Monday, November 24, 2014

Back In Town Again

We had a nice drive back to California; Dan and I. I had told him, in passing, about my favorite artists and he took notes from when we listened to music in my hotel room. He took out CD's of artists that sound like my favorites. He told me he put them aside because he thought I might enjoy them. That was very thoughtful of him! I didn't know who some of those artists were but I recognised their famous hits when I heard them. My favorite song from all of his music, which  I still listen to this day, is Mazzy Starr-Blue light. Here's the link to it if you're like to check it out. Let me know what you think. I'm into Alternative music like that. Katie Perri, Ingrid Michaelson, Katie Melua, Lorde, Jack Savoretri, Glen Hansard, Amber Rubarth Jason Mras, to name a few. What are you listening to right now?

We talked, flirted, listened to more music, stopped just less than two hours away from LA for brunch. I don't eat when I travel, so I let him eat while I gawked at him. Before I knew it, we had arrived in Hollywood. Time to kiss Dan goodbye. I got sad. I am not the best at goodbyes. Plus I had just got back from the best vacation with a guy I like. He told me he didn't want to make out otherwise he wasn't going to want to leave. He gave me a peck on the lips and off he went to San Diego. I asked him to call me when he got home so that I would know that he got home safely. He did, that evening. It took him probably five to six hours to drive home. It's normally a three hour drive. Poor thing got stuck in traffic. I felt kinda bad. He seemed fine though. Dan is a pretty upbeat guy. That's a good thing.

I dragged my new suitcase to my apartment. Time to get hustling again. I had to start applying for jobs for the following day. What can you do? That's the name of the game! I walked into the apartment and found Carly's giant suitcase in the middle of the apartment, overflowing with stuff. I think there was another suitcase inside. A pregnant suitcase? There was hardly space to maneouvre but what are you gonna do? It's my first day back, I just had a massage the previous day, I wasn't going to waste all that because someone is acting like a child. Actually,. I've seen five year old act better.

I unpacked my small suitcase, Got on the internet, applied, applied. I think I got booked on one or two shows for the following day. My good friend, the one who lives in her car was in Hollywood, doing background on a show. She wanted to meet up. We met just outside my apartment and walked to Mc Donald's. It's about three blocks from my then apartment. It was nice to see her and she was really excited to hear about my trip. She told me to bring the camera, she wanted to see pictures as well. My friends and I make roughly the same amount of money hustling in Hollywood but I've noticed that most of my good friends from Hollywood always offer to pay when we go out. What a bunch of classy ladies! Of course, I insist on paying as well, sometimes  I end up paying at least for my food or they just won't let me pay. Most of my good friends are not Americans. Just putting that out there.

Cola, that's what we'll call this particular friend. I may have mentioned her before, she is in her late fifties, is from Eastern Europe and lives in her car by the beach. The main reason for her living in her car? Other than not wanting to share with roommates? She needs to be by the beach. She loves the beach so much, if she can't afford an apartment by the beach, then she will live in her van. I think it's been two years now since she started living in her car. She's a bit of a free spirit. She's lived in a hostel for a year or so. She worked at the hostel in exchange for accommodation. She says she loved it. She has fond memories of that experience. I don't blame her. I have applied at a number of hostels myself, both in Hollywood and by the beach. I've stayed in many a hostel. I think I'd be the perfect person to work there. Thing about them is, they don't want to pay you in cash, they want you to live there for free in exchange. I didn't want that. I don't want to permanently have 10 roommates. I think that can get tired. Fast. Can you imagine?

Cola and I spent about two hours together that night: about an hour at Mc Donald's and then we walked back. I walked her halfway between where she had parked her car by the studios and my apartment but we stopped and talked for another hour. She has an interesting life that one! She likes to hang out at this coffee shop, not far from where she parks her van, they have free wi-fi over there. I have hung out with her there. She also has her regular spots where she goes on certain days of the week for open mic. She doesn't perform but she likes music, so she goes to these bars. I've gone to one or two with her in Santa Monica. We had a hell of a time! One of the bands and I subsequently became Facebook friends. It's a duo from Australia, one guy plays the guitar, the other a ukulele. They are so good! Another guy's name is Mike, he is a seasoned musician.  An amazing one man show. I meant to go to one of his shows but never got to.

Cola is sweet, when we hang out, we have the best times. We laugh a lot. She has the cutest smiles. She used to be a dancer, ballet and all that. She has done some adventurous things in her life, I enjoy her stories and she is just a very nice person. After chatting up a storm that evening, I ran back to my apartment. It was freezing by then! I think my roommate was away for the weekend. I didn't get to see her for another couple of days. We chatted often via text. She was one of my better roommates. The chick who was never there, was probably the best cos, well, she was never there! I had the place to myself. I didn't quite like her aura though, when she did come by. Her parents were the best though. Laura was the best roommate! There was never an awkward moment between she and I. Well, not one that she instigated. Other than the drug doing and selling, which was the reason I left and of course, she never paid me back my deposit but she was a nice chick to chill with. Just don't go shopping with her because she will shoplift and potentially get you into trouble. She's a well meaning drug dealing shoplifter. She kept the apartment clean and it was the nicest smelling apartment I ever lived in.

