Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here Goes Nothing!

I had to say bye Felicia to muscle head. I didn't care if I was going to find someone to rent the living room or not, it just wasn't going to be him. He mentioned that he had a desktop computer. He wanted to know if he could bring that along. Who am I to tell someone they can't bring their only computer when they move in? He's an actor, he needs his internet, that's where he submits for jobs and stuff! I wasn't chuffed with the idea of someone bringing such a permanent fixture that's going to be sitting permanently on the dining table, but what are you gonna do?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Muscle Head

It's the last day of January, I get a message from a friend of mine; remember her? She sent me a number of a guy to call regarding a job. I called him right away! Someone tells you to call someone regarding a job; you call. Or you don't, depending on whether you're looking or not. Sometimes, you do it to keep the peace but you don't really want to be hooked up that that person or don't really want that specific job. Personally, I feel weird being hooked up like that. I don't want to walk around with an aim on me because I owe someone a favor, you know what I mean?

The guy called me right away, the first thing he asked me was whether I am Fillipina. the friend who had connected me to him is Filipina. My friend had told me that the job was going to pay a certain amount per hour. The guy quoted me a different amount. $2 less. If I'm going to work a 12 hour shift, that's $24 dollars, I'm losing! Multiply that by 4/5 days a week. That's at least $100 per week! I didn't want to challenge him and make it awkward but I did ask him if that was his best offer. Always negotiate! Why not? Negotiate when looking for an apartment, buying a cellphone, getting a cellphone plan, internet plan, whatever! Negotiate! Unless you feel really good about something! The guy told me that I first have to prove myself, thereafter, we could talk.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

February Food Blog

February Food Blog! Here are some of the foods we indulged in! First, Tibet Nepal Restaurant in Pasadena


Yak Chili (Yak is some kind of an ox. I guess you could call this beef)

Bye Felicia!

After I confronted her about the toilet situation, Lisa left for work. Because she had only paid for one night, I told her that I would hold on to the key until she was paid up. I didn't want someone walking around with my house keys. She wasn't crazy about that idea because she felt like we had a deal. We did! It was that I would let her stay at my place in exchanged for payment. She paid for a night, I let her stay for a night! What's the problem here? Here's a stranger demanding that I give her a key to my house! She told me that, she felt insecure, as if she still hadn't found a place; that she could come back and I would have given the place to someone else. Don't give me ideas, lady! I told her that the only way to secure the place was to pay for it. I didn't understand the sense of entitlement.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Your Shit Don't Stink

After hoping for nothing but the best, the guy, went with the other place! The only choice I had at the time was to take Lisa as a tenant. I called her and she was happy she got the place. I was looking forward to living with someone who walks with a cane.

Lisa moved in after work. She called me when she was at the parking lot, this time, she hadn't blocked the driveway. She had one of those carts that peoples use when they go grocery shopping, in order for them not to have to carry bags and bags of groceries on the bus, etc. She had put some of her stuff in there. She had a duffle bag with a few items of clothing. She definitely was traveling light. In her cart, she had her small heater and other things. It was just after seven when she arrived and I was about to have dinner. I offered her some, she told me that she had brought her own food. She did tell me that she wasn't hungry, was probably going to eat the following day. That serves me even better because I want to have lines drawn between what we're sharing and what we're not. She had brought a tray of fried chicken. That's one of my go to foods when I PMS, 8 pieces of fried chicken, sometimes, I ask for half fried and half grilled, just so I don't feel so guilty. She had brought other stuff to eat as well. She insisted I have some of her chicken. I politely declined. My thing is, I eat enough junk when I PMS, when I have cooked and can control my appetite, I want to eat what I have prepared myself. You know?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lisa Rinna

Mid January, I got an email from a woman in response to an ad I had posted on Craigslist. She wanted to rend my couch. She send me her phone numbers, both work and cell and asked for me to call her. I did. She seemed nice. She had told me that she was older and was working in 'the industry'. Her job was less than ten minutes drive from my house. She told me that she knew she was going to take the place, to please not let anyone take it. I had had a guy come to check the place out that very afternoon. He told me he liked it, was almost certain he was going to take it but wanted to go a couple of blocks from me to check another place first. Fine! I liked that guy, he seemed chill. He had just started a new job of driving trucks or something to that effect. He was basically going to be gone all the time. Even if he was going to be home, he seemed like he had a cool enough personality that it wouldn't be weird.

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to be a Background Actor

Book the Brook! As Calvin usually says when I tell him I've been submitting myself for acting gigs. Someone Booked the Brook for a job in NoHo (North Hollywood). Background. A Tip for Background or Extra work: Always take wardrobe options along; solid colors, preferably neutral. You can rock the same bottoms as long as you have extra shirts. Have something formal, casual, etc. Somewhere in between works best because you can wear it for any scene. A button down shirt for guys can go as casual or formal. Women, a blouse is better than a t-shirt. The above applies when they haven't specified what you should do. 

A quick shout out to those of you who subscribed to my YouTube Channel. I truly appreciate it. If you haven't yet, it's If you have your own channel, I will sub right back. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weight Loss Clinical Study

I had seen a listing for a clinical research study for weight loss. Right up my alley! I responded, they called me and asked me a myriad of questions which I answered to the best of my ability, trying not to throw myself under the bus in the process. They told me they needed to see me. The clinic was up the street from me, on Wilshire Boulevard. Perfect!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tour of The Playboy Mansion

All these places are 8-10 minutes from my house and each other, so I didn't have to drive that far.

