Thursday, April 06, 2017

Do You Know What Today Is?

Independence day, we were at home. Calvin and his family and friends had a ton of fireworks that they had ordered from their 'fireworks guy'. They must have spent a couple of hundred dollars each on those! Talk about dedication! They all congregated at Calvin's parents' house and did their thing. The entire neighborhood was fireworksing. It was much louder than Beverly Hills. It had been a long weekend for me, so I stayed in and let the boys do their thing. I went out just for a second when they were exploding their biggest firework and then back home. Apparently, Calvin's brother fell in love that night... on the roof top of his home.. with a woman that had been friends with Calvin for pretty much ever. Yay, love!
I went to bed as early as I could, what with all the explosions outside. The following day was going to be my first year anniversary with Calvin. It had been a while since I was in a relationship that long, hadn't it? About dang time! He bought me flowers.

anniversary flowers
Anniversary flowers
I loved the flowers.


I was still driving around to different parts of town familiarizing myself with the neighborhood. Work was coming in here and there but  I wasn't taking any and every job I could get because of the distance. 

My drive to one of the malls . Click on the picture.

I spent a lot of time alone at home, nothing new, considering I am generally that way inclined. The difference is that I worked less and less as time went by. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't chilling at home blogging. I wish! There's always a ton of work to do around the house. In fact, there aren't enough hours in the day to take care of house work. It surprises me because it's just the two of us. 


Calvin introduced me to this herb from China and Thailand: Luo Han Guo
luo han guo

The above is a fruit that you boil and drink for throat and chest conditions. It's sweet, kinda like honey. I took it for flu and tonsils. Mostly tonsils, I hardly get sick with other stuff.


kale from backyard
Kale from our garden
kale, ginger, onion
Kale, ginger and onion
For someone who can't stand onion, I cook everything with onions. Go figure!


Calvin took his friend from the ring shopping fiasco and I downtown LA to a Japanese event. The friend drove. I took a video on our way there. First, we went to East LA. Calvin had business there. Here's that video:

Press Play

I don't know if you can make this out but there's a doll stuck between this wiring and the pole:
That's my finger pointing at the doll
After taking in the view from the top of this heel, we made our way to Little Tokyo, Downtown.
Check this video out if you want to see the notorious East LA

And finally, from East LA to the city center:
Click play! It's free!

Quick photo at the parking lot:

In my birthday dress. From there, we walked to a different branch of the restaurant  I ate Rattle Snake Sausage in last year on our first date. We had Some bird sausage and drinks. Exotic beer for the guys. They had brown paper and crayons on the tables, so...

Calvin's Grafitti 
One of my fave views in LA:

Downtown LA
As a matter of fact, this spot is so close to where we filmed the movie where I played a homeless person.

Arts district, Los Angeles:

Back home for more Netflix and  chill.

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