Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ring Shopping

It had been three to four months since moving in with my boyfriend, Calvin and a year since we started dating. At this point, we had already talked about the future. I think that if you're going to move in with someone, you need to have had a conversation or two about the future. You wanna know the other person's expectations etc. No surprises! After Calvin mentioned, in Santa Barbara, that he wanted to shop for a ring for me, I knew we were headed the direction I wanna head.
We went to the mall close by for whatever reason. While there, Calvin took me to the jewelers. My heart beat fast. Is this happening? Is this really happening? Oh my gosh! The saleslady was amazing. I described the ring I want to her, she showed me a couple that matched. One thing was missing, they were all white gold. I wanted platinum. Go big or go home, right? We went home, haha! There were two jewelry stores in that mall and neither have platinum rings. They tried to convince us that white gold was better. We didn't say it wasn't. I was just telling them what I wanted. The first store we went to was offering the ring plus a trip to Vegas. I thought that would be a nice way to celebrate the occasion. I hadn't been to Vegas with Calvin and you know I love Vegas! Alas! No platinum!

Calvin told me that there is a nice mall he would like to take me to some time. He had mentioned that mall before. He told me they would definitely have platinum rings there. I was looking forward to checking that out. I didn't know if he was ready to do something about the ring we were shopping for or if he just wanted to see what was out there. I was afraid to ask. You know this is a very sensitive subject. Especially for a girl to broach.

Weeks later, Calvin was going to have a free weekend. Sometimes, he has clients to see. We headed for the mall he had talked to me about, Arcadia Mall.
arcadia mall
Outside Arcadia Mall

We got there so early, the stores weren't open yet. He wanted to go to the race track afterwards to lose money on horses. The stores weren't open yet but the fake Hello Kitty one was. I dropped by to see what they had. The quality of their stuff was sub par. I let them be. Eventually, the stores opened. Calvin bought himself a set of orange mirror reflective Orkney sunglasses to replace his white ones haha. Nobody liked the white ones because, white frames, really? I didn't mind. We then went to the jewelers. They had this sales guy, who didn't know what a carat was, princess cut, cushion cut, what? He had no idea what was going for what. I even asked if he worked there. Even though he was behind the counter. Calvin told me to be nice. They didn't have platinum rings either. Eventually, Calvin's friend met up with us there. He was going to have his cellphone repaired. Calvin's needed some attention too, so we took the cells there. The guy did them in no time flat. We went to steak place and had delicious lunch then to a sports bar for drinks.

scrumptious ribs
Scrumptious ribs 
When all was said and done, we all headed out of the mall. But first! The friend wanted to buy a sandwich for at the race track. Calvin didn't want to wait for that. Granted, he wasn't hungry because he, Calv and I had just had lunch. The friend hadn't, so he wanted something he could afford instead of waiting until the track to get a snack. Calvin was not having it. All of a sudden, there was this sense of urgency to leave the mall that nobody understood, but himself. I felt bad for the poor guy. The guy had driven to the mall, we were all going to use the same car to the track, back to the mall, then split up.When the guy decided to get food, Calvin left the guy there, he said that we would meet up at the race track. The only reason the guy was going to go to the race track was so that he could hang out with us. He wasn't going to go out of his way, buy for he didn't need and waste gas he didn't have to go hang out with someone who was treating him like a second class citizen. We parted ways with him while he was waiting for his order. He no longer needed the food because he was not going to go to the race track any more. Not if it meant he had to drive himself there. He felt bad, I felt bad, Calvin felt, well, angry. He started getting into it with me. I was like, whoa! You're being unreasonable! He didn't care, he was just yelling and simply acting like a crazy person. We walked out of the mall towards the car in a different route than we had come in. I didn't know how to get to the car, it didn't' look like Calvin did either. I told him to go back the same way we came in, he wasn't having that either. It's like he had snapped. He was acting weird. Very angry. I was like, dude, I'm not going anywhere with you acting like this. Calm the f*ck down! Or drop me off at the bus stop. 

I hadn't taken the bus since moving to Calvin's neighborhood but I didn't care. Are you kidding me? I lived in Georgia! I can survive any location! When we got to the parking, it was so hot, so bright and yellow! There were so many more cars than when we arrived that morning before the mall opened. Calvin was still going on and on about heaven knows what. I just started chatting with my sister to ignore him. I started leaving a voice note. I don't have the energy for negativity. I just can't! I told Calvin to find the car and then pick me up from where I was standing. He did. He was still fuming! 

I told him to drop me either at home or the bus stop. He told me he wasn't going to let me take the bus. At that point, the bus would have been better than the tension in the car. The poor sandwich guy called to find out what the way forward was. Calvin told him he was talking me home because, I suddenly changed my mind about the race track. It's like, I was the one being unreasonable. I wanted to scream and tell the guy that that's not really what was going on but, like I said, no energy! Calvin was driving like a lunatic, screaming at other drivers on the road, it was a mess. The roads were windy, I think he was trying to get us involved in a crash, so he could get me to react to his messiness that I was ignoring. I was like, stop this, or drop me off right here right now! He apologized and ended the apology up with whining about my not wanting to do things with him. Dude! We just spent the entire day at the mall together! Did we not just leave a sports bar where you and your friend were drinking? Did I complain? That was us spending time together! Find something else to whine about! Of course, I'm saying all this to you now, I didn't have the air to waste on entertaining any of that. 

We finally arrived at the house. Calvin was complaining about how I wasted the poor guy's money, letting the guy buy sandwich meanwhile  I was going to make everyone cancel the horses. Uhm, WHAT? He wouldn't stop twisting the story. You could tell he was doing whatever it took to get me to feel like sht for not going. As soon as we got home, I changed into a comfortable dress and went and sat in my car. I didn't want to deal anymore! 

Just as I got to my car, the friend arrived. Thank you, stars! The friend asked what I was doing in the car. I told him I just needed fresh air. The friend told me that he wasn't going to hang out with Calvin if we were fighting. I wasn't fighting! I was just sitting in my car, chilling! I had my tablet with me, I was going to read a book. When the friend arrived, I walked in with him. You should have seen the smile on Calvin's face! He hugged and kissed me and apologised for the way he acted. I decided to squash it. So much time had been wasted on nothing as it was. 

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