Saturday, July 30, 2016

Muscle Head

It's the last day of January, I get a message from a friend of mine; remember her? She sent me a number of a guy to call regarding a job. I called him right away! Someone tells you to call someone regarding a job; you call. Or you don't, depending on whether you're looking or not. Sometimes, you do it to keep the peace but you don't really want to be hooked up that that person or don't really want that specific job. Personally, I feel weird being hooked up like that. I don't want to walk around with an aim on me because I owe someone a favor, you know what I mean?

The guy called me right away, the first thing he asked me was whether I am Fillipina. the friend who had connected me to him is Filipina. My friend had told me that the job was going to pay a certain amount per hour. The guy quoted me a different amount. $2 less. If I'm going to work a 12 hour shift, that's $24 dollars, I'm losing! Multiply that by 4/5 days a week. That's at least $100 per week! I didn't want to challenge him and make it awkward but I did ask him if that was his best offer. Always negotiate! Why not? Negotiate when looking for an apartment, buying a cellphone, getting a cellphone plan, internet plan, whatever! Negotiate! Unless you feel really good about something! The guy told me that I first have to prove myself, thereafter, we could talk.

Between you and I, I didn't feel great about the job. It's a caregiving job where I would take care of an elderly lady who is bedridden. As if I didn't already feel like turning him down, the guy told me that the client is difficult, she needs a lot of patients. I can be patient. I am a professional. Put your game face on, and do what you gotta do! The guy told me he needed me to start on February 1st, i.e. the following day! Am I ready? Why do I wanna just cancel the whole thing? Oh my gosh! I love that I am that in tune with my gut feeling but the timing was slightly off. I could use a day job! Well, not a day-day job but a real job. I would have loved night shift. Some people pay less for night duty because the clients will be asleep. I don't mind, as long as I have my days to do whatever I want in the daytime. Unfortunately, the guy told me the only position he had was in the daytime. He told me I could swap with one of the girls. Well.... I have to meet them first!

The Agent gave me my schedule. Everything was moving so fast! This would have been great if it were something I wanted, but it wasn't. It kinda was but it wasn't! It took me a moment before I told Cal  about the new job, I was at his place. Weekends remember? I stalled. I even looked up the distance between Cal's and the place because I was already at Cal's. I wasn't gonna go to mine and then to work. I also checked between my place and this place for day to day commuting. The place is 10 minutes from my house! So close! That was exciting but I still couldn't get myself excited about it. Eventually, I told Calvin. Not with an excited tone of voice. He was more excited for me than I was.

I still had the stack of cash screensaver on my phone. It had worked for me before. I was still in a dry spell, so I needed the universe to hook me up.

Speaking of which, I had gotten a few responses to my Craiglist Ad. Two guys and a lady seemed interested. I wanted to go with a lady. Her name was Rene. Rene had told me that she's a writer, a published author, to be precise. The writing on email was very interesting but maybe she has good editors! Or even a ghost write or two! Every now and again, she would just use caps as if she was using a phone she wasn't familiar with, so she wasn't aware that caps we on or off. Anyway, she seemed down to earth and cool. In fact, she told me she was down to earth. She also told me that she was certain she wanted the place, not to give it to anyone until I have met her. I had no intentions to do otherwise either. I was hoping it would go to her but I wasn't going to tell her that.

Rene told me that her book sold 300 000 copies, she was still living off royalties. She was down to a small sum, more than a grand, which meant, she was going to be able to afford my place. I asked her what her daily routine is like. She told me that she was working on two books; one, she was finishing off, which was why she wanted to move to the Beverly Hills area, so she could go for meetings, sponsorships, etc. She didn't have a car, I don't care much about that because I've had people who didn't have cars, stay at mine and they never bothered me once, for rides, (with the exception of one) but I did think it was interesting that she was intending to walk everywhere. Rene lived in Studio City at the time. It's a little ways from Beverly Hills by public Transformation. One Sunday, she brought up meeting up.She was at church in Santa Monica. She could take just one bus from Santa M. to Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, that didn't materialize because the service was so good, she and her "spiritual adviser" decided to go back for the afternoon sermon/service. OK. Forget going to the same service twice, YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL ADVISER? That's what I said in my head. This is gonna be interesting. Here's a published author,  who can hardly write, and now she has a spiritual adviser?

I had met one of the two guys. He was build like a bodybuilder. Not my jam, but good for him! He's clearly been working out. He was very clean! He told me he liked that my place was clean too. He liked my energy as well. It's always a great compliment when someone tells me that. The guy's energy was interesting. At least from my viewpoint. He told me he was in the process of a divorce, he was leaving everything behind for his wife and his children. He just wanted a place to crash for a few weeks, maybe a month or two while he gathered his thoughts. He liked my place because it was close to where he was moving from. He asked if I liked my living room the way it was. I didn't know if that was a diss or what. I told him I did! He told me he asked because he would love to bring his queen size bed and put it slam bam in the middle of my living room! For someone who liked how neat my place was, he sure had a weird way of wanting to keep it that way. Also! I thought you were leaving everything behind, boo? What your wife gon' sleep on if you pull the bed right from under her?

Another thing that bothered me about him was that he told me that he had a lady friend that might sleep over every once in two weeks or so. He asked if that was ok. Having roamed around as I have, I know what to expect and to write on an ad. I mentioned quite clearly on the ad that I didn't want sleepovers. You think it's mean but would you want people boning on your faux suede sofa? I didn't think so! She semen stains! No thanks! Plus, you're sleeping on a couch, where's your girlfriend gonna sleep? It's just not a good setup. Oh and he was obsessed with bringing his grill. I told him that I didn't have room for an outside grill. He told me that he loves to barbecue and would make enough for the neighbors too if I can ask them if it's ok he brought it and put it in the middle of the verandah. This dude is messy, man! Why does he keep wanting to put his crap in the middle of spaces where they don't belong? I don't know why he didn't leave the grill at his wife's and bbq when he's over there with the kids. Clearly, there's space for that there! Especially now that they just got rid of a muscle head like him. I say all this with love. The guy had a really nice body and he was polite. There was something about him though. Especially with all his demands, he seemed like, he might have another side to him. Also, his story doesn't quite add up. He just broke up with the wife but there's already a lady who he's having sleep overs with.

I'll tell you more in the next blog. Thanks for reading. Please comment!


  1. 3 weird people in one blog😂. Your January month must have been fun and games.I find it very weird that people who claim. To be doing very well have no places to stay that they do air bnb. People that side seem to be very laid back.

    1. My January was definitely hectic. Between the writer with a spiritual advisor and Lisa! To name a few.
      I think most of them don't have good credit so they can't get own apartments. My couch was expensive, more than some studio apartments. They were willing to pay more for location.

  2. 3 weird people in one blog😂. Your January month must have been fun and games.I find it very weird that people who claim. To be doing very well have no places to stay that they do air bnb. People that side seem to be very laid back.