Friday, February 17, 2017

Chumash Painted Cave in Santa Barbara

It's the morning after the night before.We were going to head back downtown Santa Barbara. After a warm shower and some green tea, we were good to go!

designated driver, betsey johnson sunglasses
Still the designated driver
Traffic was a mutha! I didn't see that coming! I was thinking, we're not in LA anymore, things should flow smoothly. They didn't!
bumber to bumber, traffic, santa barbara
Bumber to bumper traffic
Thankfully, we weren't in a hurry. Calvin wanted to eat somewhere nice. We opted for a French restaurant where we ended up being the first customers that morning. The hostess gave us a choice between up and downstairs; Upstairs, please! When we got upstairs, we realized they had outdoor seating in the balcony. Sign us up! The place was very pretty, red floors and white floors. Really romantic. By the way, how was your Valentine's day? What did you do? What gifts to you get (including from yourself), what did you get your significant other?)
The Menu!

Calvin's food...
french cuisine, patte
Some pate and salad
Mine! So delicious! I love sausage!
eggs benedict, french restaurant
Eggs Benedict
I just sampled the crepes. I was still trying to be good with my weight loss journey.
crepes, crepes, french pancakes, french food
More of Calvin's breakfast. The bacon was; needless to say, delish!
french bacon and egg
What's breakfast without bacon and egg?
And of course, they started us off with French bread, which was insane! If you know me, you know I love bread!
fresh bread, french bread, french loaf
Fresh French Bread
If you remember my days staying at Cindy's with her family; she loved French bread! That made my heart smile. 

After breakfast, we went for a walk around town. We stumbled upon a flea market of some sort.Very Asian/Middle Eastern inspired. I bought myself a bag.

new bag, indian bag, flea market
New Bag 
Calvin thinks I have enough handbags. I don't! And that's not because I'm spoilt, I just don't have enough handbags! Calvin wanted to buy something that looks like a sari but maybe a tablecloth, or a sheet. It was too expensive for being just a sheet of material. He ended up not buying it. I think he would've if I weren't there. I don't generally tell him what to do with his money though.

We then drove to the mall. I wanted to see what they had there. Calvin was totally against that idea. We walked around, the stores were cute and expensive. I wasn't looking for anything in particular to buy. We saw a jewelry store that seemed to be under construction. Calvin asked for details from the guy who was there. When we walked out, Calvin told me that he wanted to see what their engagement rings looked like. I was floored! I didn't know whether to ask more questions or to say nothing. It was definitely nice to hear that, we're shopping for engagement rings.

thunder thighs, curvy women
Is my dress too short?
We didn't buy anything from the mall. From there, I wanted to go to the Museum. Looks like I've become quite the museum person of late: remember in Palm Springs? Catalina? San Francisco? Akhaltsikhe in Eastern Europe? To name a few. No wonder the guy from The East Coast lied and said he was going to take me to the MLK Museum.

We were going to walk to the museum but the directions were crazy, I told Calv, let's just drive. We did and couldn't find the place! After circling the block twice with a grumpy Calvin in the car, I was like, let's go! 

Calvin wanted to go to this painted cave that is apparently a thing. I was like, sure, let's go! The drive up there was nuts! Windy and narrow. 

Video of Drive from Painted Cave!
Press Play!

 Nowhere to park, so we drove further up and parked off a ledge. I was so nervous that the road was going to cave in from underneath and that would be the end of my dream car
parked on the ledge
Walking back to the car
It wasn't a long walk to the cave, plus it was downhill.
chumash painted cave, santa barbara
Chumash Painted Cave
There was a register next to the cave, where were signed in. I'm not sure what happens to it afterwards.

chumash painted cave
The painting inside the cave
The painting looks better in person. It was apparently painted forever ago and stays locked. 
chumash painted cave, before photo
Outside Chumash painted cave
Maybe my dress was too short. I never wore it again since that day. In this photo, I was wearing it back to front because I like the V in front. This is one of the dresses Calvin bought me for my birthday before the trip to Catalina Island.
santa barbara state street
Somewhere on State Street, Santa Barbara

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