Sunday, April 03, 2022

Thank Goodness for AirBnB!

 I made it to my Air BnB, thank Gosh! The guy was nice and welcoming. He had a nice black matt finish Porsche in the garage, which we passed on the way to the house entrance. He rents out several rooms in his house. I booked one whose entrance was outside by the pool. When we walked into the main house, I got a little confused and asked. That's when he told me a lot of people always ask for that room blah blah blah. That was weird, cos how would I have known about it if it weren't available when I made my reservation. That's gonna already leave a weird taste in one's mouth (she said). He led me upstairs to my room, through many entrances and nooks and crannies and then showed me another way out the house. I assured him I was going to get lost there. I'm not great with directions.

My room was OK, I almost immediately forgot about the confusion about outside room etc. Honestly, until now! I guess I was too tired to care and too excited to have been able to find somewhere to stay the night in such short notice. The bed could've been better. It was leaning more toward a boat shape. Based on that, I knew I wasn't going to be staying at that place for long. There was a TV; which I never know what to do with. ' woke up feeling weird the following day. Is this my new life? What am I gong to do next with my life? Wow! I have all that cooked food in the fridge in my car! Oh crap! ' ran downstairs, checked if I knew my way out the door and back. Passed! Great! I made room for my stuff in the shelf I was told I could use and brought in food from my fridge. It was still cold. Thank goodness for my super humble beginnings, my stomach is immune to a lot of things. So that wasn't a concern yet. I put most of my cooked stuff in the freezer as I didn't know where I was going to end up next. I took a shower. Nice bathroom with a bidet, black and white tiled floor and big shower. Unfortunately, cleanliness wasn't up to par. The guy has great cleanliness reviews. I don't know who those people are and where they had lived before because no!

As Paris Hilton would say: #Sliving

I had my shower shoes on in the shower as you always do in a public shower and used my own towels as you do in a public shower. Breakfast was shrimp and veggies, then I went and hung out by the pool. As you do! It was so beautiful out! They backyard looked vacationy, which was just what the universe had ordered. It felt great! There was no one else home at the time. I did meet a few people while I was in the kitchen: An Instagram ready African American couple! The dude must've been 7ft12 tall, they both had chocolate skin and great afro. They're the ones in 'my room'. I later met a guy a little older than me. He works for Amazon. Apparently, he was there with his son etc for work.  He told me  he wished I was staying longer, he would've loved to take me to dinner and hang out. That was nice. I didn't pick up any hit on me vibes, he was just a nice guy. 

Healthy Breakfast

The search was on for my next home as I'd only booked two nights at the current one. I found an affordable room not too far from where I was. The listing was in Chinese, I think! I translated and translated my questions to them back to Chinese. They responded. I texted with someone who was texting me back in English, confirmed! Thank goodness for Air BnB! Remember that AirBnB I stayed in where they had secret cameras nobody told me about? The time I had escaped from my abusive husband? That story is linked  here. I had my fair share of AirBnB guest as well. They made living in Beverly Hills possible for a random background actor like me. Most of my guests were great, except the one who flipped on me. Here's that blog

Day 2 was for checking out. When your car is overloaded with your entire life, you have to be careful taking things in and out. I was looking forward to staying longer at the next place I booked. I secured it for a week. Still, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was tired. That  I knew! Check in time was early at my next home. Which worked out perfectly, I arrived almost on the dot at first check in our. I had mask on, was met my a tall, slim Asian gentleman. Which, obviously explains the Chinese text on the site. He seemed to understand my English. Personally, I think more people understand English than they want to admit A lot of the time, it's a confidence thing. I know this from years of experience. Once, they're comfortable around you, people tend to speak more English. By you, I mean me. Also, remember someone once trusted me to teach English in Eastern Europe! My heart goes out to all those affected by what's going on between Russia and Ukraine. I was lucky to be able to get hold of my friends who were evacuated. They are now in Germany living in a hotel as they await German paperwork. This is their second time being evacuated. First, it was from Georgia to Ukraine many years ago. Count your blessings!

My new room was upstairs again. There were a lot of doors in this house! But the got my room right! It looked super clean! Light colored linen etc. I liked the energy in the house. It felt like a hug. No shoes inside. Mask on! But the gentleman didn't have one on AND he had shoes on. So, naturally, I enquired about that. That's when he made a phone call and had his son explain to me that his dad had been fully vaccinated. Kay! 

I unloaded only a few of my stuff and ALL my food. I tell ya, you think pre-prepping your meals is for convenience until you get fired and kicked out of your 'home' with a couple hours notice just after cooking for a week. I'm not someone whose first solution would've been to chuck my food. That's not how I'm wired. Remember, humble beginnings? 

There was a 'communal' fridge in the garage, I had designated space in fridge and in freezer. That was comforting and immediately filled up. The house was clean but not the fridge. 

I had my own bathroom because the rooms that I was meant to share it with weren't occupied at the time. The bathroom was nice and clean too, so that was a treat. Also, the bathroom, just like the rest of the house, was fully carpeted. That was a first for me

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Love ya, mean it!


  1. I hope you find somewhere to settle until you sort yourself out and find somewhere more permanent.
    You obviously have to be a very flexible person to do what you're doing right now.
    I could do it on my own or with my wife but not with the children, there would be too much complaining.

    Please be safe out there.
    Love ya back.😉

  2. Thanks for empathizing with me, Phil. You're lucky, I count myself lucky that I don't have someone else to worry about while dealing with all this. Be safe as well! Cheers