Sunday, September 26, 2021

No Love Lost

Another “weekend” came by. “” because, the two days off can fall on any day. I had worked more than two years over there road. The pay scale and other things are all different from how they run things on the dedicated account I had just signed with. I was still going to get paid mike but they were going to pay me for additional stops as well. I did two and three stops per delivery, that means, one extra stop and two, respectively. OTR (over the road) you wanna finish early and can get the load off you if you contact customer or ask manager to have it dropped at the yard. All that doesn’t apply here. You be at Costco at the scheduled time, however you get there. Some deliveries were 200 miles away from shipper. I’d stop close to Costco and relax in the truck. I enjoyed those long afternoons of rest before my appointment the following day. You don't want too many of these because you’re not on vacation. You get paid when sitting behind the wheel not chillin in the sleeper berth. 
More of Derrick’s cooking. I bought him those Adidas slides. I also got myself a pair

I started listening to podcasts when I was OTR (trucking over the road/ cross country). I’m a big fan of some trash reality shows. I watch ALL the housewives. Well, I stopped watching Cheshire. Not my cuppa. Half the housewives have their own podcasting now, hell, half the world has podcasts. One of the housewives podcast pioneers is, Brandi Glanville. A very polarizing character, not unlike myself. I binged her podcast. One of her podcasts was hosted by someone who was supposed to be a guest but there was a misunderstanding. Brandi ended up not making it and the guest, Heather McDonald hosted the show. The show must go on, right? Heather turned out to have her own Podcast, Juicy Scoop. I enjoyed her on Brandi’s show, so I followed her to her own podcast, which I still enjoy. Heather sometimes cohosts her show with her fellow coworker from the Chelsea Lately tv show, Chris Franjola. I enjoyed him so much; I binged all the episodes he did on Heather’s show. When I found out that Chris has his own Podcast (told ya everybody has one! When Oprah ran out of cars, she handed out podcasts). I listened to Chris Franjola’s podcast Cover to Cover. This, became such a favorite of mine! Of the now three shows I was listening to; Cover to Cover was one where I didn’t miss a single episode. Funny, because Chris doesn’t even have guests on his show. Maybe that’s what I enjoy the most cos I am not interested in hearing an interview of someone I’m not into. 
What are these pods about? The first two are similar. They’re variety shows, with D list celeb interviews. No offense. Chris’ is pure comedy. Lots of personal stories, most of which are relatable. He also will ‘thumb through’ random magazines / newspapers and give you his hilarious take on the articles. I post about it a lot on my Instagram stories because I truly enjoy it and it helped me get through some challenging times over the road. I would look forward to listening to hours and hours of the show upon waking up. I dreaded getting caught up on the episodes, because, then what? If you want some serious distraction from whatever’s going on on your mind, I recommend the Cover to Cover podcast. Try a few episodes to really get into it. And let me know what you think. Also, let The host know; he’s @ChrisFranjola on social and loves hearing from his audience. 
Close encounter backing at Costco

You’re driving 11 days maximum per day, I tried to average 12 hours from clock in to clock out, while otr. Then, I tapered it down to 10 on the dedicated account. 
At Derrick’s. In his shorts and shoes

I met up with Derrick on my time off. He had errands to run out of town. I tagged along. We went to his place after, hung out. I passed out on the couch and stayed out for hours. Derrick was astounded by how much I can sleep. Haha. People say trucking is easy, all you do is sit all day. This job is tiring, folks! How would you feel driving 6 hundred miles (1000km) per day, several days a week? He cooked, we ate and slept. The following day, he had to go to his ex’s for whatever. When we were together, he would leave me sleeping. Even if he were leaving for work and I wasn’t working. I would just lock up when I left. That wasn’t the case this time. I woke up and took my time getting ready, knowing I’d just lock up myself. Derrick was lingering about, looking frustrated. This guy is just not a communicator! He couldn’t just tell me he wanted me to leave so he can lock up his own house! I had no idea what was going on! 
At some point, D even sat on the couch. I kept asking if he were OK. he told me he was. Mh! You don’t strike me as such! I asked why he was just sitting on the couch frowning. I thought he had somewhere to go. That’s when he told me he was waiting for me. Why didn’t you say something? You never wait for me! I didn’t get up to leave, I just got up to do my morning routine. OMG! Sorry man! Wow! You and I are so different in so many ways, I blurted out. The night before I blurted out that he wasn’t a man of his word. It was nothing major but I guess these are things that I’d  always wanted to say. We were watching his shows. I didn’t like them, so I asked if at any point we were going to watch something I like. It was a test question. I’m not gonna lie. And he failed. He said we would after that episode. When the  episode ended, he tuned into a different show of his. I asked what happened to my choice of show? He was like but you’re gonna fall asleep. I said but I’m awake now. You can tune out when I fall asleep. If I do in fact fall asleep. He refused and basically forced me to sit through another fave show of his. These aren’t things that make a woman’s vag moist. Good luck to anyone who behaves this way and still hopes to get laid. Or maybe it’s just me?
Whenever I’m at D’s, I would always grab Chicharrones down the street

I had driven myself to his place this time, so, we hugged, kissed and got into our separate cars. We exchanged a few conversations thereafter while I was out working but it all soon fizzled. Not much love lost, really. 

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