Friday, September 25, 2015

Catch That Shade!

After driving around West Hollywood, I spotted a Walgreens Pharmacy. I turned around and went there, hoping they would have free parking. Just as I approached parking, I saw a thing stating that one needs Walgreens verifies otherwise you have to pay for parking. I drove in, I was already right there, I had to, it's off a busy street; Sunset Blvd, I think. I asked the guy at the gate how much parking is per hour, he told me it's free, to disregard the thing at the gate. Hallelujah! Thank you stars. I went inside to use the restroom and maybe buy something to drink. all my Water in the car was lukewarm.

That's the prettiest Walgreens I've been to! It's new and big and the AC was on blast! It was just what I needed. And, guess what? They were having a reopening thing going on, a lady came and asked me if I wanted someone to do my makeup for free. I am never that girl for free make up. but I needed the breather so I said yes, plus she did tell me that I was going to get a bag full of goodies. They only did my eyes and put gloss on my lips, nothing major. Then I got a tote full of stuff, two mascaras, nail polish, top coat, deodorant and other stuff. It was so nice to get all that stuff when I was having such a crazy day. I owe them! 

I bought something to drink and went to the car to make some phone calls. I called Carly, remember her? My old roommate from Hollywood? She picked up, she was like, 'Hey, gurl heeeeeyyyyy!' I asked what she was up to. She told me she was in West Hollywood, she had just got out of an interview. She's always looking for a better job. I was like, omg, let's do lunch! She asked where I was. I told her I had just arrived from Vegas. She seemed so excited to hear that. It was her day off, so she had nothing but time. She was about to take the bus home, so she told me she could take it to where I was. I told her I could just pick her up somewhere. I picked her up from campus. I drove in, turns out, she was outside by some bus stop. One of my pet peeves, someone who sucks at giving directions, like where do you want me to go? Where exactly? Grrrr! Calm down, Brook! 

I told her to come inside and meet me in campus, she did. We then looked all over for the parking ticket,for the life of me, I couldn't find that thing anywhere. My car was full of sht, so it was very interesting to say the least. I didn't even need to be there to begin with, so it was a real challenge to not be pissed at the whole situation. Eventually, I pushed the help button, the guy told me to pay minimum of $12. Really? So much money? Welcome to LA, Brook. If someone had told me they were at the bus stop outside campus instead of telling me to pick them up from the college, I wouldn't be paying random $12. Anyway, We talked and laughed, she was like, OMG, Brooooookkk! Why did you buy such a big car? BECAUSE I'M A BIG GIRL! haha

Carly asked me what my plans for the rest of the day were. I told her that I was looking at air bnb-ing a room for the week or so until  I found an apartment. She offered to have me stay at her house for the night because I had just driven all the way from Vegas, and just paid so much on parking that I didn't even need to, haha, she literally said that. She and I have the cheapskate thing in common! I guess I was tired too, so I took her up on her offer. 

She doesn't have parking in her apartment. She lives downtown LA. She told me that I could pay to use parking right next to her apartment. She said parking was like $5 overnight. Right up my alley. We headed straight for downtown before traffic got crazy. We beat it! Thank goodness! The parking she was referring to must have initially been meant for her building because it's right beside her building. We Parked there, sat in the car and chatted, trying to kill time because parking was $5 from like 5pm and we got there after four, being the cheapskates that we are, we were not going to pay an additional $9 for less than an hour. 

We talked a bit, she told me that I could actually stay there until I found an apartment. That was such a nice offer from her of all people. That girl used to drive me nuts but when someone come through for you at a time like that, it changes how you see them. I thanked her and promise I wouldn't take any of that for granted. I would try and find a place as soon as possible. We took out some of my valuables from the truck, I hid the rest in the trunk and as we were doing that, a dude drove in in a truck that looked just like mine, same color and everything! Carly and I were outside mine, giggling like high school kids the whole time. That's what we tend to do when we're together. It's the best thing about being around each other,if not the only good thing, catch that shade, child! I greeted the guy and said, nice ride! He was like, yours looks even better! He was right! Mine has a sun roof and a moon roof, caaatttcchhh! He introduced himself, we chatted for a bit. apparently, he had had an incident with Carly where she wouldn't let her into the main door of her building when the guy didn't have a key.

We eventually went upstairs. I was looking forward to putting my feet up. It had been a long day. I was also looking forward to seeing Carly's place for the first time. I never really go to people's homes, so I'm always curious to see how other people live. Her apartment was pretty! It's gigantic with high ceilings! I was like, girl, check you out! Having lived with her before and picked up after her the entire duration, I was curious to see how she kept her own place. Well...Side look

She had told me when I was in Vegas that she just bought a sleeper couch/futon. She told me how everything happens for a reason. She bought the couch the previous week, and there I was a week later. I felt bad that her new couch had to endure this heavy weight woman.

I found a spot out of the way for my luggage, put my feet up and we talked the night away. 


  1. I remember Carly!!! She once burned your pot. Your nice expensive pot that you got from Queen Latifah's show. She got so drunk this one time and puked on your blankets. Hahahaha. Woow what do you know. But I remember you guys crying and hugging when you had to part ways. Thank goodness you had a roof over your shoulders