Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Prodigal son!

 In my new room, they even had a regular microwave plate in my microwave. Unlike the previous room, which had a plate that you use for food in their microwave. Haha. Can you say ghetto

I danced around my spacious room to Brenda Fassie. If you’ve never heard of her, look up her music. So fun! Let me know what you think. I slept nicely. Woke up, meditated some and did some yoga. The things you can do with all that space when you’re used to truck space!

Yoga at Motel 6  

Back to my truck! I wiped it off a bit and got on the road. Even though, I had the option to take the truck for detailing; I realized that that would’ve been very time consuming. I got paid per mile, Not to sit in truck washes!

My next stop was by the Mexican border. I found one of the last few spots in the truck stop by the customer. Customer’s place is a bit of a sh*t show, so most of the trucks at the Pilot are waiting ‘in line’ to go to this customer. It was a long wait. I used that time to detail my bee truck. Should’ve billed the company! 

Remember my person, Derrick? We stopped talking at exactly the one year mark of our situationship. Something about me and anniversaries. My marriage ended on our anniversary as well.  

One night, I’m at a truck stop; I’d dropped the trailer at the shipper who was going to load me overnight while I slept at the truck stop close by. Not the sh*t show customer. New story. It was a nice day, I was in Kentucky. I contemplated and attempted to drive to a Kentucky fried chicken but that didn’t work out. I still would like to try KFC from Kentucky state. Right? I was feeling good. It had been a few months since I was back on the dating sites-ish. I wasn’t really trying to date anybody. Not that anybody was trying to date me either! I was on my iPad for whatever reason when I ended up on the message app. Some of the cloud messages made their way to the iPad. Of course, they would’ve also made it onto the iPhone. Earlier that day, I decided to really let go of all that Derrick energy and deleted all our text conversations. That’s a big deal for me. I tend to hold on to conversations cos you never know nowadays. When I stumbled upon the messages on iPad, I realized that there were copies of Derrick’s texts. But! There was also a new message from him. What! What are the chances I was going to look at those around the time that he decided to text me after 6 full months! My heart skipped a bit! I texted back: who’s this? Knowing exactly who it was. He’s smart and he knew me. He probably knew I was being passive aggressive. He sent me a selfie of himself and texted: It’s me! He looked really good! He had a tan and lost some weight. This is not somebody who likes to take photos, so for him to voluntarily send me a selfie! It really made me wanna know who that was? Cos it wasn’t the guy I knew for a year.

It’s night time, I grab my pilots rewards card and make my way to Subway for something I had no business eating. They had outdoors seating. I sat out there by myself and enjoyed feeling good. I asked what Derrick wanted. He told me he just wanted to talk. I started asking all the questions That had come up over the half a year he and I had not talked. He answered every single one. It was an alternate universe type feeling! How often do you get to do that? He asked if he could call. I told him no.

We exchanged messages for perhaps an hour before I told him I had to go. This rando wasn’t just gonna hop into my life as if tome had not passed. That’s not how life works. What is it that you want? 

Derrick asked if he could talk to me some more in the future. I said sure. He did ask which direction I was headed. California. He was so happy to hear that. 

It was nice to hear from him. I didn’t know what he wanted but I knew what I didn’t want. To get back together. For what reason?

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