The following week, while Carly was working, I took it upon myself to tidy up her stuff. Someone had to! I sorted her clothes according to dresses, tops, bottoms, the works, to make it easy for her. I put her empty suitcases under her bed. When she got home that night, she was shocked. She hugged me and thanked me so much. She was like omg, I left work early tonight, do you wanna go out? I owe you! She called her friend and told her how amazing I am for what I did for her. It was nice to be appreciated. You know? She was like we have to go out. I told her, no we don't. She was like well, what are we gonna do? I owe you for your birthday and now this. I was like ugh, ok, let's go. We got ready, took the bus to the center of Hollywood, on Sunset boulevard. We couldn't make up our minds as to where exactly we were going to go. Well, I could, she couldn't. I was ok with going to the first joint that was open, eat, drink, go home. We grabbed Frozen yogurt aka FroYo. It was some kind of a big Hollywood event. I think it was Coachella. Everyone was out of town. We went to a few restaurants/bars, there was nothing going on. Carly made a few phone calls. Calls I never thought were ok to make to businesses, talking about, hey, what's the vibe there tonight? How much are your meals? Do you have happy our? Meh, how about your neighbors, what do they serve? Do they have happy hour? Can you recommend a restaurant I should go to (other than yours?). People were pretty nice to her and answered all her questions. She's a waitress, maybe she knows that it's ok to ask such questions.  Eventually, we went to Big Want, some place near Hollywood and Vine. It's on Selma Avenue. It seemed like a sports bar, judging by the number of TV's they had all around the place.

It was still happy hour, she asked for their happy hour menu. We ordered just about everything on that menu and split it. I enjoyed their food. Everything was 50% off. That didn't matter, she was treating me and she told me to order whatever I wanted from that menu. The first thing I ordered were potato skins, love me some potato skins with bacon. I first had them at Ocean Basket in Melville, Johannesburg. It was my favorite, affordable, filling item on the menu. We took pictures, Carly paid and called Uber. The in taxi service where people use their own newer model cars to transport people but work for Uber and aparently they make lots of money doing it. It's pretty cheap. There's also Lyft in some cities, we don't have Lyft in Vegas, it's the cars with a big pink moustache, google it, if you've never seen it. We just had Uber like beginning of November 2014 or end of October in Vegas. Yay! When we left the bar, Carly was like, omg, I didn't tip him. I feel so bad! The Uber guy was literally there in two minutes. We got home within minutes. Carly used her credit card to pay.When we got off, she was like, omg, I didn't tip him! I was like dude! Seriously! You're a waitress, you know better than that! Whatever happened to a dollar. When in doubt, just give them a dollar bill, like if you're paying cash. That's what I do, but you must tip. It's poor etiquette not to tip. You can't depend on other customers, and be like, I'm sure they have tipped him. What?

Not too long after that, Carly came home with a gift bag  for me. It was Lady Gaga's Fame Black Fluid perfume. I've always like that perfume but hadn't gotten around to buying it. Apparently Carly had been gifted that gift set for her birthday the year before. She still had a few droplets in her bottle when she moved in. I told her that was one of my favorite perfumes. She remembered that and bought me that for my birthday. I was like, you spoil me! You really didn't have to. She used to ask me if I wanted a handbag or perfume. She heard that I was shopping for a yellow handbag. I told her, it was really ok, I was going to buy myself both. I felt bad, she had already treated me for my birthday! She bought perfume and bought a jewellery box, used that for a gift box. When I opened it, I was like this is cute! I love it! She was like, really? I got this for the perfume. I said this is a jewellery box silly! It has a mirror and everything! She was surprised, she told me that made sense, because she was wondering what the small compartment inside it was, good thing she didn't throw it away. She gave that to me too. Very nice of her.

Around the same time, I went to Santa Monica. I love that area! It reminds me very much of Melville in Johannesburg. It's like taking Melville and putting it right by the beach and making it really really expensive. I got paid on my way there and also collected Cola's check. Of course, we called her first to find out if it was ok with her if I did. It would save her gas money, driving about an hour back and forth to Hollywood. I may have bought myself a pair of cute boots on my way there. When I was done with my errands, Cola and I met up. Just as she was walking towards me, guess who walks right past us?  Derek J! One of the two gays from Atlanta Housewives and co-host of Fashion Queens. I was so excited to see him. I told Cola, but of course, she had no idea who I was talking about. She hasn't watched tv in ages. We took a walk to Mc Donald's, dang, we seem to be eating at Mc Donald's a lot! From there, we went for a walk, we always go for long walks she and I! She tried to pay for me, I was like, that'll be a hell no! I got paid too, why don't I pay? She said, I want to treat you, I appreciate that you brought me my check. Oy! I let her. She even bought ice cream afterwards! We then walked around, she showed me her favorite thrift store in Santa Monica. So expensive! Granted they have cute stuff! I did see some cute Christian Louboutins for $200 IN MY SIZE though! I shouldn't have tried them on because I really got tempted to buy them after that!

Cola's daughter  called, they were going to meet up for Mother's Day Dinner. I had heard a lot about her daughters but never met them. Just before we parted, Cola told me to walk her to the van. I did. She got me a set of Covergirl Lipgloss. Good lipgloss too, it lasts like 8 hours straight! I couldn't believe it! She told me it was my birthday gift! It was May, and I was still getting birthday gifts! Do you see me complaining? Cola has this cute pair of sunglasses, they are old Hollywood style, round, translucent tan frames and peach sides. I died when I saw them on her. She told me she would give them to me but she got them as a gift from her daughter so they had a sentimental value. I loved them so much, I was willing to buy them from her. But I wouldn't if they had such sentimental value. A few weeks after that, SHE GAVE THEM TO ME! She told me her daughter bought her another pair that she likes even better, so I could have those. My gosh, was I happy! If you're my friend on Facebook, you may have seen me rocking them.

