shoot has been moved, for that reason. I should be fine soon. I should sleep well tonight. *hold thumbs*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Men, Affairs and Sex.

I got this sent to me via email and thought I'd share it. Do you agree:
1. Most Men cannot have sex exclusively with just one woman, for the rest of their lives.
2. Men are created with varied sexual appetite,some men can do without sex for a year, others cannot do without sex for a week
3. A man who's madly in love with one woman can still have sex with other women but still love his 'woman'.

4. Some of the best husbands have concubines or mistresses, these extra marital affairs play a role in keeping the man sane and free of sexual tensions, especially during mid-life crises.

5. If your man is just having sex with some sweet sexy teen or babe, DO NOT WORRY. But, if your man starts making midnight calls and exchanging text messages with another lady at odd hours, BE VERY WORRIED.

6. Before you choose your man, ensure he believes in AIDs, STDs and protected sex. That way, chances are that he will not bring HIV and other STDs into your life.

7. Most chronic wife beaters are faithful husbands, they hardly have extramarital affairs.

8. Most 'extra' loving husbands have concubines, these concubines keep the man abreast on new ways of making women happy.

9. Your man's mistress or concubine is most times not interested in you or your home. She has already seen your pictures and those of your kids via your hubby’s phone. She and your hubby just have a sexual understanding or partnership which helps both deal with peculiar individual issues.

10. As a woman, if you go all out in a bid to catch your husband red-handed cheating, you WILL succeed. Then what next? If U listen hard to your domestic servants in their private discussions, U will certainly hear them insult you, so why listen?

11. Judge your man by his responsibilities towards you and the kids, and NOT by who he's giving 'doggie style' to in the office.

Monday, May 16, 2011

One month to go?

That's if I'll get accepted in GE. I'm still on that positive thinking spree of mine;).
I don't know what happens to the time at my sisters, but Gosh, does it fly! I copied some movies frm my sis Pru and have kept them with me for almost a week now. I just can't get myself to the post office to mail the USB. It's pathetic because she mailed me something after I'd already copied the movies and I believe it'll be here today. Which means I've got to post her stuff when collecting the parcel.
Yesterday, I cried! Just kidding! But have you read that book by Iyanla Vanzant? If not, you should! It's an great page turner autobiography. And boy does it make you cry as well!
Back to yesterday! I ended up cooking tripe! For the first time EVER! That thing took 5hrs to cook! Count them! FIVE! I also made dumplings with it FOR THE FIRS TIME:). The dish came out so well, I was super psyched with myself. Compliments didn't hurt either!
What was meant to be lunch, ended up being early dinner. Seemingly my pms has come to an end because I didn't crave weird stuff anymore. Whoopie! I know I talk a lot about pms, but it's a huge deal with me. I've one of THOSE!
I got an email frm the agent stating Georgia is reviewing my application and they wanted to know if I can move my departure date frm 15th to the 7th. I had to politely decline because there's still so much for me to sort out and sell and I still have to visit the family before I leave. I need time for all that. As it is I've only got less than a mnth left. If they can confirm already! I'd be the happiest man alive! (Yeah I said it! Man ;) ).
My sis is going back to work today, after 3 to 4 weeks away because of her illness. Hopefully it's going to be a nice, stress free day for her. Tomorrow's a public holiday! You've got to love South Africa for those! Which means, she'll get a day off and then back to work for 2more, then weekend. Which is not so bad.
My plans for today, are going to the post office to post the said USB. My niece will relax my hair :D. And I'll probably go to the internet cafe to hang out or something.
My friend said she'll come through on Saturday to collect the TV, which means I've to do the massage with my no.1 client on Friday. Hopefully it will be the last time this year. Not because I'm over him, but because I need to not be here for a while:).
My room mate as also asked for some prices, hopefully she'll take some big items and reduce the load for me.
This is such a hectic time for me, I tell ya!

