Monday, September 21, 2015

New Year's in Vegas

There were free concerts downtown Las Vegas on New Years. It was cold and wet. One of the coldest Winters in the area in a long time.  I wasn't about to put my health at risk for a free concert. I stayed put and watched the festivities on tv. I did wish I could watch the fireworks on The Strip. I got lucky because Stratosphere had good fireworks, it's a casino right by my place. My landlord and I stood outside and watched, it as quite the scene! We could also see the fireworks on the strip from our place.

The Strip aka Las Vegas Boulevard was closed to traffic in the evening already, five or six hours before midnight. The casinos/resorts were closed around 10pm or so. They didn't want random people waltzing in and out around midnight for fireworks. It was pretty organised but I also feel like that took the fun out of fun. One would have to have been on the strip well in advance to enjoy fireworks.

It was the First of January! The New Year! Now what? I love social media around Christmas and New Years! All the reposted messages and pictures! Fun! I remember being in South Africa and our messages not going through around midnight because, everyone was trying to send their loved ones messages.

A few days after New year's day, I went back to work for the last few weeks before my move to The City of Angels. It was interesting seeing everyone again. The assholes that stood me up acted like it was a giant misunderstanding. My friend was like, what happened? I didn't hear back from you? The other flake was like heeeeyyyy, Brook! Did you have a good Christmas? I mean, I did! I always have a great time but don't act like you didn't flake out on me! That annoys me to no end! I brought it up. She was like, you don't understand, so much happened in my life around the holiday season. So many people died. I was like, but your phone didn't die, so! It's hard for me to pretend. I go all in and don't care if we never talk again after that. I really can't get myself to care. She kept trying to make me understand that she was going through something, I kept trying to make her understand that all it would've taken would've been one text. You can't convince me, just like I can't convince you! So Fck off!

My feelings were not hurt or anything, I just didn't want to have an elephant in the room. Fck shoving things under the rug! Let's talk about it! What if my feelings were hurt? Would you care or are you that inconsiderate and narcissistic? I thought we were no longer in California anymore, the Narcissistic capital of the world haha. I love California. It's my home away from home. Shout out to all my fellow Californians!

Knowing that I only had a few weeks before I left Vegas, I started going to the places I had always wanted to go around Vegas.
M&M Store. Giganting! Four Stores of madness


It was much easier driving. I also did a lot of shopping, sales everywhere! I still have clothes I haven't worn yet during my shopping sprees there!
It would be safe to guess grey and black are my favorite colors. Not really though

I just wore this for the first time last month

I've yet to wear this dress

I haven't worn this jumpsuit yet

 I remember having a conversation with my sister. I told her that  I would like to be those people who go shopping and come back with tons of bags of sht. A few days later, I came home with a ton of bags full of stuff I had just bought.

 It hit me as I got out of the car with my hopping that I was those people! It was a good moment!

new sht


  1. Hahahaha. You don't hold your punches. You are either in bus or Brook will push you off her bus;). No time to waste.

    You really must wear that jumpsuit. You look very nice in it.

    1. Lol. I try Tembsie, I try! But I just can't do ot, girl!
      I should wear it. I have no excuse why I haven't. Today, I was looking for something to wear a show. I completely forgot about the jumpsuit.