Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How I lost 130 lbs / 60kg of weight!

Before and now
Having dieted most of my life, since teens, I've lost and gained hundreds of pounds. One thing that Oprah said that stuck with me (amongst others) was that she wasted her life on dieting, she wanted to spend her thirties (I think it was) living life and maintaining the weight loss she had achieved. I felt that statement more than anything else. Oprah Winfrey and I are not the same age, nor do we have similar bank balances YET. There was a point where I was like, man, I really need to make this weight loss thing stick! I gotta focus on reaching other life goals, can't be putting all my energy into losing weight! I hate to admit it, but I still have what some call an obsession with my weight. Am I comfortable with that? No! But I love my weight and have managed to have maintained being at the smaller end of the spectrum scale (pun intended) for several years now. I am proud of how fat I've come. For those who may want to know, several things went to play into my weight loss but eating low calorie meals and  Cutting out carbs was the main route I took. Do check out my youtube channel for documentation of my weight loss journey. You might have to dig into earlier episodes, it's been a while since I started. 
Extra skin
Having lost more weight than some people weigh soaking wet, it does show on my body. I know my body and my angles etc, but I'm here to tell you, there is extra skin. Some message me on social media wanting to know how I have none, but I do. Above, is my now skinny arm. My arms are some of the biggest parts I had on my body, other than the rest of it, obviously. People would always tell me how big I was or that I've gained weight whenever I wore something sleeveless. I be like, not really, in fact, I've lost weight since you saw me, it's just that my arms are showing. I wouldn't tell them this but I would think it. Why would I care to explain myself to someone who is not being nice to me? Am I going to have plastic surgery? I have thought about it. But I have other plans for my money right now. I am, however, not opposed to nipping and tucking it up. It would be nice to be able to walk in public with a crop top on. and a bikini at the beach (which reminds me! I need to go to the beach. It's been a while!).

Vegetarian life
Even though, I mainly did Low carb, once I reached a certain point in my journey, I opened myself up to more carbs, every now and then. The ultimate goal was to be free to eat whatever I want, within limits and not feel guilty about it. A few years into my weight loss situation, I cut out everything but meat. I went on what they call Carnivore diet. It wasn't to go on a fad diet but most vegetables upset my tummy and I had already cut out fruit for the carb content. I ate eggs for breakfast and different kinds of meat the rest of the day. I've documented this part of my journey on youtube as well. I even tried Keto for a few weeks.

Collarbone life! Obsessed!
This was at the hotel I blogged about on this blog.

Low Carb Vegetarian meal

The above is during my vegetarian periods. I would go vegetarian for weeks to a month or even a bit more. This wasn't any kind of strategy more than that I was listening to my body and eating what I was craving. I would crave veggies when I was on carnivore diet. In those periods, I would eat veggies. Somethings just veggies. I am not going to apologize for being an extremist. When I left my husband, the guy I dated after, told me that that's why I lost so much weight. I get his point but I lost weight while I was with my husband, who was very supportive of that aspect of my life. 

Random trucking pic 
Kansas is beautiful, I'd like to own property there and in several other states.

This bread sucked balls. I don't recommend it.

Taking a break from Coconut flour
Chick pea flower has a different texture from Coconut flour and Almond but it's also a nice low carb flour. I would sometimes mix it with coconut flour. All you need is flour, eggs and baking flour to make this bread in the microwave for 60 seconds. Several people have tried my recipe and shared photos of their results with me. Which I appreciate so much.

With butter. Yum!
Over the year of cutting out carbs and eating more protein, I started to crave more and more fat. I would eat butter straight out of the tub and buy meats that are more fat than meat. I introduced Lard (pig fat) into my diet. So delicious. I love chicharrones, so, lard was left over from making those. The guy I was dating, Derrick would save his bacon fat. When his container got full, he gave me that whole thing. 

Feeling skinny in salt Lake city

Chillin in my truck

Always be eating weird sh*t
Peanut butter on boiled egg is filling by the way. You're welcome.
My weight loss story is still developing. I will keep you posted. I hope you've enjoyed this. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section or on social @BabalwaBrook. Check my next blog, which I'm about to type as I put this one up.

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