Easy like Sunday Morning

Monday, 16 May 2010
Yesterday was a relaxed day. I literally spent the whole day in 'bed' in my night dress. I didn't feel like doing anything. And I didn't. I wasn't down, just tired.
I watched about 30mins of smart people, you know the movie I've been trying to watch for about a week now?
I had cheese sandwitched for lunch. Whole wheat. I haven't had that in a while and I love me some cheese when I pms. For dinner my niece cooked rice, vegies and chicken. It was a lovely surprised because it was cold out and I was watching a movie chatting to my sis on my blackberry and boom, dinner! Nice!
Only thing is, the meat was uncooked! Yup, not half done, or any of that. It was rare! And still frozen lmao. Shame, she was so embarrassed. I just thought that was hilarious considering she cooked since her teenage years and is now in her early twenties.
Anyway, she microwaved the chicken and gave it back to us. Salt free! But I wasn't about to embarrass her anymore, I just ate it and enjoyed it for what it wad: cooked chicken.
We watched The holiday! A movie I'd always wanted to watch. I have such a crush on Jude law, he's cute:) and the british accent doesn't hurt.
I loved that and should so get myself that movie. Just so I can watch it over and over again.
I slept just after the movie and slept through the night until 5:30am. That's what time I awoke. About an hour later, I got up, cleaned my 'bedroom' and the kitchen. Had breakfast: all bran flakes and cold milk.
I listened to some music. Cleaned the rest of the flat. I'm done now, chilling on the couch, browsing the net for a Georgian blog that'll catch my eye. I'd like to cook, but I don't know what to make. My sis bought 'binnegoed' over the weekend (that's the insides of an animal. I'm not sure which one). I've never cooked that before, so I don't want to mess it up for everyone.
Maybe I'll just cook samp and beans or something quick, because I'm kind of hungry as we speak.
I was supposed to go meet Cash Converters people at my place this morning at ten but postpones because my friends promised to buy my stuff and if they do, I won't need to sell it for close to nothing at cash converters.
Ok, let me go cook!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Georgian Maybe Time

Blogger has been down for the past few days. Which is great cos I so wanted to post stuff as it happened. Now I'm not there anymore.
It's Sunday morning.
Thursday, I got yet another email that my massage boss' reference letter will not be "strong enough" for a teaching position in Georgia. The headache started all over again. I emailed my former manager in Durban, he didn't return my mail. Friday, I tried one more time to contact the references in my cv and after some hard-to-get, one of my former managers, the one that had not returrned my email, sent me a very good reference to my email. I was so excited to have finally got it, I kept going over it. Instead of forwarding to the agent. I eventually did, in the evening. It was, after all, the time that they'd be at the office, time difference, considered.
She was so excited as well! She has since forwarded all my stuff through to Georgia and we're now waiting for the final result which she will tell me as soon as she receives.
What could go wrong now? Please tell me, this is it!
Friday night I went to bed relieved, having finally, sent all my paperwork through, can you say 'whew!'?
I also got a call that we'd be going on another road trip Saturday. This time to the Vaal triangle. My sis got pd, we went grocery shopping with her and my nephew. That was a fun trip as well. At night, we had kfc and desert. Which helps what with my pms induced large appetite for all things greasy. We tried to watch a bit of the movie Smart people with Dennis Quaid. We ended up talking about life and things. Went to bed around 12pm.
Yesterday, I was up at 4. Soon after that my nephew came home with a friend. Made some food, played some music in his room and chatted a bit. I dozed off around 5. At 5:10, the alarm went off. Grrrrrr! I got ready and we left. Not after we had to know on people's doors, trying to get them to move their cars as they had parked my sis in. She dropped me off. I changed into a dirty white t shirt, which I later had to change into something else for that reason, and a black skirt, took my massage stuff, hopped into my car and left for where I was to meet the gang. I did, we waited for another chick for about 15 and left for the vaal. An hour later, we arrived at this beautiful guest house, which has the Vaal river as it's back yard. It was amazing! And freezing cols. I gave 3X30min back massages a hand massage and a long foot massage. The massage was long, not the foot! ;)
We then left. My colleague said she'd buy my massage when I leave (hopefully I will leave for Ge). She also wants to come over to my place and view my stuff to see what else she can take.
Asanda, an old friend of mine frm the AA came over fto view stuff and it's nice to know she'll take some stuff. The big stuff, most importantly. I've just gotta sell my sleeper couch and ottoman now, the rest are nick nacks. Hopefully cash converters will buy the rest.
My sis came to pick me up at mine. I drove home, dropped my friend at a taxi on the way, and home we went.
I had samoosa's for dinner and a slice of cheese;).
My sis and her son had an explosive dramatic session, I freaked out and eventually fell asleep more than an hour later. Around 11.
I've been up since 4:30. I haven't got any plans for the day, but for some reason, I just keep getting up at these ungodly hrs!
There's an audition going on in town since yesterday. It's for a show called dybo (dance your butt off) inspired by the american dance your ass off dance show for fat people who literally dance their weight off.
I've always wanted to be a part of that show, but now, I'm not up to waiting in queues and auditioning only to have to go to Georgia in less than a mnth. My family says I should audition anyway, I don't know. The other discouraging factor is that it's an open casting. Which means anyone can go. Imagine the queues! It would've been nice if they did the first casting online and did call backs in person.
My nephew waltzed in at 5 today, with 2friends. The friend from yesterday and a chick. He cooked some food in the microwave, they chilled a bit. Now they're out, walking the girl to res. My niece is out. She went to a funeral Friday afternoon (her friend's aunt's). I believe she'll be back today. My sis is in her room sleeping, I suppose. I'm on the couch in the lounge, listening to the most annoying sound of a plumbing hick up coming from the toilet. Maybe I'll watch the rest or atleast a bit of smart people. I don't know why I'm so sleepy! Could it be because I just had a slab of choc? Chocolate makes me sleepy.
I just got an email frm Ayanda, my friend from Durban. She wants to celebrate her birthday this side (Joburg) in October, she wanted to to let me know. Hopefully I'll be (freezing my hinds off) in Georgia by then!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Massage Road trip

