Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Driver, Give me your Truck Keys

 Where were we? Bed Bugs in the truck. After having survived a rat in a truck. Only to get fired abruptly. The countdown was on. They wanted me out within two hours of being terminated. I was crying to my sister, who was, unfortunately in a different time zone, and thus, in the middle of the night. Sorry, Pru and thank you; and I was packing. When you've put everything neatly in its place, it doesn't seem like you have a lot of stuff until it's time to move out! That was the case here! After talking to my sis, I called my ex husband, Calvin. He was very good in making me feel better about the way forward. He told me that he had an appointment with a client but would postpone, or do whatever it took to help me move. That was comforting to hear. I did tell him not to make any moves until I let him know. I guess I more so needed some sort of security blanket more than anything else. It's always crucial for me to do things for myself, so that was going to be my first option; failing which, I would then reach out to the wasband.Thanks again, Cal, I know you read my blog!

How did I find out he reads my blog? Well, he told me. I was shocked because I am under the false sense of security that none of the people I drag on this blog read it. But, then again, knowing the people I've dealt with in the past! Chances are they all read it! The fact that the site is my full name.... you're welcome yall! There was once a guy who somehow got his hands on my login details for my online diary when I had one. Not just that, though! He later told me he had all my login details! He used to read all my posts on all the forums I was in and my diary entries. I found this out two years after we broke up. he continued to stalk me during those two years as well. The break up was a blog in and of itself, but I digress!

In the midst of all the speed packing, there's a banging on my truck door. Who could it be? I have no friends! It's the fcking manager who just fired me! She brought a friend! A body guard, God forbid I do something to someone who just walked all the way to my truck while I was minding my own business, right? 

ME:  Yes?

She:  I just want to make sure that you will be out in two hours!

Me: I'm doing the best I can! What happens if I'm still here trying to get my stuff together past 5 pm?

She: I don't know! All the guys I've terminated before have been able to vacate in 2 hours

The fck!

She: I need your truck key

Me: Oh, sure, I will definitely return it (I'm trying to be as easy to deal with / fire as possible)

She: I need it now

Mind you, it was not only hot outside, in Southern California; I am on adrenaline and in a small enclosed truck.(she's cutting off my a/c this way).  Also, cars are parked so far away, I was going to need to move my truck closer to be able to transfer my stuff. I had such things as microwaves, fridge and other appliances that are heavy plus bags and bags of clothes. And I had just gone grocery shopping for two weeks. Plus I had just finished cooking for the week ahead!

I had her over the key. She asked if I had a spare, I reached out and handed her that as well. I was in complete amazement of the cruelty of it all. She told me that The shop mechanics were going to follow and disconnect my truck battery. I was like, oh, they're preventing me from stealing this truck that has a GPS. Mh kay!

I watched her walk away with her security. When I felt that she was settled in (or thinking of another way to ruin my existance), I took out my third key and started the f*cking truck keys. F*ck these people! I drove close to where my car was. They have a GPS system, I'm pretty sure she watched my truck moved and thought of calling the feds on me. Lo and behold, the shop showed up at my new location. At this point, I had opened up all the windows to prepare myself for when they disconnect the battery. I was also not running the truck and using a/c. In case she came back, I was going to tell her I didn't have anymore keys on me. Even though, I clearly did. Fck you! Like, let me breathe already. Guys from all the truck shops across the country know me. I have been to just about all their shops. These particular guys show up and were surprised it was me who was let go. They told me not to worry. That was the worst company to work for and things could only get better for me moving forward. It wasn't about what they said but that they cared enough to try and comfort me. It's that human touch that makes all the difference in these kinds of situations..

Most of my stuff ended up in plastic bags. This happens to me a lot. It doesn't bother me but I probably need more luggage. 5pm on the dot, my truck was empty. But I know that dispatch closes at 4 or so. Those women don't linger around a minute longer. I started relaxing from the hour I knew she was getting off work. Just kidding, she got off when she fired me. That's when she got off! She did it to get off, haha!

I cleaned the truck cos that's what you do, right? No need to be an ass, continue to be the class act you've always been, regardless of how they treat you. I managed to fit all my stuff into my SUV. I let my ex know that I wouldn't need a ride after all. I called a friend I had never met. We talked on the phone so long, it started to get dark. It's now way past 5 pm and I was still in the premises. I expected two giant men to come lift up my entire loaded car and throw me out the premises, but yet again, I was disappointed. I went on Air BnB, found a place to stay for at least two nights. Started my car, heard a very strange noise. Drove off in a car that sounded like it was being murdered. All I cared about that point was to make it safely where I was going. The rest, we would deal with later. Or after later. 

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  1. Hi Babalwa,
    I finally got round to visiting your Blog.
    I left a message on your previous blogger site (on the bed bug post) but I don't know if it went through. :-(

    You're adventures seem to be giving you plenty to write about.
    Hope you've found a better paid, better condition replacement job.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Phil!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, the experiences r quite the trio! Pardon the truck driving pun.
      They give me lots of content to spread between my blog and YouTube channel. If I can just make time to post more!
      I’ll check out more of your blog later today and post comments.
      Cheers for now!