I don't know if I told you about a friend of mine who I met doing background work, we stood next to each other in line, exchanged a few words one day, then set next to each other one more time in a show. I was between her and Cola. At some point, she, her girlfriend and I exchanged massages. She whispered something about a couple on the show that was good looking, she said, 'I bet you they have cute kids'. I teased her and pretended to be shocked she would say something so perverted to me. I was like, don't you think it's inappropriate for you to whisper, ' I am cute, you and I would have cute kids together while giving me a massage?' I still laugh out loud when I think about that. She was so embarrassed. She thought I was serious. She was like, that's not what I said! lol lol looooolllllll. I got her a few more times after that. It was an 8 hour show, we had to keep ourselves entertained. At some point, she saw someone's black jacket on the floor, she was like, 'who's black jacket is that?' I told her that was racist, she was going to offend people. She said, ok, who's African American Jacket is that?' Oh man, we had so much fun! From then on, we referred to black things as African American and white things as Caucasian. All in the name of fun.

She and her girlfriend were about to move out of the country. She told me that she would like to give me something. She mentioned one or two things. I didn't have much in my apartment, so I welcomed whatever she wanted to give me. I had no idea! She had a ton of stuff for me! I literally still can't believe they did that for me. Oh and the girlfriend is originally from South Africa. She was two when they moved though, so she doesn't really have any memory of  South Africa. She was born in Cape Town, so I call her Cape Town. They are the coolest people! The kind of people you get acquainted to just before they leave. At lease I got to know them though. We added each other on Facebook and chat often. They are doing very well where they are, working in big productions. I am so happy for them. They deserve it!

I wanted to go to San Francisco on vacation. Carly did too. We even planned to go there together. She told me she hadn't been to that many places, she was down for whatever, so wherever I wanna go vacation, I can count her in. It sounded like a great idea. We did have fun together. One night, we were fast asleep. I heard a weird sound and something fell on my legs in bed. It was my wardrobe. The Chinese one made of cloth like material. I used that and let Carly use the walk in one because it wasn't enough for both of us and she had more stuff. Unfortunately, mine gave in. Right there and then, something clicked; I knew I wasn't going to buy another wardrobe. I decided, instead, to pack my stuff in suitcase, put in my 30 day  notice and move to Vegas.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'll Get High If I want To!

April 10, 2014. B-Day!

I was up early, got my two outfits for the day ready! None of them needed ironing as you may know by now! I headed out to check out some casinos that I had planned to that I hadn't yet downtown. I had breakfast with dessert (don't judge me. It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to!) downtown as well. After that, I thought I'd have some of that Shrimp Cocktail I have heard about online. It's like shrimps in a cup with some sauces, a straw and crackers on the side. I'm open minded about a lot of things and will try anything even if just once but OMG Yuck! I don't know if it's the ones I had or what but Geez! I couldn't even finish them. I threw away the rest, sorry mom; I know you taught us better than to throw food away when people are starving in Ethiopia but I had to!

After gallivanting, I headed to the West side for a full body massage. I saw reviews on Yelp and called to book. Everything went great, I called them as I was on my way to confirm, still on! I even called them after I got off the bus as I was walking towards their spa. I wasn't sure of directions etc. I arrived at the spa and all of a sudden, nobody spoke English! What? Where's the lady I had been liaising with the whole time? Well, the guy who answered the door was busy at the back and just came to see who was at the door. He spoke no word of English. He showed me the clock and signaled for me that he would fit me in in an hour. Only issue is, my appointment is right now. I kept asking to speak to 'someone'. He had no idea what I was saying. I got frustrated. It was hot outside, I had just walked forever from the bus stop to the spa and wasn't about to wait an entire hour. I had a show to go to in three hours, I didn't want to miss that, that was part of my birthday extravaganza. I didn't come all the way here to not do the things I had planned to!

Right next door to the Spa I was in, there was another on. It looked like it was the same business, I went in there and was greeted by a very bubbly Asian lady. I asked her if she was the same one I had been talking to on the phone, she told me she was. Can I get my massage now please. He referred me to the non speaking guy next door. Like, lady, come on now! What are you doing? You know that dude doesn't speak a word of English, why are you referring me back there? What's going on here?

I called the number I had been calling all along, the lady picked up and asked if I was still coming. WHAT? What in the world is happening? I thought I just talked to this lady and she didn't seem to remember our conversations! Whew! I asked here where she was. She told me she was inside, to go in. I told her I had just been to two spas, it didn't look like anyone was expecting there. A random dude came around the corner, and was like, "Hi. Please come this way!" UHM, WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME? He told me that the lady asked him to come get me. I was so relieved. Where do they take me? The back of the same building I had just been to! I swear they were playing some Chinese game with me!

