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December Picture Blog | Liquid Diet Guide

Last Meal At The boiling crab before liquid diet

First and foremost, Happy New Year, my loves! I hope this will be the year you will go gusto after your dreams and make them a reality! If you need weightloss or any kind of accountability partner, heat me up, either here,, or on all social media under my name: Babalwa Brook. Weight wise, what I have been doing is have you send me a photo of your starting weight, that's you on the scale with the weight on, then have you send me updates of your progress. I will keep your information private, of course. This is a free service, use me!
On December First, After my awkward Thanksgiving, I went on a full fluid diet, that included, split pea soup, thank goodness! I used to look forward to that! The soup, to me was, solid food! It was a treat!

Press Play for liquid diet video

I chronicled my liquid diet journey, mainly for myself, just to see my progress, but decided to share it on my YouTube Channel for those who may need some inspiration. Feel free to Subscribe on my channel for notifications whenever I do update. Looking at the above clip now, I can't believe how far I've come! And that wasn't even the beginning! All it takes is the first step, and the next one, then another one! Really, it takes consistency! If you fall off the wagon, get right back on it!

Calvin, bless his heart, offered to take me out for my last meal. I wanted my favorite, Shrimp and walnuts but we ended up at the Boiling Crab, for whatever reason. The food was delicious. I had never eaten out of a plastic bag like that before. Calvin had ordered, well, a Boiling Crab. His was served in a bag. You live and learn!

Press Play, or click on the picture above for last supper video

I wore my new black dress that I got earlier in the year with all those birthday gifts before our trip to Catalina Island and new nude sandals... one of many

Work out situation!

I obviously didn't go shopping for workout gear! I wore what I had, or what my husband had, that's his old T-Shirt (some of his clothes are really big on him). I didn't wear the Hello Kitty booties to the gym, however! Haha! 

Emulsifier for my fluid diet

I treated myself to this emulsifier / blender / food processer / you name it to help spice up my life during liquid diet. See how it crushed ice? Amazing! If you watch the TV Show, The Doctors, they had a very in shape African American Male Doctor on there, his name is Dr Ian Smith. 

Labor of Love! Cooking for hubs and his friends

Making food I wasn't going to eat!

Fried Liver with lots of onions
The above wasn't a fan favorite. Some of the people at the house when I dished up had never eaten liver before. I really had made it because I was craving it. Even though, I didn't eat any of it on account of liquids!

Matching water bottle and night gown
I bought them separately in different stores. Calvin loves this gown, he calls me cupcake when I have it on.


We had plumbing problems for a while, some of which, I fixed myself! I show you how to do it below, it's very easy!

Press Play!

Because I've been such a good wife! Presents!

Designer  Clutch from hubs
A girl can never have too may bags, right? Actually, scratch that! I don't even have a lot of bags! Shoes, maybe, but not bags! What's your thing? Mine are shoes, lip glosses/lipsticks, nail polish and maybe perfumes.

Speaking of shoes:
Steve Madden Nude Suede Mule
This was one of those purchases, whereby, the odds are stacked against you; you just have to have them? So, I caved. I never wore them!

More labor of love. Dinner for hubby
When I grow up, I wanna have a wife like me, haha! Tooting my own horn!

liquid diet meal plan
My liquid meal
I tried to make it pretty and colorful! Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding and jelly / jello. Not half bad! I can't stand the vanilla pudding though, my stomach doesn't like it, even though, I'm a big fan of vanilla in general, hello orchids!

I can see the weight disappearing. Yess!

The Jennifer Lopez boots I told you about on the left and new Pink UGGs. I had those on today, actually.

More food
You know you have cravings when you cook two different meats in one pot! Chicken and beef. He loved it! I didn't have any, sadly!

liquid diet
Liquid life
The above tasted better than it looked. Iced tea. I am considering going on liquids for a few days this New Year, to detox my system of last year! What do you think?

Liquid Diet Menu Plan

For those of you who may want to embark on a liquid diet for health, diet, or detox reason, click above for some ideas on what to eat. Mine was a high protein diet, just so you know.

Baring it all for ya!

I wanna say the above is my before body shot, but I had already lost a bit of weight at this point. However, better late than ever, right? Always take a before photo! If you have no intentions of looking like that again, whether you're bleaching your teeth / or skin, hey gurl, hey! Or weight loss, or building muscle etc! And when you check progress, take photos at the same time or day, same lighting, wear same clothes, when applicable, and weigh at the same day of the week, same time, if applicable.

3Days in, and I already lost weight!

The liquids had me super charged! Weight was falling off. Why have I not been doing this all my life!

More weight loss! 

These videos aren't just about, oh I lost 3 more pounds today, they help guide you in the process in case you are interested.
I just love checking them out to see the different nail polish colors I had on, haha! 

Christmas Box for my baby! Someone once told me not to by shoes for a man I love, lest they wear them to walk out on me. Oh well! What better gift for anyone than shoes? Plus, I needed to get him new high tops to replace the once I bought him the previous year. These!

Guess Boots for Cal
I really wanted the boots for myself but they only had one pair. I am obsessed with the color of them. He loved them and wears them often, so that helps.

More weight loss videoing. 1 Week update of liquids

Warning! Liquid diet is not for the faint of heart! That sht will give you headaches around day 3, it may make you constipated, on account of, no roughage or fiber, you may be grumpy, because, hello! Food! You may lose strength and not be able to work out as much as you wish or at all, take it easy, maybe go for walks, just to keep moving, which may also help with the toilet situation. Do not give up, the headaches will go away! Plus, this is not going to be a lifestyle things, so, hang in there, it'll soon be over! Another thing! If you're the one in charge of cooking, don't do so on an empty stomach. Too much temptation. 

'Twas the season to be nice and warm, so dark colors, it was! 

That's the hat my mom made me, that I forever cherish. I keep saying, I'm going to start crocheting, heck! I even have the hooks, I still haven't gotten around to it. I am going to buy yarn this month and get started, mark my words! This was outside the Nursery. I was tagging along while Calvin was running errands. he works with nurseries a lot, this particular one, he worked at for years years ago.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas day on our front lawn before as we were headed out to Christmas with friends and family. Calvin's)


This was our first Christmas without Jim, Calvin's dad. Calvin took me to the place his dad loved the most, where Calvin grew up. It's a 

 minute drive, so, not far. We went for a hike out there. I am losing weight at this point, so, more energetic. Even Calvin was commenting on how much faster, I was walking. Music to my ears!

I found this fake plumeria in San Dimas
As soon as I got there, I found this flower. I felt like it was some kind of a sign from Jim. First of all, I love a plumeria! Remember when Calvin had a lei made for me on our first meeting? And I was so obsessed with the smell of the flower the lei is made out of? Well, plumeria! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out that flower next time you're in a nursery or such and let me know. It smells divine!

We took a moment of silence for Jim while out there in the woods.

R.I.P. Jim
I gave him that hat. Don't you love it when someone wears the sht you gave them? It makes you wanna give them more and more stuff!

Jacket courtesy of my sis, Pumla
Speaking of giving and receiving, Pumlas Food, Pumla, gave me this jacket when she dropped by in LA.

Losing a pound a day video

In the spirit of all things good, I thought I'd include my brother in law's t-shirt shot for great measure.

Respect the cock!
Again! Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine!

Calvin and Brook



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