Sunday, March 05, 2017

Grumpy Gina

After Chumash painted cave, we went to Solvang; a quaint  Dutch town in Santa Barbara County. I wanted going there since I saw photos that one of my friends had posted on Facebook. She hadn't been there yet but had always wanted to go. Calvin's cousin happens to live in that town, so we arranged to meet up with him while there if he were available.
solvang windmill, dutch town, santa barbara
Solvang Windmill
Cousin said he would meet up with us during his lunch break. While we were still waiting for him, I wanted to walk around and sight see. Calvin wasn't having it! He was complaining about anything and everything. I didn't get it. we were on vacation! Can we have fun? No? Really? Why not? His mood made the experience really weird. It made me start planning my next trip there in my head  even though we had just arrived. This is a town I had always wanted to visit. Now that we're here, I would like to enjoy it. I would walk and take photos, turn around, see him standing in the middle of the street, talking about I am making him look like a bum (homeless person). I'm not sure how he arrived to that decision but the whole thing was just weird to me. I just wanted to have a nice time. Clearly, he didn't. He was worried about how people would view him. I would have loved to have nice photos of the town, of me in the town, but I had to settle for selfies because boo was having no part of it. His suggestion was that we should walk side by side, sight see, then I can walk back and take pictures. God forbid I took pictures while I was walking with him. I was so lost! What is wrong with this dude, right now? I decided to do my thing. If someone is not happy with it, get an Uber and leave. 

horse carriage, solvang
Horse carriage?
I should have put Calvin's grumpy ass o that carriage while I sight saw haha. 

Christmas in June
I took a lot of photos but they don't do the town any justice, so I will only post a few

While walking around Solvang in my short dress, with phone in one hand and holding onto my handbag in another, whoosh! Wind! Out of nowhere. It was rush hour, so lots of cars in the street, not moving and bam! My dress flew all the way up! Thanks to my belly, all my privates were covered up. It was still so embarrassing! Especially because the cars weren't even moving. Oh no! Now, I gotta make eye contact with people who just saw my nakedity? I just didn't look at them. Calvin was walking ahead of me, so he didn't see. I tried sharing with him my embarrassing moment, he tuned me out. 
solvang flag
Solvang Flag
We went into a bakery. Calvin wanted authentic Danish sweets. I didn't see any that enticed me. Plus, I didn't have appetite to be breaking bread, literally, with someone who is intentionally ruining my vibe. Not too long after the bakery, cousin showed up. 

More Solvang
We were going to go eat with him but he didn't have that much time. On our way from Santa Barbara to Solvang, we saw smoke coming from the direction back to LA. It got worse throughout the day and apparently, that route was closed. Cousin told us to follow him while he took us to an alternate route.
Smoke view from Solvang
The routes around Santa  Barabara are so scenic, I could drive there all the time! 
Goodbye Little Dutch town!
Off we went back towards Santa Barbara! We stopped on the side of the road for them to catch up and 'stuff'. 

Calvin and Cousin
I was in the car trying to figure out if I can pee outside without them and motorists seeing me.
And I was charging my cellphone
Why didn't I charge my phone in the car charger, you ask? Because, I tried and Calvin just yanked it out and charged his phone. We used my phone for GPS, so the battery was draining fast. He hates GPs, he would rather get lost, he wanted me to use his directions, that he wasn't confident about. I prefer to not get lost a few times before getting somewhere. We had a ton of chargers and one cable, so that went to his phone. I would have brought more had I known that he didn't bring his. Usually, he brings his own charger when we travel. 

I did join the boys at some point. I only met cousin once. He came for Jim's Funeral. I didn't want to be a third wheel during their conversation, that's why I gave them privacy. Some of the stuff they talked about even after I joined them was intense sht about wills and inheritances, and who's to blame for what with regards to whatever in the family. It was too much for a little girl like me.
Smoke view from where we had stopped with cousin

Casino pit stop on our way back to LA. 

Calvin played Russian Roulette
After this, we had dinner.
Drunch haha. (Diner+lunch)
There's more deliciousness underneath the egg you see. It was such a lot of food for little money. Typical casino restaurant. 

Back to the city of angels. Thankfully, the smoke nor the fire didn't affect us at all

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