The lady seemed so happy to see me. She explained to me that the spa I went to used to belong to her, she hadn't changed her number yet so they still have her number advertised under that address even though she is no longer associated with that place. Confused yet? She called a guy named Jack to give me the 'foot massage' I'd booked. I was like, FOOT? Foot massage my foot, I booked for a full body massage! She was like well.... We only do foot massages here as you can see on the outside, it's stated. BUT LADY, I HAVE TALKED TO YOU AND ARRANGED FOR A FULL BODY MASSAGE! I AM NOT SOME RANDOM WALK IN WHO DIDN'T TAKE NOT OF WHAT IS WRITTEN OUTSIDE YOUR BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT! I told her the longer I was there, the more stressed out I was becoming. I felt like I deserved a massage just from what I went through trying to find the place! She told me that I would have to pay more than she had quoted me for the full body massage. I was like, yeah, that's not gonna happen. You and I had a full on conversation about this. Either someone is going to give me a massage for the amount agreed upon or I walk! She told Jack to give me a full body massage and asked me to please tip her. I was like, of course I'm gonna tip him. Who tells someone to tip their therapist? Rude!

James! What an amazing massage I got from him! Oh my goodness! He soaked my feet in warm water and gave me the best head to toe massage ever. Not with my feet still in the water of course :). The pressure was just right, I like it hard. I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years. I have been to doctors and they all tell me they are normal. I just need to lose weight and all my problems will be solved. I feel like whatever medical condition I suffer from, doctors just tell me to lose weight and it will be gone! I even Twittered the Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu show about it. The old Professor/doctor person answered my tweet and said I just need to lose weight. Anyway, my left heel was on fire that day. I think it was from all the walking I had been doing in Vegas. I didn't even notice until the massage, so I told Jack to take it easy on it. Jack made all the trouble I went through worthwhile. I gave him a decent tip and went to pay. The lady made sure to remind me to tip him. I gave the tip top Jack in the room because I have read online that sometimes the tips to get to the therapists or they will give them some of the money. I didn't want drama, Jack was good to me, and I had seen what can go on around there.

I left feeling rejuvenated. I ran back to the bus stop, missed the first bus; while waiting for the light to open and had to wait a good 15 minutes for the next one. Not cute! I tried to keep calm. While waiting at the bust stop, I got a call from Daniel, telling me that he was trying his best but might not be able to make the show. AGAIN? I told him I would love it if he could but I mean what was I going to do? Make him? Well, I could...

He told me they were done with the convention, he was waiting for people who were supposed to clean up, they were taking their sweet time. I was running out of time myself. I didn't have much time to go to my room, freshen up and then go to the show. I was just gonna head straight for the show.  I got off the bus and ran across the street, you know the drill, everything is across the street in vegas!  I took the elevator, ran to my room, while on the way there, I was looking for the room key in my bag, nothing, looking, looking, nothing! Oh no! Not now! I tell you, I can be busy as heck, I am just not the person who loses things. I don't lose cellphones, keys wallets, stuff like that. I just don't. I didn't understand where the key could be. Still trying to maintain my composure. We don't want to waste that massage now! I thought it best to just go to the desk and ask for copies of my tickets and just go straight to the theatre. I asked nicely, they asked me for proof of things I didn't have. Something about I had to go to security or the police and report the loss of my key. I was like, chile ain't nobody got time for dat! I went to check in and asked them for copies of my key. They were happy to give it to me. Thank goodness. Why didn't I think about this the first time, instead of wasting my precious massages on those power hungry a** holes! I ran upstairs, took off my Converses, washed my feet, put on flip flops, got my tickets and ran down to the theatre. I got in just as the show was about to start. Thank goodness. Because I was uhm just on time (read:late), They didn't want me to distract others by trying to get to my seat. They told me to just sit at the tables right in front of the stage. Best seat ever! It worked out for the best! I enjoyed myself. The show is called Jubilee! It's a variety show with a little bit of everything. I really enjoyed it. They weren't just on the stage in front of the audience, they also took it to the balcony all around the theatre. Every now and then, when I thought the performance deserved it, I would give them standing ovation.They appreciated it. They literally looked me in the eye and whispered thanks. Towards the end, the guys that were in front of me, were like looking at me, dancing I was like dang, what did I ever do to deserve this special treatment! Thanks Jubilee! Folks. Yall made a sista's birthday!

As soon as it was over, I went upstairs. I believe they did a meet and greet just before the show, unlike Fantasy where they meet and greet was after the show. I didn't get to take pictures this time around, it was all good though. I was ready to go to my room. Also, my phone was off, I didn't know if Daniel was outside or what was going on. I turned on my phone and he had left me a message that he had just gotten done, literally just as I was walking out of the theatre! Sadly he missed both my shows. I should've sold them haha. Thanks Dr. Phil Show! I went up to my room, took a nice shower and put on my birthday outfit.  Dan was going to freshen up and come pick me up. The day wasn't over yet!

I ran downstairs to him,  he had parked in the next building, not sure why. We had to walk there. I was in heels, tired from running around and just didn't feel like walking at all. One of my shoes was loose. My heel kept popping out of the shoe, so annoying! When we got to the car, he tried to come up with ways to fix that. I told him I had ample other shoes in my room, we could drive back there and I could just change shoes. He told me that was not necessary, he gave me his inner soles, literally from his shoes that he was wearing, I thought that was so sweet. That didn't work though, eventually, I did what my mom used to do when we were little and just stuck in tissue in there and was good to go. Dan held my hand the entire time, and whenever we saw benches, he would say, let's take a break. He's the sweetest guy! So thoughtful!

