Saturday, May 20, 2017

Amber Rose's Butt

Guess who forgot her ring home?

Ima have to get used to this ring wearing thing! It's too precious, so I take it off when I deal with water. I have ring boxes planted all over the house so that I can stick it in them whenever need be. Of course, I forgot it at home on my trip to the 99 cents . Come along with me! Click play or on the above picture.

Calvin is not cheap. In fact, he is not a fan of thrifting at all. I don't tell him where I buy some stuff for the house. Why pay more, when you can pay only 99 cents? Don't answer that! Wanna see what I got? Click on the video below.

99Cents Store Haul

Notice how my groceries are leaning towards the healthy side. I was working on losing that weight. One pound at a time!
Work! Court Show in Culver City. Here's my trip there one time! Press play below.

Off To Judge Hatchet Show
I had seen the Judge Hatchet Show on TV once or twice, so that was a nice one to work. You know? Seeing someone you'd seen on TV in person is always nice. It was nice, I sat next to a nice lady who is a painter. Then, they moved me to next to a guy who is, well, a ready. Dude is always reading a book! He's cool peeps though. We had interesting conversations, to say the least. I asked him a lot of personal questions and he answered honestly. 

Then, I worked Amber Rose Show. I was excited to be working there too!

On My way to Amber Rose Show

I was the first one to see Amber coming on to the stage from the back. I screamed to the top of my voice. No shame in my game! It was nice, she came out to rehearse first, in her regular clothes. That butt is really that big! In fact, it looked even bigger in her real clothes! Nick Cannon was the guest. I had been to his shows before, so this wasn't my first time seeing him. P.S. In case you didn't know! Amber Rose has her own show, haha! It's a talk show filmed in Hollywood, executive produced by Dr Phil. I know! Go figure! It's filmed in the same lot as Dr Phil and The Doctors, Paramount Studios.

Home from Amber Rose Show

Calvin had a tree climbing event to attend in San Diego. He asked if I wanted to tag along. Yes?!?!? Of course! We love San Diego! And I hadn't been since moving to LA for the first time! My friend, Daniel lives in San Diego. I hadn't seen him in forever. Maybe, that would be a nice chance for us to meet up again. 

I called Daniel, we were still in touch, since meeting online for the first time in 2014. He is the nicest guy ever! We just hadn't seen each other since my birthday trip to Vegas. I told him that I was going to be in town. He was in town, so we were excited to be seeing each other again. Calvin knows about Daniel. 

Ready for the 405 to San Diego!
Got all my all black everything on, let's go! Calvin was driving. I was goofing around, taking videos and stuff.

405 Freeway to San Diego 

It's a 3 hour drive to San Diego, so I had to keep myself entertained. Hence, my video singing Xa Bendingenamama by Zahara.

Xa Bendingenamama

Daniel and I were going to meet up when Calvin was at his event. We were only in San Diego for two days. One night. First day, was Calvin and I enjoying our first trip as an engaged couple. It was a heck of a good time! He booked us a nice room in a nice hotel. We had eaten at an LA Branch of the same hotel, click here for that story. By the way, if you see text in a different color, click on it. You'll be surprised what happens when you do! 

We went for a walk around town. Our hotel was in the Gas Lamp area, downtown San Diego. The place was just as pretty as I remembered... if not prettier! We stopped by a restaurant around the corner from our hotel for dinner. It was nice. We sat upstairs. All the restaurants in that area were packed. They gave us fresh bread and butter. The butter was scooped in a circular way, so at first, I was like, bread and ice cream? Haha! The bread was insanely delicious! Plus, I'm a sucker for bread.

Some of our food...

I stayed clear of the dessert. It wasn't easy, but it had to be done! And I'm glad I did!

We walked further and had drinks at Hard Rock Cafe. I had seen this place numerous times in Vegas and at Universal City Walk but had never eaten or drunk there. Finally!

Outside Hard Rock Cafe
We sat outside as usual. Don't mind the pose. The ring was trending! 

Outside our hotel Downtown San Diego

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