Today, I got up at 5:30 in order to make 7 o 'clock at Cresta where I'd meet up with the other therapists and get on the road to Randfontein. For some reason, I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was 6:55! And I was still at home! I had meant to walk there. It's less than a ten minute walk. Oh well, I ended up driving because I was late.
What a wonderful group of people! We drove for an hour and started working about 30mins later. And boy did we work! We gave 10min Indian head massages to municipal workers. Of all the jobs I've ever done, this is the one I value the most. If anybody needs a massage, it's definitely these guys! They work on the roads, fixing them up, cleaning the streets, picking the trash up, the works! I'm proud of the work we did, if I must say so myself!
We drove back for another hour. This time I didn't suffer as much motion sickness as earlier.
I got to my place, packed a small bag and I left for my sis' couch. That's where I am typing from right now. On her couch, fully clothed, I even slept with my boots on! Shame huh? Nobody even thought to take them off or wake me up and tell me to get ready for bed seeing as I fell asleep while the kids were watching tv. By kids, I mean, my 25 year old nephew and 23yr old niece. Oh well, it is what it is what it is!
My massage boss offered to do the Letter of reference for me! My sister had earlier suggested I ask my agent whom I've worked for for a while and his casting director friend that I still work for. For some reason, my brain froze and I didn't think of these guys when it was time for LOR's. I think that's because I wanted work that's related to teaching and volunteering as that's related. Hopefully all my stuff will be together by the deadline of May 18th. Suffice to say, I'm over this paperwork story. I may be patient, but this is enough to thin anyone's patients out.
I emailed the agent back at 3 in the morning (yesterday to find out a few things) and they didn't come back to me. I guess they don't only work on my stuff. It's just that I've grown used to getting my responses promptly from them. Oh well.
I've still got such a headache since last night, sleeping uncomfortably on the couch after 6hrs of massage work can do that to a person.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reference Letters Grrrrrrr!

So I finally managed to get my reference letterf for Georgia and my police clearance on time. It takes 6weeks in South Africa, and I got mine in 4! Record time! Proud moment? Kind of!
I sent the stuff through and had a weird feeling instead of a relieved one. I got a confirmation at night from the agent. Time difference means they start working at 6pm, my time. He told me the agent that's dealing with me will come back to me. I assume she was off from work.

This is why I went shopping for a Bar One Cake that I didn't get! See previous entry. When I've nailed that "click here" html thing, I'll do it and have a more fancy blog. For now, on my blackberry, we'll stick to the basics. As it is I've to post the same entry 3 or 4 times for the post to be a success. I don't want to confuse myself any further!
Anyway, 5days later, I got an email frm the agent! Both my reference letters are not up to par! I need to replace one all together and the other one is illegible. That one has to be typed over as it was handwritten. I knew it! Good thing I didn't celebrate, huh?
I've just emailed 2previous employers. Hopefully there's still with the companies AND are still using those email addresses :(

After all this hard work,these Georgian people had better accept me!