I headed over to The Playboy Mansion. There I was, driving by myself, getting closer to my destination, excited as heck that I was going to see The Girl's  Next Door's (Girls of the Playboy Mansion's) house. I used to watch that show back in the day when I still lived in South Africa. It was one of my guilty pleasures. I never really thought I would be just outside the mansion one day! And yet, there I was!

Tour of Beverly Hills

Calvin has been asking me to move in with me. I told him that it would be best if we waited until my lease ended. That would also give me more time to enjoy my dream apartment.

Once the new year came, it was time to revisit things. There were only a few months left before the lease ended and I would have to put in a month's notice before moving out. Things, all of a sudden, seemed to move so fast! I started getting all sentimental about living in Beverly Hills. I thought to myself, if I do move in with this man, I will be moving far, far away from The Hills of Beverly. What will I miss the most about this great neighborhood?

My Street

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Champagne and Caviar

It's the beginning of the year, spirits are high, goals and desires...people are excited and amped up to pursue their goals and hopefully have their desires met.

I had my own plans in mind; a list of things I had always wished for but never really thought they could materialize but now that I know better, I know that I can have anything I wish for, so can you! I revisited those dreams, I'll tell you more about them when they materialize. I don't like to talk about something until it has come to fruition.

I was at Calvin's one weekend, he threw away magazines that I was hoping to read. I was like, ugh! I wanted to read those! They're not mine but they're here, so why not? Turned out he had put them outside but hadn't thrown them in the trash can yet. The following morning, we were just talking randomly. He brought up marriage. We had talked about marriage before, nothing major but we both knew that we both wanted to get married and to each other. This time, he asked what my ideal ring looks like.

Random Act of Kindness

You know Tyra Banks is my girl! Has been since the beginning of time! That's why meeting her for the first day made for one of the best day of my life.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Secret Menu

LA, here we come!

A fun time was had by all at the Pam Springs Art Museum. On our way back to LA, Calvin took a route that was going to take us to the biggest Dinosaurs in the world, I believe.  Something to look forward to, right? Cal also considered us making a turn at his cousin's place. They hadn't talked in a while, so he didn't want to put the cousin in an awkward position; as a result, he didn't call the cousin.

Lunch! In n out burgers and animal style fries

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Palm Springs Arts Museum

Hello! I wanted to do a quick update before I get started with my day. Hopefully, I will be able to post once more this afternoon.

Great sleep in Palm Springs after such a hectic day! The following morning, we woke up nice and refreshed and headed out for breakfast. Some people do a day trip to Palm Springs because it's only two hours from LA. I'm glad Cal booked us a hotel. I can now say, I spend the night in Palm Springs. It's a dream come true!  What would be another dream come true would be to own property there!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welcome to Palm Springs

After our nice lunch at Mt San Jacinto, we made our way to Palm Springs. I was excited! Calvin was too! He hadn't been there since his early teens.

Welcome to Palm Springs!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mt San Jacinto

Quick side note! When there were no jobs during the Hiatus, I took a picture of a stack of money and made in my screensaver hoping to draw a stack of money into my life somehow; to pay for January's bills! I mentioned this here. Long story short, Calvin gave me a stack of Hundred dollars as my Christmas gift. When I got home, as I was taking out those bills from my wallet, because it was just too stuffed; I looked at it and realized that that was the answer to my wish of getting a stack of money before the end of the year! Moral of the story! Be careful what you wish for, kids!

How I manifested stacks of Cash

Monday, July 11, 2016

3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's New Year's Eve! I get a booking request from a lady on AirBnB. She wanted to rent the space for just a night. I didn't have anyone there but I was going to be away that night. I have a boyfriend now! I'm not going to be stuck at home watching reality TV on New Year's eve! Not that there's anything wrong with that! I love my crime documentaries more than anything else, then all the housewives, and the therapy stuff. What's your favorite kind of TV show? That sentence doesn't sound right, but who's checking, right?

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Two For The Price Of One!

Calvin's house guest was still staying with him. He loves to drink. No jokes, he always has a drink in his hand! Talk about addiction! He'll tell you he's an alcoholic himself. He's a very smart guy! He will tell you that that is his way of dealing with life, some people want to actually go through problems. He, on the other hand, as he says, would rather drink all his sorrows away. They come back when he's sober, so his solution is to stay drunk. One time, I was about to go outside. I was at Calv's. I opened the front door and saw that there was broken glass just at the door. Some of the glass pieces had made their way into my beloved shoes! They also reeked of alcohol. Great! The smell wasn't as much of a bummer as the glass pieced. I went back into the house and asked Calvin what could have happened. Who was responsible for that. While I was still calling out for Calvin, Len owned up to it. He apologised profusely and asked me where I bought the shoes, he wanted to get me a new pair. I declined. Accidents happen to the best of us, I wasn't going to nail the guy to the cross for it! He insisted. Calvin told me to take him up on it but I refused. Plus, an ex bought me those shoes, so many boyfriends ago (read that story here!) Maybe it was time to move on!

Santa Anita Race Track

 A few days after the shoot with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen which had horses in it, Calvin took me to the race track. How's that for a coincidence? I never even thought about that until now! Fortunately, I didn't have to wear his clothes this time around.

At Santa Anita Race Track