Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bed Bugs in My Truck

 OK. We've all now established that our dearest #TruckerBrook has been fired from my the one and only trucking job I've ever had. Two years in and they were done with me. They gave me two hours to vacate the premises. Must've been an hour for ever year I worked for the company. How Generous! This, after having endured Bed Bugs in their trucks for the first time in my entire life. First, I'd no idea what was biting me but I had super itchy pimples. Whenever I did some Googling, I kept seeing Bed bugs in my results. What are these people talking about? Why do they all think it's bed bugs? The trucks have lights inside but none bright enough to be able to see like you would in your at home bathroom or kitchen. You know, your most brightly lit rooms at home? I have lost things such as credit cards or such, that are dark, simply from the truck not being well lit enough for me to see the dark colored cards. I searched fort he bugs along the rim of the mattress and couldn't see a thing.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Drug Test | Being Fired?

 (continued from previous blog) That was close! Imagine if I had actually gotten fired? I thought to myself! It wasn't out of the realm of possibility. I had a feeling the ladies in the office hated me. They all did. That is out of the realm of possibility. Generally, people like me. I get along with people and never really show how I feel about someone in certain environments because, what's the point, really? So that it's awkward? And then what? 

I went out, happy to prove to the guard that I was right that WAS my truck! I wasn't stealing it! And I wasn't fired!  I did what I needed to do out there, came back without any issues at the gate with the guard. I went to my parking spot, by my trailer. I always reserve an empty trailer, that I keep lock while I'm on my off days cos you never know and looking for an empty trailer is no fun. They will have you go from company to company looking for company trailers. The companies don't want to part with the empties because where are they going to load when their customers place orders? Not fun! And for someone who gets paid per mile, you can end up being paid $0. They put one zip code that they sent you from and the one you went to. Which can be the same zip code (postal code). Thereby totaling 1 mile or zero miles. Hours of work for no pay. That sht heartless af, if you ask me! Some folks will get paid $50 to $100 or whatever random figure, per empty trailer. It just depends on who is doing the dispatching and who's doing the hunting. In my case, I was only working with the same three ladies who wished I were dead, so. 

Have I been Fired?

 Happy New year, my loves! I hope you entered 2022 with so much to look forward to. Sometimes hope is more than we can ever ask for. Just hope! A feeling that somewhere down the line, the sun will shine on us again. Here's to you and yours this year! 

Thanks for showing up again. Funny thing about this little blog of mine is that, I get more clicks when I don't update. That's not why I don't but I find that very interesting! I will get as much as double the amount of views in a month if I hardly post than when I post often. Make that make sense! 

It's beautiful outside right now in Southern California. I am thankful for that. It has been dark and rainy for what felt like weeks. Not the kind of day I thrive in. I need brightness; sunshine! How about you? 

Speaking of life: Let's see where we left off!