I'm going back to sleep. I've got to be up in 2hrs for work!

Laundry Day

Yesterday, Tuesday, 10th May.

It's 3am: South African time! Just so you know :). I'm using this opportunity to update my blog as I've got serious network issues at this place of mine :(.

Yesterday, I did 4 loads of laundry, which should have been 5 or 6. But I did what I always do: overloaded the washing machine:).

I tried to aim for three loads. ..The last load was a problem, because the machine was so overloaded, it wouldn't spin; so I HAD to split it into two, which is how I ended up with 4loads. Who washes a king size comforter with other stuff in a 6kg front loader? Me! I hear top loaders are more roomy and cheaper, but I had always wanted a front loader, it looks better and saves space because you can put stuff on top fof it, as opposed to a top loader.

I then grilled some chicken in the oven that  I'd never used. Apparently the only heat setting that works is High, which means you've either gotta stand by the oven and keep turning your meat over or risk burning it. (your meat not the stove setting lol). This,  I learnt the hard way! I then sat in front of the tv to watch Tyra. I did watch the first half of the show and all I could hear was shhhhhhhhhhshhhh! As the tv was out of tune. Great!   The 2nd part, I listened to, because I could finally hear what they were saying but could not see a thing. It's a choice I had to make! thanks old TV Set!  The signal was bad for the rest of the afternoon.

I was worried about missing the Oprah show but, Fortunately, Oprah was talking about JFK, so I missed nothing there. I'm not into politics, thankfully, nor history.

TV off, time to fight with my Blackberry signal! Between the TV and the Blackberry, I can't with this signal! I need a break!  I lost this fight and dozed off heartbroken.

All in all, it was an OK day. I hope you had a better one!

Home, sweet home?

I've since come back to my shared apartment. My sis and her daughter, my niece, dropped me off. My niece is taking driving classes. So she drove us:).
I did some sorting out. Which included going to Cash converters to make an appointment for them to come check my stuff out, so they can buy whatever's price we agree upon.
That was Monday, the 9th. Apparently, I'll hear from them by the end of the week. Now, it's the waiting game.
I've got a job today, Wednesday, the 11th. We'll be doing massage at a corporate event out of town. Fun times! That means road trip to the event and back! The best part is, we won't meet at the usual spot which is far from me. Last time I went there, I got stuck in the storm on my way back. Story for another day! Today we'll meet at the mall just up the road from me. Which means, I can literally walk there and I WILL!
I also touched base with my friends who pomised to Buy some of why household stuff. One made an appointment to come view the stuff on Saturday. This is her 2nd appointment in 2weeks, last time she never showed, never called. So we'll see.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I've been up since 05:00 just lazying around on the couch (my bed). I'm seriously considering getting up now. Fortunately I feel more rejuvenated than yesterday. It could be because my allergy or whatever it is that's going on on my face has subsided.
I'll clean the lounge and kitchen and cook samp and beans for lunch. Then bath. Hopefully by then, the family will be up because I'd like to watch some movies with them.
It's my last day st my sisters who had took ill, she is back to her normal self now and I think she'll be fine without me. Time for me to head back to mine to sort my stuff out. That includes selling the rest of my furniture and clearing my room and the rest of the apartment (my half :))before month end.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from the recruitment agency regarding the Georgia post. I submitted the rest of my documentation on Friday, now it's the waiting game.

The sun just came up! It's time to get up! Happy Sunday!


I decided to start blogging once again. This time, hoping to write things I don't mind anyone finding, even people who know me in person.
I don't have a diary this year, so this will be it for me, only difference is, I won't be able to post my innermost thoughts over here. But it's cool!
I just finished reading another Georgian blog Lying on the floor at my sis' place. Face swollen from some kind of an allergy or some reaction frm something i ate or used on my face. Itchy as hell.

I should be at an audition, but for the above reason I am Not and instead I'm blogging. Lemonade anybody?