Monday, September 13, 2021

Ice Cold NonSense

My truck kitchen
It's the end of February, starting to warm up in some states, especially California. I wasn't living in one place, being an over the road trucker; but I still called California home. My beloved, larger than regular truck, fridge gave out. Wait! What? I realized that my drinks were still room temperature, after more than a day in the fridge and my meats were defrosting. Please! Say it ain't so! I checked my plugs, outlets, fiddled with the fridge, googled, youtubed, the works. I was hoping the problem was electricity getting to the fridge. The thing about it, though, was that, the fridge light was on. Everything looked normal but, normal, it was far from. It got to the point where I had to make some phone calls.
My truck had been in the shop, AGAIN, when it came back with a broke fridge. That bummed me out, cos it's hard not to wanna blame the last person who had your belonging when it comes back broken. I called the shop, they told me that I could take the truck back there but they don't work on refrigerators. My other option was to take the truck to Arizona. Are you joking? Like, I am working! I don't choose the loads I get. I can't randomly drive to Arizona because someone had my truck and now my appliances are fcked. What else is broken in this truck, I thought to myself. I called Phoenix, they told me to contact the manufacturer as my truck was still under warranty. I eventually called HiSense. 

I'd had dealings with HiSense before. They're the makers of one of my tablets. They were easy to deal with at the time. Sidebar: I got said tablet from Dr Phil show, plus a plethora of other gifts. That particular episode of The Dr Phil show plus one of Let's Make a Deal, had a huge impact in my moving to Vegas back in the day. I digress. ' called HiSense, explained the situation to them. They told me to send in my receipt. I don't have a receipt for this thing! I don't own the truck! Would I then have to call Headquarters in Phoenix and ask for the receipt? Would they have it? Would they give me a copy? Gosh! It went on and on and on. My manager wasn't amazing, hence why I didn't talk to him at all about this issue, even though, you probably would expect him to be my first point of contact. Speaking of manager, he called to talk to me about whatever. When he asked how I was doing,  I mentioned the fridge thing and how my $100 worth of groceries were going bad; he told me to please go to the nearest store, buy myself a fridge, send him a receipt and he would approve my refund request. I was so touched that he handled that so well. And I felt even better that I was wrong about him in that regard. I love being right but more so being proven right when I think negatively of people. 

I was in California when this all started, but when I arrived at one of the company terminals in Oregon, I dropped the trailer and rushed to buy myself a new fridge at Walmart. They had exactly the same fridge as I had. That was awesome. A nice gentleman loaded it on the passenger seat for me. Back in the terminal, the guy from the shop with really pretty eyes, who I'm friendly with took out my old fridge, disposed of it and installed the new one for me. It was a good day! 

Within a few days, I got my refund from the company. They're very good about that kind of stuff as long as it's something that was pre-authorized. 

Four months later, the new fridge died! I'm not even kidding. What's the matter with these HiSense Fridges? Isn't hiSense a division of Sony? Anyway, Back to fighting with these folks again. This time, I mean, do I call my manager? The guy did his best, it's not his fault, I felt like. 

It so happened that, with all the back and forth I had done with Hisense( they had been shitty as f*ck). It was the beginning of the pandemic, the world was figuring out her new normal. People were working from home. I was dealing with people who were probably eating bonbons in their pyjamas! I know for a fact that I lost my cool once with one of them. Not in a yelling type way, but, in a explain to me why you're behaving this way right now? How do you think I feel, etc. I just don't understand humans most of the time sometimes. All that paid off, in that, I got back in California and there was a check in the mail from hiSense. They had, at some point, asked me to cut off the cord and send them a picture thereof, to make sure I wasn't going to be able to use the fridge, in case I was making up the problem. They weren't going to ask me to return the whole fridge, thank goodness.

Not long after the whole refrigerator saga, I had to change trucks. Hopefully, the next one will come with a factory fitted fridge. Fingers crossed

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