Friday, April 28, 2017

Ring Size

On my way home from the Nigerian Restaurant. Nice drive, a bit of traffic but nothing new. We are in LA after all! 

My new friend and I stayed in touch. I really appreciated her treating me to Nigerian food. Did I tell you she paid at the restaurant as well? How nice was that? I owe her one! 

Driving back home from Downtown LA

Calvin seemed excited I brought him Nigerian food. He had never tried it before. Sadly, he still hasn't. After a few days in the fridge, I had to throw the leftovers away. 

Friend (Let's call her Teboho) and I had been trying to get on the same shows to no avail. In fact, shows were hard to come by, period! I was lucky if I got booked once every other week. I did a few court shows, like Judge Mablean and Judge Cristina Perez (I used to watch this show when I lived in San Diego). There was also a new show by Chef Robert Irvine. I did that show a lot, once a week. He's cool people! The court shows I did are filmed in Culver City, I have a video going to work one of those shows, I will link to it on another blog. 

Off the Valley from East LA

Check out the traffic during rush our in LA from East LA towards Burbank. I was driving to one of the shows.

The  5 Freeway, everybody's fave

I always aim to be early for the shows because traffic is so unpredictable and the show must go on, therefore it will go on withoutcha! 

The Robert Irvine Show, if you haven't seen it, is a talk show with a bit of a Jerry Springer twist in that theyhave people who have unresolved issues bring them to Robert. Thankfully, no fighting...yet! 


The other thing about working these shows, if it turns out they don't need everyone they booked, some people will be turned away. It's on a first come, first served basis. You also want to have dressed accordingly, if not, they will pull you aside and only if they still have room, in the end will they use you. If not, you're going bye bye and without pay. If you showed up on time and they turn out to have overbooked the show, they will pay you the minimum, which is 2 hours. Now, imagine if the show was expected to run for more than five hours and you only go home with 2hours pay? Not cute! One of the reasons, you want to be on time. Make the drive to the studio count! 

Outside Burbank Studios
There I am in my solid dark colors. No all black! Even though, viewers hardly see your bottoms, you don't want to try and reason with the system, just do as they say. My top is navy, it looks black, but it's not, so I was good! This is one of my 'uniforms'.

shoefie, new shoes, silver heels, booties
New Shoes
I had wanted Silver shoes for a while, so when I saw this, I dove in. I had to put on my silver nail polish on my toes to match. Why not?

Heading out

I love the top in the above photo. It's a longer in the back, which means, if you have a tail between your legs, nobody sees it, haha. I have my new silver heels and the new Steve Madden handbag on. This was not for the shows! 'no open toe shoes'. That's a bit of our lawn, that I water religiously. Calvin or his brother are in charge of mowing it. It takes a village!

Reading my own Website?

One afternoon, Calvin and a friend went to run errands. I was in the office blogging, when I call came through... Calvin. He wanted to confirm my ring size! My heart beat fast! In a few minutes, he sent me a picture of a ring and asked what I thought about it. When that happens, out of the clear blue sky, you forget everything! I didn't know what to tell him. Getting that ring was, all of a sudden, so close that I was tempted to let him buy the very one he had sent me a picture of; even though that wasn't my preferred ring shape. He told me the carats and what not. All things I didn't want. I wondered if he had just brought that ring home that night without pre-warning me, would I have loved it? He told me that the store was about to close, he told them would would take the ring. They were going to set it up and he would have to pick it up the following day. WHAT? OH MY GOSH! He told me I would love the ring. It looked even bigger in person. Uhm, they use certain lights to make the rings look more enticing while inside the store! Great! I'm about to get a ring I don't like and have to wear it for the rest of my life!

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