Thursday, May 11, 2017

There Will Be No Wedding!

My hopefully soon to be fiance and his friend went out to dinner after ring shopping. I was at home dying to talk to him in person about the whole thing! He finally got home and brought me cow blood taco as per my request. I had sent him to try out the tacos Carly got me into when I stayed at her place while apartment hunting a few years ago. Unsurprisingly, they loved them. Now, back to the ring story...

Fortunately, Calvin hadn't paid the jeweler yet, so after he tried convincing me that it was an amazing ring, I convinced him right back that, it wasn't. He dropped the whole idea of that ring. Now, I am sitting here thinking, should I always have my nails done? Is he that close to proposing? Was that a spur of the moment thing, that I just messed up on by being picky? Oh em Gee!

Just in case, let's get the nails right!
purple nails, purple nailpolish
Purple nails
Not too long after the ring size situation, Calvin got home from work in a bad, bad mood! He was outside going at it with his brother and hadn't even come in to say hi to me. "Honey, I'm home!" anyone? No? OK!
He eventually came in. I was on eggshells because I am sensitive to that kind of stuff. I just don't know how to act and want to fix it so that we;re all happy again. I gave him a big ole hug but could tell he wasn't feeling it. Out of the blue, he started a fight with me. WHAT? WHAT'D I DO? He went on to tell me that there will be no wedding! I was like "sure!" He told me that he is under so much stress from everyone wanting something from him that he lost the ring money. Apparently, it was in an envelope. He was going to buy the ring cash, had planned a trip to the jewelers and now all the money is gone. He said that he must've thrown the envelope with all the thousands of dollars in the trash. The story was so strange that, how do you react to that?

He had mentioned before that he had been going over cool engagement scenarios in his head for a while. That made me happy. Not only that he wanted to propose, but the fact that he wanted to make it special. One of the scenarios was to take me where we went fishing, tie the ring to the net and let me pull the thing up all to find the ring. He went on to tell me that that would backfire, with his luck, the ring would get lost at sea. Haha! I didn't want to hear all the ideas, in case, he decided to go with one of them! I didn't even want my person discussing 'surprise' proposal ideas with me. I told him that I wasn't the person to be having those conversations with. He told me that he can't keep anything from me. I was like, I would rather you kept this from me!

He looked everywhere for the money and apparently, he never found it. It was hard for me to believe that Calvin, of all people, lost money. So much money, too! He is very careful with money. He spends it carelessly sometimes, but, he's careful not to lose it, nonetheless. So, all in all, money, gone! No ring,  engagement, no wedding, no marriage!

It's Summer time in LA, I was dying from mosquito bites. They love me! I could  be standing outside in a crowd and they will find me and bite just me! Not cool! Calvin had been promising to get me the best of the best stuff to repel mosquitoes, but kept forgetting. Uhm, you've lived in this house all your life, how come you don't already have this situation under control? His mom would also advice me to eat more this and less that, vitamin that and they will leave me alone. Some of the foods she recommended, I was already eating a lot of.  I was taking a multivitamin, that included the vitamin she suggested I took. I still had the issue. I read and watched videos, and some of the solutions were straight up bizarre.

Calvin went on a mosquito shopping spree where he bought me three different mosquito repellents. Click on the video below on my review of them.


I gotta head out, but before I do, here's a nice Michael Kors luggage piece Calvin bought me.

michael kors luggage
It's bigger in person
This will go well with my other brown pieces:

MK, CK and G
Now, to find somewhere to go...?

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