He told me he wanted to take me to his favorite resort, one that reminds him so much of home, (Italy), the Venitian! We walked around the mall, he told me he could buy me flats if I was still uncomfortable. I was fine though, and we wouldn't want him to spend any more than he already did on me. We went to this nice floor where they had outside dining areas, a faux lake, gondolas, fake sky, the works. It's all reminiscent of Venice (Venitian, get it?). I had never been to Venice so to me it was reminiscent of Montecasino which is Italy inspired as well. We found a bench and sat down and talked while facing the lake. I took lots of pictures. It was truly amazing! Whenever I pass The Venitian, I think of Daniel. He wanted to head out to California early the following morning. He was going to give me a ride back to LA which is so not on his way but he was just being the nice guy that he is. He wanted us to head out around 5. I was like, so what you're telling me is I should get up at 4am tomorrow? We looked at the time and it was past midnight already! I had less than 4 hours to sleep. I know we're in Vegas and sleeping's for the dead but dang! We agreed on 7am or so.

I had promised myself that I was going to try the steak and eggs from Ellis Island Cafe, I had a few hours to do that before heading back to LA. So I did what any self respecting person would do, after Daniel dropped me off, I ran to my room, changed into comfortable clothing, and walked to Ellis Island. Luckily, it's only a few blocks from my hotel. They don't do take out (take away), so I had to order as if I was going to eat there, then ask them to put my stuff in a take out container, like afterwards. They have time to dirty their dishes. I went with their pork and eggs instead of Beef because I like pork and I am not a big fan of beef. I saw some delicious, devilish everything dessert so I ordered that too, 1am as it was, on account of; it's my birthday-ish. Technically, it was the following day but who's counting? The dessert is called That Really Big Ice Cream Brownie Thing. No kidding! That's really what it's called! How can you not want that? It's chocolate brownie (favorite!), Caramel (favorite), Vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, chocolate sauce. It is utter madness on top of madness, and it's a lot for $5. I rushed back to my room. This is after 1am, I am power walking to my hotel in the middle of Las Vegas by myself with Pork and eggs and That really big ice cream brownie ting! Just imagine! Would you do that?

My food was still warm when I got to the hotel, I put the dessert in the fridge while I ate and got so full, I saved dessert for breakfast. Might as well, right? It's not like I didn't have desert for breakfast on my birthday as well. I set my alarm and put my phone on charge far enough that I would have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. I set the alarm on my iPod as well. They have the dock thingy on my headboard, so I hooked it up to that and their speaker is nice and loud. That was a nice treat. Daniel and I danced to my music one of the nights when he came up to check out my room. I get get  all my guys to dance and sing, whatever! This is not American Idol. No judgement here! Elvis and Spotty were the best singers of the guys I dated here. Perry loved to sing but he ain't no Rock Star. I liked that he didn't take himself seriously though.

I got up on time, took a shower and, wait for it.... ironed my new dress. Yup, my second time ironing cherry was popped! I had to, the dress was a mess! I took some selfies and headed out. The whole time in Vegas, Dan had to wait for me, I was never on time. He asked me nicely to please try when we were leaving. He didn't think I had it in me. He couldn't believe it when he pulled up and I was waiting outside the hotel with my suitcase. I had already checked out and errythang! I posted on Twitter/Facebook, something along the lines of heading back to Hollywood with Sheryl Crowe's Leaving Las Vegas playing in my head. I get in the car and what does Daniel say? There's a song about leaving Las Vegas by, er, who is this female singer?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sleeping Is For The Dead

My days in Vegas started early. I wanted to see as much of Vegas as possible. Sleeping is for the dead after all! I went to the Resorts I had always heard of, some of them at least. There is just too much to see everything in one trip! I also took the bus and went downtown to Fremont Street Experience. It's crazy over there! It's old Vegas. I enjoyed it. It's colorful, they have big hotels and casinos over there as well. Well, there are casinos or slot machines all over Vegas, even at supermarkets, 7 Elevens and gas station convenience stores. To give you an idea. That's what makes Vegas Vegas.

I took a bus from downtown, I went to Premium Outlets. T, my ex friend from Connecticut used to talk to me about Premium outlets. She lived close to one and had bought just about everything she had from there. Everything she owns is a brand name. Most of them are Ralph Lauren. She paid close to nothing for them. all her jeans are True Religion, also from the outlets. She had promised to take me there but we never got to go. I was excited to finally have a chance to go to one. This isn't your mama's factory shop; it's an entire shopping centre full of factory outlets! I just recently found out there are two in Vegas. What I like about the buses in Vegas is, not only do they announce  the next stop, they also tell you what's close by and how to get there, especially with major attractions. The trains in Los Angeles do the same thing, come to think of it. 

I started from one end. I saw a lot of tourists with wads of bags, people be shopping left, right and centre! They were buying extra luggage and filling it up with stuff. There are clothing stores, luggage, shoe shops, perfume and make up outlets. What could be better than that? The luggage store was meh. I've seen cheaper store. It's hard for me to find something in these so called cheap places because I buy my stuff really cheap. I'll go to a store that's not particularly cheap and find things at knock off prices. I am lucky like that. That has spoilt me. I ain't complaining though. I found a store that had cute $10 mini skirts. Nothing to write home about. I've seen the same skirts for $3-$5 in LA. That was the cheapest store! They strategically placed the cheapest store right at the entrance of the shopping centre, to raise give you hope. Things get really expensife from there on. You have a better chance of getting better deals at Ross Dress For Less, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and Khol's. Or the random non chain stores. I spent quite some time at Premium Outlets because you never know where you are going to find a deal. I wasn't impressed. Especially having just found a few good spots in LA where I bought my vacation wardrobe. I rolled my eyes and headed back to the strip. 

