Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bed Bugs in My Truck

 OK. We've all now established that our dearest #TruckerBrook has been fired from my the one and only trucking job I've ever had. Two years in and they were done with me. They gave me two hours to vacate the premises. Must've been an hour for ever year I worked for the company. How Generous! This, after having endured Bed Bugs in their trucks for the first time in my entire life. First, I'd no idea what was biting me but I had super itchy pimples. Whenever I did some Googling, I kept seeing Bed bugs in my results. What are these people talking about? Why do they all think it's bed bugs? The trucks have lights inside but none bright enough to be able to see like you would in your at home bathroom or kitchen. You know, your most brightly lit rooms at home? I have lost things such as credit cards or such, that are dark, simply from the truck not being well lit enough for me to see the dark colored cards. I searched fort he bugs along the rim of the mattress and couldn't see a thing.

I didn't want to see anything. I wanted my bed bug innocence to remain. Two weeks later, I know I waited too long, I reported to the manager. She was shocked and just like she told me with the clean urine for the drug test, that it was her first time hearing of bed bugs in a truck. They couldn't accuse me of bringing the bugs from my house. I lived full time in the truck! They put me in a hotel, arranged for pest control. I was told to put all my clothes giant bags. Pest control was going to fumigate them. I took one or two changes of clothes from what I had just put through a wash and took with me to the hotel. No one knew how long the process was going to take. It was another uncertainty I was going through.  I swear to gosh, that truck was cursed! The hotel they sent me to had a shuttle. Shuttle picked me up. I was so relieved to be sleeping on a regular sized bed for a change. 

Press Play

Last time I stayed in a hotel wasn't that long ago. It was when I had that fire extinguisher explosion in the International truck. HAha! I laugh because I'm pretty sure there are folks out there who have been trucking for decades who never went through some of the things I did in just a couple of years. Is it a sign, perhaps? That hotel experience was interesting. I told you about it in this blog. I was with a different account then but on my way to switching accounts. 

The hotel for the bed bug stay was nice. Dining room was closed due to Covid but they still served us sandwiches, boiled eggs, and other snacks. They also had cheap vending machine, which I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near. I spent two nights at the hotel. But like, it's one night, you head back to the company yard during the day because nobody tells you what's going on. Then, you spend the day sitting int he driver's lounge, with your legs swelling from sitting, then in the evening, you take a shuttle back to the hotel. Some second class citizen treatment. Why couldn't I just chill in the hotel watching TV all day? Third day, manager had loads for me. I told her  I didn't have clothes or any such things to be out there staying in yet another loaner truck. She told me that they could lend me some money to buy clothes and bedding. I could return it in installments. What kind of retarded solution was that? Your truck has fucking bed bugs! I got bitten for two weeks straight. Now, you want me to go shopping because your company has loads that need delivery? I have clothes and bedding. They're in your truck. If you want me to work in the middle of a situation, you provide me with the stuff I'm going to need! She went as far as offering me the option to stay the nights in one of the company yards that have a laundry so that I could wash my clothes every night. We've all established by now that they hated me, so, spoiler alert! 

Press Play

When I got my truck back, I had a feeling nobody had done anything in it. I just didn't trust that the pesticide people ever came. I was so paranoid. Never had any issues regarding that. Thank goodness! 

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