Friday, March 17, 2017

Worming Your Way In

Back in LA! Santa Barbara had been an interesting trip. I would like to go there again under different circumstances with positive vibes all around. Life's back to normal, neighbor's kid had a birthday. We were invited, Calvin's mom gave gifts on our behalf. We just showed up for the food!
Birthday party, barbecue, bbq
Birthday Barbecue 
There was lots of delicious food, as usual. This was my second time at one of their son's birthday parties. Neighbors are from Cambodia and there's always a smell of delicious food coming from their direction.

Speaking of exotic food, every now and again, I tag along wen Calvin goes to see clients. One evening, we went to a middle Eastern type restaurant on our way home from a client. It's a small spot where they only had one couple eating when we arrived and one more after us. We ordered chicken intestines and tripe. Calvin also ordered meat.

tripe, insides of animal
The food wasn't appetizing, as you can see but I always keep an open mind. There wasn't much intestines in our intestine 'dish'. It was more like water after you wash the dishes in it.

chicken intestine, soup
Chicken intestine soup

I dug through for some meat from the soup and was very underwhelmed. Good thing they were about to close the restaurant for an extended period because  I have no intentions of going back there.

Where the meat at? Stingy much?
I was so embarrassed for them that they would serve people such sad looking dishes and expect people to pay for this! They weren't one of the cheaper restaurants either! You know when someone intends to treat you and the treat turns out to be a fail? You feel weird being honest about how you feel because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings. 

While on the subject of food! Strawberry's from Calvin's garden.

Backyard strawberries
All my watering is paying off!

front yard flowers, gardening
Flowers from our front yard
Calvin made the above arrangement. I thought it was cute and sweet. What do you think? 

I went to one of my favorite clothing stores. It was my first one to the one closer to Calvin's and come to think of it, my first time in LA! Kohl's. Who doesn't love them? I hadn't shopped there since Salt Lake City where I bought 3 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes at once. The last time I went there was with Tortoise in Vegas. Remember him?

juicy couture shoes
Juicy couture 
I had been looking for something like the above comfies and was so psyched to have found these, the only pair AND in my size. Yessss!

jlo shoes, jennifer lopez shoes
Jennifer Lopez boots
These boots are just as comfy and aren't they cute? Score!

From Khols, I had to do something for food for the spider. I had done so before. I had bought crickets for the spider. This time, Calvin wanted me to get.... wait for it... worms! As in maggots! You get these from Pet Stores like Petco. They keep them frozen. Thank goodness, right? Not really! I went outside in the heat of LA, put these things in my handbag. They were in a plastic tub in a plastic bag. Well! As I was to back out of the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of movement in my handbag. Lo and Behold, the worms had thawed and were working around in the container. Grossssss! I almost had a heart attack! 

worms, maggots, spider food
Worms in the fridge
I knew the worms were stored in the fridge at Petco but I didn't think as far as to where we were going to store them at our place. Calvin put them right next to my yogurt. I was like dang! I don't know how I feel about this! 

Watching the worms in the spider's cage is one of the, 'the things you do for love' moments of my life!

While we're in the subject of shopping: Time for a new handbag!

Shopping trip
I treated myself to a turqoise Steven Madden handbag and Calvin Klein flats. Both a gem! 

Last but not least! Nail polish! I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a ton of it. If you follow me on social media, you know that about me!
nail polish, maybelline, sally hansen
Sally Hansen and Maybelline Nail polish

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