I had lunch at the nearest fast food restaurant and headed to my hotel. It was time to move to hotel #2. I had already checked out of the first hotel and dropped my suitcase off at the second one. Both hotels are along the strip. It's a mere bust ride. Just make sure you don't get lured in by the marketers otherwise you will never get to your destination like I explained here. I checked in, asked the concierge a few things about their services and headed upstairs to my room. I never unpacked. I was only there for a week, no time to unpack and repack and all that. My clothes are all wash and wear anyway, so no stress about ironing. Yippee! My room was so beautiful! Totally different to the one at Luxor. This was at Bally's. You can look up the hotels if you wish to get an idea, I do have pictures, one day when I have faster internet, I will post picture blogs.The room at Bally's was much more modern, it was silver and white with a splash of red. Really cute! It was just a bedroom with a couch and a desk like normal hotels. Unlike the penthouse I had at Luxor. I had the view of the Eiffel Tower of Paris hotel/casino next to Bally's. I wasn't complaining at all. The bathroom was cute and a decent size as well. I took a shower and got ready for dinner date with Daniel. 

Daniel had told me the day before that he might have a business dinner the following day. We had planned to have dinner together every night while we were both in Vegas. He asked if I wanted to be his date for the business dinner. I must say, that made nervous, a little bit. What am I gonna wear? What am I gonna talk about with these people I don't even know? The guy he was going to meet with was going to bring his wife so I was going to balance the scales. Shoot! Are they gonna be like, so, how long have you two known each other? How did you meet? Crap! I was flattered that Dan was comfortable enough around me to want to introduce to business associates. I did secretly wish the meeting would not happen. Is that bad?

Around lunch time, I got a call from Dan. He told me that the meeting had been cancelled. I quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He and I were still on though. Cut back to evening, after my shower in the new room at Bally's...D picked me up. We drove around, did more sight seeing. I love driving around aimlessly. It's one of the things I miss about having a car. One of my favorite birthdays, I had just bought myself a car. I had my favorite CD of that time, Katie Meluah, my then boyfriend had bought it for me for Christmas. It was CD and DVD. I got up early, birthday fell on my day off, thankfully. My apartment was nice and clean, it smelled fresh, I took a nice bath and off I went. I was grateful for my life. I had a job I loved, my own home, had just bought a car I had always wanted, my family was fine, everything was just how I had wished. It was a good day. I drove around from Pinetown, went towards Chatsworth, The Bluff, I was just driving, listening to music, enjoying the moment.Eventually, I went for breakfast, then a boat ride then lunch and then headed home. Anyway, this was a night drive with Dee, even better. I love those, what could be better than going for a night drive is going to a night drive to the beach. Oh man!

We then went to The Stratosphere; the tallest building on the west of the Mississippi. Dang, I just found that out now. I just assumed it was the tallest building in Nevada at least, the west of the Mississippi? There are 24 States on the West of the Mississippi, which include California! Anyway, we went to the top of the building. I didn't know what Daniel had in mind. I didn't care. I knew he wasn't staying there, so we were definitely not going to his room haha. We went to the uppermost floor, you pay to go in and check out the view. It reminded me of the day we went to Carlton Centre, tallest building in all of Africa. My family and some Australian friends went over there just before the Soccer World Cup in 2010. It was nice and dark, the lights were on all over the city off Johannesburg. It's quite a site if you haven't been there, do yourself a favor! We stood up there on the balcony and enjoyed the view while chatting. I told him that I think I wanna move to Vegas next. He was like, no you don't! I told him I was seriously considering it. After all, why not, right? He told me he doesn't like it here, this is his least favorite city, etc etc etc. Unfortunately for him, once a seed has been planted in my head, there isn't much anyone can do. It's not like he was telling me, I'm not gonna let you move to Vegas, you're moving in with me. Not that that's what I wanted but at the end of the day, he didn't have much of a say in the matter. And I didn't even know what he wanted out of the whole situation between him and I and I wasn't going to stick around LA to find out. I had to keep living.

We eventually left. He took us to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Italian for dinner with an Italian, what could be better than that, right? I could always have Italian for desert to aka Him. Dinner was divine. We were the only ones in the restaurant. I don't know where everyone else eats. Looks like everywhere we go, it's just us. Unleessssss, Daniels calls in advance and books the entire place just for us. Haha! They have paper as table cloth and crayons. Different! I doodled on the paper with the crayons while waiting for dinner. D ordered something Vegetarian as usual. I ordered meat and potatoes! Some kind of a stew. It came in a giant pot. I was like omg, what am I gonna do with all these. Pretending to be cute and all, when inside, my heart was smiling. He said, you can take the rest to your hotel and ask them to heat it up for you in the morning. Good idea! He took me home after dinner.We made out and he left, you know the drill :)

Friday, November 07, 2014


As soon as I got off the elevator, Daniel got up. I was so excited to see his tall self!

