Thursday, September 07, 2023

The Great Manifestation story!

I just came back from an impromptu vacation to Vegas. While there, I promised everyone on my social @BabalwaBrook, a great manifestation story. It’s a bit long, so I thought it beat to post it here on the blog instead and just share the link. 

Here goes it! People were fighting over items in a thrift store I was in. I went afterwards to see what, if anything, I could find. The cashiers half jokingly laughed at my “finds” and told me I got sht stuff; I need to get in there with everybody else when stuff first comes out. I told them that I don’t like to come from a place of desperation. “I really just wanna manifest things at this point in my  life. I want them to come to me!”, I said  (wow! That’s a lot of punctuation!” 

Soon as I said that, a lady I’d interacted with earlier interrupted us to hand me a pair of shoes I really wanted. She had already picked them for herself but “didn’t like how they fit.” I thanked her so much in utter disbelieve, turned around and told one of the cashiers; “like this!” This is how I wanna get stuff! See? I just manifested this!” I explained to her how the lady knew to being the shoes to me. When it was time to go, the cashier and I thanked each other for the chat. She told me she learned something new, manifestation. That melted my heart. 

I get back to where I was staying, here’s an excerpt to a text that gave me goosebumps and moist eyeballs: I have a ton of stuff I’m getting rid of from reselling that doesn’t fit my store aesthetic, do you want to go through everything before I donate it to the thrift store? Some things are new with tags! Let me know!” Come on! And this stuff is free! Spoiler alert! The person just left my place, they dropped off a gigantic box from Home Depot full of clothes and shoes! 

Later that evening, my host knocks on my door. “Hey, Brook! I have this vintage dress that I wanted to give you for your online store!” It’s a gorgeous multilayer dress that she never wore. Honestly, I need to try to fit into it. I’d like to have something of hers, she’s older and it’s important to me.

Thank you for taking the time. I hope that you will find some inspiration to ask for what you want, “trust the process” and to believe, in any important area of your life. 

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Love and light!