I ran towards him, threw myself onto him and wrapped my legs around his waist lol. Just Kidding. He is a strong man but even he would fall flat on the back of his head and pass out. I have never understood why people do that anyway, especially to people they don't know well. We went to the car. He decided to switch things up and use a different car this time. Similar car, just as old but apparently drives better than the one he used to take me out in Hollywood. I was like this man sure likes this uhm vintage cars. 

He asked about my day, the trip to Vegas, you know, the usual. He told me about a Vegan restaurant he saw online that he wanted to check out. I was like sure, let's! I've never eaten in a vegan restaurant before. I think he was careful to let me pick a restaurant seeing as I picked the most expensive the first time haha. Oh well. I ain't sayin' she a golddiger, but she ain't messing with not broke n*gga. Trust me, I'm far from a golddiger.

We drove for a good twenty to thirty minutes before we found it. We didn't get lost or anything. What Dan does is, he studies the map, memorises it, and heads straight to the place. Pretty impressive actually. I have noticed that most cities are pretty easy to navigate in if you relax and just follow directions. Most city streets are in a grid; east to west and south to north. If you've been to the city a number of times and know your east to your west etc and a couple of the bigger streets, you're as good as gold. The restaurant was in a street mall. Apparently, It looked nothing like Daniel had in mind (read: It looked dodgy). We were already there, according to Dan, the place had great reviews online, so why not check it out seeing as we went all the way there already? 

We went upstairs to the restaurant. There was one other couple in there. We picked a table not too far from the door. A nicer waitress came to greet us. We both ordered two waters. 'Er, I'll have a water' (In my best American Accent'. We then ordered two different dishes to share. We both hadn't eaten there before,so we wanted to sample a few different dishes. Dan said he will not be going to that random again, so we might as well try whatever we wished to try then. We ordered one more dish and a salad. The food was ok. Not much to write home about. We had fake chicken, fake steak, fake shrimp and a huge salad. The salad was our favorite thing there. When we were done, we headed out, the owner met us by the door. He was a nice Asian man. He moved to Vegas from San Diego, which is where Dan lives. We had a short conversation and then left. The owner dude was looking at me and giggling majority of the time. 

We went to the car and headed straight to my hotel, The show was going to start at ten, we left the restaurant around 9. We made it back to the hotel in time. Dan couldn't stay for the show. He had work to do and an early day the following day. I was bummed to hear that. I had wished we would spend the entire evening together but I understood. We stood by the entrance of the theatre and made out until it was time to for me to go in. He's a good kisser too. Nice teeth and all that. I'm into all that. We agreed to meet the following evening after work (for him). I went in, found my seat. I had a nice seat, third row. The theatre is small and cosy, there are no bad seats. It was a burlesque show, Fantasy. Half naked women everywhere, then they took off bras, then then then, before you know it, they were naked. It was all done tastefully. Halfway through the show, there was a random stand up show by a lady who knows she looks like Fran Drescher, remember her from the show, The Nanny? The lady who played The Nanny? She's currently on Happily Divorced. Fran, not the stand up comedian look alike. 

The show lasted more than an hour. It was fun. I didn't have a problem sitting there with no company, staring at other women's private parts. After the show, I headed for my hotel, took off my heels. I was tired, it had been a long couple of days for me. I put on my flip flops and went to get myself a snack from Mc Donal's somewhere inside the resort, ate and called it a day! 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Know What I'm Saying?

Just before my vacation, I met, Tortoise online. He is much older. Like, much much. He sent me an email, asking me to prove that I am who I am and am where I say I am. He wanted me to send him mail from Los Angeles. That way, he would see on the postage stamp that the mail was mailed from Los Angeles. He also told me that he wanted to meet up. He wasn't going to drive all the way to meet me in California. He wanted me to meet him at the State-ine. On the border of Nevada and California. I thought he was being ridiculous. I told him that I don't know about him, but I personally hadn't even established whether or not I wanted to be part of his life that I would go through all that trouble to prove to him all those things. I told him that he was the one with issues, therefore he should figure out how he was going to prove all this for his own sanity.

We exchanged a few emails. On my profile, I had selected artist under job. He himself is an artist, he's a painter. He got so excited, thinking that like him, I had gone to school for art. Even if I were an artist, that's not necessary the route everyone becomes an artist. It was rather presumptuous of him, but what are you gonna do? The arts industry entails way more than painters and drawers.

One of the days, he asked to call me, he had told me that he's a blues singer as well. I thought that was interesting. He sounded like everyone I have met in Los Angeles, they are all gifted in more ways than one. Triple or Quadruple threats so to speak.  I gave him my number. I also told him that way, he could prove that I was really in LA. I have an LA number. Still do, even though I'm no longer there. He told me that wasn't proof enough, he still wanted me to write him a letter. Too bad, that wasn't gonna happen! I'm not running up and down the streets of Hollywood, trying to catch the post office in time before it closes to mail a letter to a man I hardly know. Someone I have no intentions of being with. I was just talking to him because he was there and one can always have more friends. Nothing wrong with that. I don't write my friends letters. That's ridiculous, this is not 1864!

After having given him my number, he turned around and gave me his number. He told me to call him. I was like, this guy sure seems to be sure of himself, why am I calling him? Let's call him and see what he has to say that can't be said if he makes the call himself. He merely picked up the phone and asked if I could hear him. I told him I could.
T: 'Can you here me now?'
Me: YES!
T: 'And now?'
T: Nooowwww?
Me: YYYYEESSSSS. WHAT'S GOING ON? (rolling my eyes)

Before my eyes could get to the roof of my head, I guitar strings! I was being serenaded! He belted out to the top of his lungs! I was like, well, I be damned!

Funny because earlier that evening, I had chatted with another dude on the same site, he serenaded me as well with his bass guitar. Who can say no to that? The dude from earlier and I had chatted a bit first, he didn't just ram it down my throat. No pun intended.

Tort played the whole song. It seems longer when you had no idea what is going on. I was still kinda taken aback. Afterwards, he asked what I thought of the song. I mean, what do you say? I told him I liked it. He told me that he wrote it for me. Uhm?!?!?!?!?!? Then he hung up. Click! Just like that! The call was just for him to perform his song. I guess that was my paying for entry to his private show!  I was left more confused than before.

We continued to talk over time. He suggested at some point that I could move to Las Vegas if I wish. I could be his back up singer. He performs at open mics weekly and the crowd loves him (?!?!?!!??!). They sometimes let him perform hours in a row, even past the allocate time. I don't know how sober these people are by the time he performs. I'm not saying his bad, I'm just saying, you know what I'm saying? He also has t-shirts that he has drawn on, a number of suitcases full of them that he told me I could also sell when in Vegas if I decide to move here. He owns a three bedroom house. Owns it! I don't know how many times he told me he owns the house as if it's the first thing he has ever owned in his life. He had been married twice before. The second wife used to sell the T-shirts for him. It's team work though. Tortoise will play the guitar, sing the blues (yawn) to draw the crowd in, then I would sell to the crowd. He told me we could split the profit. It probably is a great idea, but I don't know if I want to move to Vegas to be this person's entourage. I want to be the lead in my own life, or even a partner with my better half but nobody's shadow. If I am not his back up singer in a free gig, I am selling t shirt in the desert son in the streets of Las Vegas. I grew up doing that. During school holidays, we had no choice but to help mom sell secondhand clothes and curtains on the side of the streets. I wished I didn't have to but we had to put food on the table. At this point in my life, I don't know if I want to be with a man my mom's age, struggling to make ends meet. Men out there, if you want to sleep with a child, be prepared to make her life as comfy and cosy as ever! Whether they admit this to you or not, no child wants to be with an old, wrinkly man who has nothing to offer. Not just that, but who's going to make her move backwards in life. None of this makes a woman want to take her knickers off and open her legs. Come on now! Two marriages and you still haven't learnt anything? This kind of behaviour bothers me!

I see a lot of men who are old enough to me my father or grandfather who are looking for an independent man, who don't pay for sex, who are not looking to be nobody's sugar daddy, and yet are not willing to date people their age. They want to sleep with children. It's disgusting! These kids are bringing their youth,the humiliation of being with your old, wrinkly ass, what are you bringing to the table? Blues? T Shirts that you don't know what to do with? That's not bringing something to the table? That's something that's been in the garage for years. We're talking about the table here, not the garage. Have some pride!

Daniel and I were going to meet at 7. He was taking me out for dinner on my first night in Vegas. I had tickets to a show that night at 10. Two tickets. I'd invited Daniel to see it with me. He hadn't made up his mind about it yet. Initially, I was going to see Criss Angel's Magic show but apparently he broke his arm and was on sick leave. They told me they had a hip hop dance group that were winners of America's best Dance crew;  Jabbawockeez. Because of the timing of that show, I had to go for a different one because I wanted to accommodate Daniel. The much later show that night was Fantasy, a Burlesque show in a theatre at the resort where I was staying. 

I turned on my phone, sent a courtesy text to Tortoise apologising about him. I explained to him that my phone had died and I had to put it on charge. He knew that I had arrived that very day. His response was, 'you have a phone in the hotel room'. I thought to my self, THE NERVE! Is this fool expecting me to know his number by heart? To then dial it on the hotel phone, to say what to him? I had already told him what I wanted to tell him anyways, that I was now in Vegas, I arrived safely. It was a courtesy call. He has my number, I didn't see him calling me asking if I arrived safely or if  I needed a ride from the station. So please! Instead, he had said that if I have time, I could take the bus to his house and we could hang out over there, I could see this house he lives in that he owns. I could spend the night, the has two spare bedrooms. I should know though that he doesn't have beds in the house. IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!  There are no beds in the whole house! I would have to sleep on the carpet. He has comfortable rugs on the floor that I could sleep on. Mind you, I'd never met this person and he has all these weird demands from the 1800's. He has a car, and, let's say, hypothetically speaking, I intended to forgo my paid for hotel on the Exciting Las Vegas Strip and go sleep on the floor in the house he owns, Why would I take the bus there? He could at least pick me up. What a narcissist!

I never replied to his text about the hotel telephone. I thought to myself, choose your battles, Brook. So I didn't choose that one. I chose the battle of going out with The Italian Stallion who had driven three hours to take me to a five star hotel on our first date. I put my wig on, make up, perfume, new dress number one, heels. Daniel called when he was on his way to pick me up. Butterflies! He called when he arrived, I was almost done. I was done, right? But not done enough to step out like that! :)

When I was finally done done, I stepped out, took the elevator to the foyer, Daniel was waiting for me there. It was so nice to see him! To think that that was only the second time we were seeing each other in our entire lives after talking for about three months!